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Directory:Magnetic Air Car, Inc.

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Page first featured October 15, 2008

Image:MagneticAirCar300x300 byKevn.jpg

Never Have to Stop for Fuel or Recharge?

A San Jose-based company claims that it is working on the world’s first fuel-less car.

According to a company flyer:

: "A battery starts a magnetic motor… which in turn drives a small but powerful on-board air compressor. The air flow is then tubocharged and multiplied to where the resulting horse-pressure™ smoothly powers the car to incredible speeds… without ever getting hot and without ever having to be stopped for external recharging or refueling."

: "Our engineers have developed a solution for manufacturing air while the vehicle is in motion which may provide an unlimited driving range." - Manual Parks, CEO

Of those components, one guess is that their magic is in the Directory:Magnet Motors -- magnets repelling magnets -- which they don't elaborate on their site. Other coverage of this technology seems to be focusing on the air component, but there is no magic in compressing air. That's known science. They are using air-bearing turbochargers to create mechanical energy (converting air pressure to car motion), something both NASA and Toyota are looking at. Company representative, and apparent inventor, Paul Donovan gives his explanation below, having to do with]".

The Magnetic Air Car allegedly uses three on-board substations to compress air up to "mach-one force airflow", which is then channeled, modulated, and converted to torque that propels the car.

: "There is enough energy available through the use of super-capacitors, earth friendly recyclable batteries, solar power, magnetic motors and magnetic generators to compress entrained ambient air. We believe we can obtain a higher speed with these components, some that we have invented and some invented by others that may soon become strategic partners. Most important, our solution does not violate the laws of energy conservation or the basic principles of thermodynamics." -- CEO, Manual Parks

The car uses a silicon salt battery that has 30% more mass power than a lead acid storage battery and can charge completely within an hour. The 95 percent recyclable battery can also can be used in a temperature range from -40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

The company plans to build its first prototype at Club Auto Sport in San Jose soon, and hopes to have it ready for production by 2010.

Official Website


West Coast Conference

Air Cars Intro Teaser - facility

How it Works

"The “Silicon Energy Storage Battery”, excites a zero point energy Magnetic Motor, builds to max RPM and recharges the battery. Mag Motor spins High-Perf Air Compressor, starts the ‘Big Blow.’ The big blow grows throught three specially Modified Direct Drive Turbochargers. It gets ampified BIG-time through ten compressive stages. Then the pressure is entraned into a captive turbine drive that drives an output shaft. ONE BIG BLOW! No Fuel, no pollution, green tech at its finest. We plan on cleaning technology that will make the air cleaner than when we started using it."

The process of chemosynthesis delivers a more environmentally friendly, high-capacity, quick-charging (1 hour), 10-year-life battery.

The turbochargers run on cold compressed air. The Air Cycle Machine™ consisting of an air-flow amplifier and air bearing turbochargers. t stirs up the air through convection.

The battery costs less than $70. The battery does not contain acid, it will retain its first charge sitting on a shelf for up to three years, and it can be recycled.

The air tank system design supplies air pressure to the patent pending cold air bearing turbocharger and Air Cycle Machine™. The Magnetic Air Car does not care about air flow since the motor creates enough pressure to drive any load. This is what makes the design a zero pollution solution.

They plan on using a patented water filtration system, which cleans the air entering the car’s motor. The air leaving the vehicle will actually be cleaner than the air entering the vehicle. They believe the filtration design can improve air quality in cities and reduce the effects of global warming.

The car’s exhaust will only increase the outside air temperature by five degrees at approximately 200,000 RPM. The inside of the cabin will be recycled with clean filtered air.

"The frictionless, oil-less bearing have now evolved as air bearings, capable of obtaining revolutions as high as one million RPM. The secret ‘sauce’ that was missing was an advanced air flow device, the Air Cycle Machine™, which our engineers began designing a few years ago."

Latest Developments

Oct. 1-7, 2008

Company to be moving their facilities to the Club Auto Sport in San Jose. "This facility will be used for the building of our prototype design in a safe, secure and clean environment. Club Auto Sport Silicon Valley is the first in what will be an exclusive network of clubs in select locations across the country."

September 25 – 27, 2008

Magnetic Air Cars, Inc. featured a booth at West Coast Green, an environmentally-focused conference in San Jose with an emphasis on sustainable building. Keynote speakers included Al Gore and David Suzuki, TV Host of The Nature of Things.


Paul Donovan first designed this engine.



