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Pure Energy Systems News

September 17, 2015

French inventor, Luc Besancon, has been working on an all-magnet motor design since about 2004, with assistance from the IIDSRSI institute (International Institute for the Development & Support for Innovative Scientific Research) that supports innovative scientific programs. They have assisted in the development of this "Magnetic Motor Polarity Reversal," which they christened: "LLW9". They call the science: "Magnetodynamism."

LMW9 is a start-up company domiciled in Aubagne, France.

The concept behind the operation of the device is that horizontal pistons, with north on one side and south on the other, are rotated as the outer drum turns, which has long, cylindrical magnets that push, then pull, the pistons.

Translating from a French Article: (Google translation from French)

: "The prototype is under construction, in the form of a cylinder 2 meters long. Inside, magnets arranged in a half moon toggle between the phenomena of attraction and repulsion to cause the cylinder in a rotary motion. It remains therefore that connect the rotating machine generator, like big dynamo to generate electricity."

This is at variance with an April 2014 story that said: (Google translation from French)

: "After nearly 10 years of research and work on the magnetic energy a young French inventor has just led to a first prototype of an engine called "LLW9" that uses only the energy it generates without further need of conventional energy such as oil or electricity."

Possibly clarifying this discrepancy, a crowdfunder page states:

: A functional prototype:

: Michel Correa, director of the Institute IIDSRSI brought some details on an internet forum in 2014: "The 001 prototype LLW9 engine is fully functional it is only in one configuration to enable and demonstrate that physical theory developed by Mr. Luc is besancon real. Naturally this first configuration can be developed for applications in individual homes or transportation. This is what work is currently the inventor.

: 001 prototype with a total weight of 480Kgs consists of 3 modules. 594 powerful neodymium magnets, a 50cm tall, 1.60 m length and 1.10 m in width. Developing a torque of 200 newton meters. Mr. Besancon technology uses a mechanical technology with camshaft and pistons 9. (Hence the number 9 in the name of LLW9)

: From a theoretical point of view, the first unit of the original trials have proved very successful despite a binding specification. The practice finalization of the prototype is scheduled for late December with the aim of demonstrating the scientific hypothesis as functional including the industrial point of view.

On Sept. 18, 2015, Michel-Paul CORREA, General Manager of Institut IIDSRSI, wrote by email: (slightly edited)

: A pre-module was developed that allowed [us] to take all the strengths and performance measures to conceptualize the prototype for the housing application. It will then be tested for energy balance with the CEA (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique) and CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). This will be completed [by the] end of 2016.

The source of power is not endless. "The manufacturer of magnets that I work with feel that I may lose 15% of magnetic force after twenty years of use," cautions Luc Besancon.

Meanwhile, he is seeking to raise 250,000 Euros, with the help of the private institute IIDSRSI (International Institute for Support to Innovative Scientific Research), Sophia-Antipolis, to be able to finish building his prototype.

The video below is taken from a video of its operation at the end of the French story (English) about the motor that posted September 14, 2015. That article states that Elon Musk asked Jerome Guillen, vice president in charge of global sales of its brand, to go examine the device.

Quoting from's Sept. 15, 2015 article:

: If all goes well, the first converter should be operational by the end of next year. With an output of 8 kilowatts, this machine is expected to fuel a pavilion of 120 square meters hosting four. A complementary project "powerwall" dear to Elon Musk. With this wall lithium-ion batteries, recharged by wind turbines or solar panels, the head of Tesla hopes to make them completely independent houses electrical networks. Therefore, an association of Powerwalls LLW9 converters to be enough to change the world.

: All this is it really serious? EDF has doubts, but the national giant, which must maintain 58 nuclear reactors do not necessarily see a very good eye the emergence of a competitor of this sort. EDF has yet preset for Pulse LLW9 price, its innovation competition, in 2016. Schneider Electric, Alstom, Vinci Energy, among others, are also interested in this invention. And the Office of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA) is already in line to appraise the prototype in its Cadarache as soon as this is possible. If all tests are successful, there would now only seek a company able to industrialize the converter, for a cost of production estimated at 5,000 Euros by the inventor. "Then we will strive to miniaturize the" confides Luc Besancon. This would this time make a device which may be on board a vehicle to recharge the battery while driving. An idea that also is appealing [to] boss Tesla.

