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Directory:Lohrmann International -- Supplier of New and Used Power Generating Equipment

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Lohrmann International Recycles Power Plants

Image:Lohrmann turbine blades 300.jpg

Lohrmann International of Germany is concentrating its main activities on the worldwide mobilization of power components and complete plants for power generation of all sizes (from 1 - 1000 MW) electrical/thermal output and all configurations.

'Most of the equipment used in the conventional power generation industry, such as steam turbines, generators, insulators, is also relevant to renewable energy plants.'

Lohrmann International's core business is in Steam Turbine Generators Steam Boilers Complete Oil, Gas & Coal fired Thermal Power Plants as well as other energy plants, which are maintained regularly, with quality assurance.

The company also handles the technical and commercial issues, i.e. settlements of complete projects.

The advantage of buying used plants and equipment lies in the fast availability as well as in the prices which are considerably lower than those of new ones. Remember, recycling is a key part of being green.

With used equipment, you know the item is going to work, based on its past performance.


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Official Website



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Up to Date


A separate website is being prepared for the subject of converting diesel generators and existing plants to run on biodiesel, as well as biomass.


Lohrmann’s activities include the following.

Renewable Energy

"Nowadays, renewable energies have become an alternative solution to the classical energies. Thus, used wind turbines or wind parks and diesel generators changed to operation with vegetable oil are the new moneyspinners besides used biomass-fired plants.

"We have established an in-house know how for the complete chain of utilising plant oil for power generation and/or production of Bio-Diesel. Please ask for more information. A separate website is under preparation."

Sale of used power plant equipment

[[Image:Used Steam Turbine 40MW 300.jpg|right|frame|Sample item from Nov. 2007Used Steam Turbine Generator STG-24.13 -

Complete TG-set, Condensing Type, 40 MW with all auxiliaries incl. condensate system with pumps and preheater, boiler feed water tank. Matching boiler components available.]]

Complete Thermal Power Plants from 1 to 1000 MW (gas-, oil-, coal-, biomass-fired)

Complete Gas Turbine and Diesel Power Stations

Combined Cycle Power Plants

Steam Boilers of all sizes and configurations

Mobile/Floating Power Generating Plants

Hydro Turbines

Wind Generator Plants

Gas Turbine Generators

Steam Turbine Generators

Diesel Generators

Gas Engine Generators

Heat Generating Modules

Transformers and Substations


Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Services for Power Industry

Dismantling, match marking and Packing/Shipment of Power Plant Equipment

Supervision of erection and commissioning

Basic Engineering and design layout for modifications, adoptions and modernisation

Complete Boiler and Thermal Power Plant refurbishment, redesign and efficiency improvement on existing plants

Maintenance and Operation of Power Plants

Contracting of Power Plants (on KW net sales basis)

Lease of equipment and manpower

Finance solutions

Valuation of Plants

Sales of Production / Processing Plants

The company also deals with the sales and production of processing plants, such as cement mills, steel mills, plywood factories, paper mills, sugar mills, breweries, foundries, mining equipment, asphalt mixing plants, fibre making plans, chemical processing plants, and many others.


Company: Lohrmann International GmbH
Image:Lohrmann International Headquarters jp70.jpg

Lohrmann International GmbH is a Germany-based trading company specializing in the sale of good used power plants and processing equipment.

Apart from mere sales, Lohrmann International also provides all related services: from dismantling, labelling, identifying and packing to transportation and supervision of erection and commissioning worldwide.

"Our engineering capacity and expertise allow for a systematic selection of plants matching the application criteria of the clients. The permanent contacts to OEMs worldwide ensure access to important material & design information, technological improvements and spare parts."

Lohrmann International buys and sells the equipment on its own account. It locates and secures equipment on behalf of registered client inquiries or just for inventory purposes. A worldwide network guarantees a fast communication and on site service.

"Today Lohrmann International is one of the world’s market leaders in used power plant equipment extending its services to almost all industrializing countries worldwide. Within Europe, Lohrmann is presently ranking as No. 1 of the internationally operating trading groups in this particular business field."

In 2005, they turned over 13 million Euro. In 2006, they expected to turn over 30-40 million Euro.

Founder: Günther Lohrmann

The Company was established in 1953 by Günther Lohrmann, the father of the present Managing Director Michael Lohrmann.

Founder: Michael Lohrmann

In the mid 80’s, the operational management was taken over by Michael Lohrmann and it as in 1988 that the company began specializing in used power plant equipment.


In the News

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Lohrmann International GmbH

Sonnenbergerstr. 16

65193 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49-611-701888 Fax: +49-611-701895

E-Mail: []

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