(3:37 minutes)

Air Powered Car (Kinda) - The lead in is somewhat deceptive Air is really not the root fuel, root source of power. Air is an intermediate, much like a rechargeable battery. (YouTube April 21, 2008)

: "PBS correspondent Glenn Beck stated that air cars are WORTH BILLIONS and that investors are coming in by the minute." - Statement on MagneticAirCars site

: Putting aside the question of whether the MAC is legit, the Glenn Beck coverage is quite pathetic. They dwell on the comparison to Directory:Air Cars, which are a legitimate, proven technology, using compressed air as the storage mechanism but they don't begin to address the "never stop to recharge" part of MAC's claim.


Club Auto Sport


To be determined.


Compressed air and magnetic M]motor technologies.

"We plan on using a patented water filtration system, which cleans the air entering the car’s motor. 'The air leaving the vehicle will actually be cleaner than the air entering the vehicle'. We believe the filtration design can improve air quality in cities and reduce the effects of global warming."


"The technology can be applied to new car manufacturing as well as retrofitting operations. We have no intention of going into the car manufacturing business. However, we will continue building our prototypes here in Silicon Valley."

A "fuel-less" car.

Trucks, busses, planes, boats, riding lawnmowers

Power Plants


Independent Testing

"Our engineers have one goal in mind…complete the prototype, test and validate the car by independent laboratories, automotive engineers and scientists."




Company:Magnetic Air Car, Inc.

"True Green Engineering In The Heart of Silicon Valley"

"Magnetic Air Cars, Inc. is currently seeking funding resources to further the development of two prototype automobiles and drive efforts necessary to attain their vision."

"Once we have successfully validated all of our claims, we will approach auto manufacturers to use our technology."

Magnetic Air Cars™, Horse-Pressure™ and Magnetic Air Motors™ are trademarks claimed by Magnetic Air Cars, Inc.

Formerly known as Zero Pollution Motors, Inc.

Manual Parks, CEO

Inventor: Paul Donovan


In the News

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Image:Magnetic Air car 95x95.gif

Magnetic Air Car Could Be Ready by 2010 - The Magnetic Air Car uses three on-board substations to harness compressed air. The resulting airflow is channeled, modulated, and converted to torque that propels the car. (Clean Technica Sept. 29, 2008)

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Magnetic Air Cars Seeks Funds For Air-Powered Car - ... Magnetic Air Car’s exec in charge of business development, Stephen Harr, explained to us that the car will use a “Silicon Energy Storage ... (Earth2Tech Sep 26, 2008)

Vehicle currently in development requires no fuel, no external charging - (Almaden Times Sept. 11, 2008)

Other Coverage

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Magnetic Air Car — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress - Magnetic Air Car Will Alleviate Fossil Fuel Crisis ...


See Talk:Directory:Magnetic Air Car, Inc.

So Simple: Three Turbochargers...

On Oct 11, 2008 5:39:27 PM, PAUL DONOVAN, a company representative, wrote:

This is so simple that I wonder why it has not happened before. In 1975 I first designed this engine. Three Turbochargers, driven externally, changes the turbine into a compressor. Now both sides of the Turbo are compressors. Each stage adds pressure and velocity to the flow, just like a turbine jet engine. This creates six stages of compression using priority valves that open when drawn air demands exceed nomal output.

Back then, the problem, was the need of huge air tanks to get any distance meant you drove with a very dangerous amount of air pressure. Today we have discovered how to make the beginning pressure without the need for huge air tanks. Now we can make, entrain, use and exhaust the air pressure, all in real time. No Dangerous High Pressure Air Tanks. Making the pressure is easy, many have done so in the past.

The problem they had, besides the air tanks, was once they got to speed, how do you throttle the engine. AND how do you keep the engine from self destructing if it goes to full throttle but free-wheels.

Thanks to my new compatriots, we have found the way to make it work.

That's the secret that will make for a brand new powerplant. Generators will be Green in the future, water pumps can run all day and not cost a dime. People will be able to power their Homes, Businesses, RVs, Boats, Farms, Vacation Homes all wothout polluting and wihout long term major cost. Give the oil to the Military. We can even use synthetic lubrication instead of raping the earth of precious resources.

Once this motor is proven, I'm sure it will fall into the hands of people who will figure ways to make this motor even more efficient. With enough Air Power and built small enough, something like the Moller Air Car could quickly become a reality. I like Moller, I feel a Kinship to the Man. I just wish this engine could have been created sooner. Moller Flying Magneitc Air Cars, what a concept!


Magnetic Air Cars, Inc

521 Charcot Avenue

San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: 866-471-7741

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