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Directory of lubricant technologies and resources.

Lubricant Technologies


Image:PowerUp MarynInt 95x95.jpg

Directory:Maryn International - Maryn is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance industrial additives which significantly improve lubricity and which also improve mileage. While the product is aimed at the trucking industry, it also works well in any car. (PESWiki July 7, 2008)

Image:Silver Series bottle 95x95.jpg

PowerPedia:Silver Series Lubricant - The silver contained in the oil finds it's way onto working surfaces, where it reduces friction and wear. When wear attempts to remove it, more silver is plated onto the surface, so it is the silver that wears and not the original surface. (PESWiki)

Other Companies and Technologies

Image:Nanolube 95x95.jpg

NanoLube™ & Quicken® - NanoLube™ is based on a patented breakthrough technology and uses a newly discovered, synthetic Non-Detonation NanoDiamond to provide Mechanical Lubrication. This material was first created in 1999 and stemmed from Chris Arnold's work in microwave synthesis synthetic diamond production in 1996.

Image:ACES fuel catalyst 95x95.jpg

American Clean Energy Systems - ACES replaces lost lubricity in ultra-low sulfur diesel and ethanol blended gasoline to extend engine life. This is accomplished by a nanotech lubricant created by the combustion process. ACES contains no sulfur or other metallic ingredients.

Oil Extreme

zMax Micro-lubricant - soaks into metal and reduces engine deposits resulting in increased gas mileage. Fuel formula, engine formula and transmission formula.

FTC complaint against zMax

RX Oil Boost - based on Molybdenum Disulfide with QX, the ONLY under surface lubricant known to science. According to the U.S. Agricultural Research Administration, "There is no other known substitute".