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Directory:Magnetron Fuelless Generator by PowerStream

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As of March 17, 2013, we have received no additional info about this company. Apparently their claims to being "to market" were premature.

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

June 8, 2010

A Nevada/Toronto? company, PowerStream, claims to have a self-generating (fuelless) power system called the Magnetron, which on April 13 they said was "first of its kind to market", advertising output capabilities between 5KW and 2 MW. The load-following device is designed to be the primary and sole source of energy for the myriad of applications, from home to business to transportation power.

They are not yet delivering product but say they are close, being "about to go into testing," having been delayed. A press release is expected any day. They said they would consider doing an interview with us at that time.

The Magnetron allegedly uses a series of batteries to kick start the generation system. Once the system is started, the batteries are automatically toggled off and trickle charged. The online system uses the magnetic fields of the armature to drive the DC motor which has been altered with a patented process to enable the motor to draw between 1-2 amps, while delivering the torque necessary to drive the attached generator. At the same time, the system typically draws less than 2% of the energy required to keep the generator spinning.

One of their promotional There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] says the steady state generator is load sensitive. Without a load, it idles. When a load is applied, the generator senses it and delivers the energy needed.

The installation is said to be relatively simple and quick.


Official Websites

looking for official website - official channel


The Magnetron


(YouTube April 13, 2010)

- - - -

5 kW Light Load Demo

A bank of lights is turned on one at a time, until someone declares, "5,000 Watts"


(YouTube June 1, 2010)


A patent is mentioned.


Company: PowerStream

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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Magnetron Fuelless Generator by PowerStream - PowerStream claims to have a self-generating power system called the Magnetron, which they say is "first of its kind to market", advertising output capabilities between 5KW and 2 MW. They say the load-following device could be the primary and sole source of energy for a myriad of applications, from home to business to transportation power. (PESWiki June 8, 2010) (Comment)


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Buy One and Test It Asymmetric Systems

On May 25, 2010 12:32 AM Mountain Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor wrote:


Faraday postulated such a potential, and Antony C. Sutton articulated the concept to me, so the concept is possible.

Faraday's Induction Model coupled with an asymmetric system is plausible. Asymmetric Systems create a dipole,

Dipoles allow for "broken symmetry" which allows the extraction of "energy from the vacuum"

Victor I. Klimov has proven that more "energy" can be extracted from the 'vacuum' via his discoveries in our own government labs.

Why doesn't the NEC buy a unit and then operated it (unmolested), and don't take it a part, just run it 24/7 for an entire week, and see what happens. Just don't take it apart........because once you do, you will probably destroy the asymmetric circuit. Just let it ride.

The system is plausible and should not be taken lightly. Remember even Richard Feynman realized that "we really don't know what energy is." All we really have are our 'models' and our 'models' change with every new discovery. We should not be so arrogant, by stating that we know everything there is to know about "energy".......for even our modern physicists recognize that lacked knowledge.

Discovery did not stop with Tesla, and many of our government labs are discovering new technologies everyday, but we will never see those discoveries, especially if they involve such systems, because the 'control' paradigm consistently intervenes, to stop such knowledge from escaping into the public domain.

This particular inventor apparently has discovered the 'Faraday' process, and I will not denegrate his achievement.

Test Under Load

On May 25, 2010 3:43 AM Mountain, Directory:James Dunn wrote:

Sterling – No conclusions can be drawn from this video as there is no input or output data and NO LOAD shown, or Output CURRENT.

The output voltage has no meaning without seeing the load current and waveform.

Someone should ask to see a system running under typical and/or varying loads and see what the input power is, and what the overall energy balance looks like.

This should be fairly easy to do.

Another Magnacoaster

On May 25, 2010 9:56 AM Mountain, Congress:Former Member:Mark Anthony Dansie wrote:

I phoned the number on the You tube video. They are based in Toronto.

They will have independent test data soon and UL approval and I believe he had orders for over 3000 units.

He felt the test data was just smoke and not needed.

I not sure if I got his name right it sounded like Darren Dozek.

It felt like me like [Directory:Magna Coaster Motor Company|Magna Coaster]] experience all over again.



Said to be a Toronto, Canada company

702-988-6800 - phone number is in Searchlight, Nevada, USA