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Directory:Magnetic Radial Cam Motor

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When Wes Crociar saw Directory:Walter Torbay's Magnetic Transgenerator as featured here at PESWiki, he said he was stunned. "Somebody else came up with the same design I had."

He has never published nor built his design, but he had shared the concept with numerous associates.


Official Website

This PESWiki page is the first published instance of this design as submitted by Wes Crosiar to PES Network Inc. on April 29, 2006.


Image:Wes Crosiar diagram Walter Torbay magnetic motor 400.gif

Wes says that the sketch on the left depicts the under side of the mechanism. Each of the adjoining magnetic slides will be arranged like this, to bring the magnet into vicinity in time. He says that with a gap of about 1/32 inches, the torque could be extremely strong, even at low rpm.


Wes submitted the following digram on April 29, 2006.

Image:Wes Crosiar diagram B.gif

3-D Assembly Rendering

The following was received on May 10, 2006. It was drawn by Denver Wilson in communication with Wes Crosiar.

Image:Wes Crosiar mag gear assembly diagram.gif
Image:Wes Crosiar mag gear assembly diagram p2.gif

Drawing FAQ

QUESTION: Are the cam magnet faces north and south?

Answer: NO the outer edges are North and South facing out and segmented.

Question Is the Rotor actually cam or heart shaped?

Answer: NO The cam is the last part to be fabricated which is done by placing a spring loaded marking mechanism on the top of the rod magnet while the pattern which is attached where the cam magnet is shown and the exact shape can easily be drawn by rotating the motor, then machined and the segmented magnets can be placed on the outer periphery.

Question: Is the slide mechanism like the cad drawing?

Answer: No, the rod slides in and out of a slider mechanism exactly like you see in the torby aluminum motor.

Question Will the motor rotate with only one rod/magnet assembly?

Answer: No probably not, eight is enough. Six producing torque at the lockup point and one or two in the lockup position. However lifting the magnets at the lockup point would solve this problem.

Question: Is there a big slot in the motor as in the cad drawing?

Answer: No, this is for visualization only. The slot is only as large as the pin that slides up and down which connects the back gear mechanism to the rod in front, this allows the rod to slide straight up and down with no sideways motion.

Question: Why the idler gear in back?

Answer: Without the idler gears you couldn't fit all the gear mechanism on the back of the motor.

Question: Is all the timing shown accurately?

Answer NO, the timing is done by changing the gear cogging, polarities and rotational direction can be changed by flipping over the cam magnet. The distance from the rod piston and the cam magnet can be accomplished by having the rod length adjustable. etc.


''On May 10, 2006, Stefan Hartmann wrote the following:

This CAD drawing is misleading, because the Torbay [magnetic motor} is not working like this.

It is working like the animated GIFs in:


The slide in is only on one magnet to extract one stator magnet to stop the motor!

This is the only function to slide out this stator magnet!

This was verified by my contact who met Torbay 4 weeks ago.

Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann

Moderator of the international free energy

research forum

Keplerstr. 11 B

10589 Berlin, Germany

email: harti {at}

Photo of Walter Torbay's Magnetic Transgenerator

The following is posted Directory:Walter Torbay's Magnetic Transgenerator at PESWiki, where additional description is supplied.

Image:Torbay Transgenerado Magnetico hj85.jpg
Image:Torbay Transgenerado Magnetico cut-away hj85.jpg

Other Work by Wes Crosiar

What Lutec, GMCC, Bedini, and Bearden May Have in Common - What occurs to me as a probable mode of action, is that this flip-flop of the permanent magnet's polarity is where the "magic" is found. (Article inspired largely by information from Wes Crosiar.) (PESN June 28, 2005)

Curtain Lifted on Kipper Tricks - Wes Crosier says he knows how Marcus Kipper has been getting his alleged over unity technology to work. Microwave transmitter in back yard pumps added ... (PESN Jan. 8, 2004)


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Wes Crosiar

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