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Directory:Maglev Magnet Generator by Taiwan Edison Creative Technology Co., Ltd

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July 2, 2014

A Taiwanese company, that has what they are calling a "magnetic generator", is hitting the mainstream press in China, with their first public demonstration of the technology on July 19. From what I can gather, it appears to be a QMoGen. A 7.5 kW unit is expected to be available in the marketplace in about a year, at a price of around $5,200, which is very affordable.

As a wind turbine company, they came up with the idea when they asked the question: "What do we do if the wind doesn't blow?" They hooked a motor to the front end and discovered this unexpected effect.

If I understand correctly from Alan Yim, who informed me of this, who speaks Chinese, Foxconn could be involved in the manufacturing of this. Foxconn manufactures computers and smartphones (including iPhone, iPad) for pretty much all major brand names. At a minimum, they are part of the holding group that financed this technology.

Here is an excerpt of what China Times reported on July 20: (Translated by Google with editing by me.)

: The world is seeking [clean] electricity. Large shareholders, including Howard Hotel Group President, Liaodong Han, [and the] inventor [from] Thomas Edison Creative Technology Taiwan, Thomas Teng, [are] optimistic about the prospects of green energy industry, declaring [that they have] successfully developed the world's first "magnetic generator" [as they call it], [making their] public debut yesterday ([July] 19). Teng said the Hon Hai Group will commission processing production, which is expected to result in this going to market in about a year.

: Liadon Han paid $80 million (~$2.6M USD) capitalization to Creative Technology Taiwan Edison, giving them a 45% share in the company, while Teng has about a 30% share. Liaodong Han said [that] they are already optimistic about the investment potential of green energy for the future of magnetic generators [and] are confident [in?] the successful development of stand-alone, 7,200 watts of electricity per day storage (approximately 7.2 kW-h).

: Creative Technology Taiwan Edison took the opportunity [at] yesterday's shareholders meeting convened [for] shareholders and vendors interested in [becoming] marketing agents, showing [the] self-developed maglev generator system [(self looped?)], and on the spot demonstration [of the] maglev generator [powering] air conditioners, refrigerators, computers, fans, etc. Operations of household appliances.

: Known as "Taiwan's Edison", the title given to the chairman of Taiwan Edison Creative Technology Ltd., Teng, said [the] magnetic generator does not need to rely on outside energy, [produces] zero emissions, [and no] pollution. In the past near three years, Taiwan Edison, has spent $70 million in research and development. After trial and error, [he] developed a new type of generator.

: The price [is expected to be] about 150,000 yuan [Taiwanese] (~$5,200 USD) each. Teng said the maglev power generation systems [will be built] according to the need, designed to meet the power requirements of the generator types and models. The targe audience includes home users and industrial users. Agents [are already in place for] Germany, Japan, and Myanmar. He said that Myanmar is [deficient in] electricity, [and] magnetic power generation system, once mass production, could see a demand of around 20,000 units per month there.

: Teng said that this design uses a permanent magnet [to] generate power, unlike the traditional use of the coil and the magnetic field [to create the] relative movement of the power generation, eliminating the need for field winding permanent magnet excitation generators of electricity, carbon brushes, slip rings structure. The whole structure is simple, small size, light weight, big power.

From the article, if it is what it claims as 7200 W-hr per day ?or per 24 hour of energy storage). It would average out to be a 300 W power output ?7200 W-hr / 24 hours = 300 W).

See also News:Taiwan Edison Creative Technology Co. Ltd. Intends to work together with Hon Hai (Foxconn) - translated by Alan Yim, of which the above article by China Times is a reprint.

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Apparently, the company has been involved in micro wind turbine technology as well.

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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - A Taiwanese company publicly demonsrated their "magnetic generator" (QMoGen?) on July 19. A 7.5 kW unit is expected to be available in the marketplace in about a year, at a price of around $5,200, apparently to be manufactured by Foxconn. (PESWiki July 26, 2014)

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