Thanks to Nicolas Saillant for bringing this to our attention.

Official Websites

They're working on an multi-lingual website for LLW9.

Facebook > Institute IIDSRSI



LLW9 Magnet Motor by Luc Besancon


(YouTube / PESNetwork September 17, 2015)


According to its designers, the applications of this type of energy can be many and varied. They will apply to habitat and housing, land transport, water or air as well as Industry, Agronomy, Health and Defence. Various prototypes are expected from 2016.


On Sept. 18, 2015, Michel-Paul CORREA, General Manager of Institut IIDSRSI, wrote by email: (slightly edited)

: "A patent has been drafted and will be filed in Switzerland, because in France, the first organization dedicated patent deposit is the Ministry of Defense, and for energy production, an invention can be blocked by a statement confidential defense [alleging national security interest]. In order not to make this possible risk of blockage, it was decided to file the patent in Switzerland, which does not appeal upstream to the Ministry of Defense."



Quoting from

: Relevance and quality of partnerships:

: The first partnership was co-signed with IIDSRSI Institute (International Institute for the Support & Development for Innovative Scientific Research) on the Sophia Antipolis technology park in the Alpes Maritimes. The institute is involved in the research framework of fundraising from private investors or sponsors, research collaborations and scientific support in communication.

: The second partnership was set up with Spanish IMA group near Barcelona under European leader in the manufacture of permanent magnets and Magnetic applications. For LMW9, these partnerships are strategic to the extent that they provide the necessary support to the industrial development of the project.

: To date, the Start up LMW9 [does] not intend to manufacture industrially nor [do they want to] manage the international distribution of these devices. Its mission is mainly research and development in order to subsequently transfer the licenses from industry with the expertise and engineering to manufacturing.

: Today [June 15, 2015] this 100% French invention, after the PACA region, began a first lifting of funds of 250,000 euros via the platform Happy Capital (here). This financing will help develop the Start Up while keeping hold of its technology. This fundraiser will aim:

: To finalize the prototypes in office applications such priority habitat and housing and then transport.

: To make the acquisition of high-tech tools.

: To do realize many measures, tests and trials. These will be conducted by organizations such as CEA Cadarache (Commissariat for Atomic Energy).

: Establish collaborations with independent experts and engineers.

On Sept. 18, 2015, Michel-Paul CORREA, General Manager of Institut IIDSRSI, wrote by email:

: "Thank you for your interest in LLW9 technology developed by a young French start-up that specializes in the research and development in alternative energy. Currently the company is working on two other also-ENGINE SOLAR HYDRO and GRAVITY programs."

Inventor: Luc Besançon

Quoting from

: Luc Besançon is the developer and the inventor of the technology LLW9. He technician training and experience in naval electronics, automotive and electromagnetic mechanics. Aged 36, he worked for 9 years in the magnetic fields of the permanent magnets. It developed adaptable kits electric motors to replace combustion engines on Kartings rental or competition. There is an electric designer Recreational vehicle with 3 wheels (Electron) that has superior characteristics of vehicles currently on the market.


LLW9 : la maitrise totale du flux magnétique en crowdfunding (English) ( 06/15/2015)

In the News

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Image:LLW9-Power-converter 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:LLW9 Magnet Motor - French inventor, Luc Besancon, has been working with the IIDSRSI Institute to develop an alternating piston-like magnet motor, which has gotten the attention of Elon Musk to possibly pair with his electric wall. (PESWiki September 17, 2015)

A revolutionary machine could generate clean electricity using magnets - This French invention only existed on paper. But if this device worked, the energy world would be upset. ( September 15, 2015)

Free energy: LLW9, a power converter or a nice magnetic flux permanent magnet motor (English) - LLW9 Magnet Motor catches Elon Musk's attention. ( September 14, 2015)


A French LLW9 magnetic motor development supported by the Institute IIDSRSI - The IIDSRSI Institute (International Institute for the Development & Support for Innovative Scientific Research) aims and tasks of support and accompany innovative scientific programs. Created in 2011 at the initiative of Mr Michel Paul CORREA. It has a scientific committee composed of international experts in number 13. It is situated in the Var department in France. ( 04.15.2014)

LLW9 will shake up the electricity market - Tomorrow, the rechargeable battery is over. Tomorrow, thanks to LLW9 device, electric vehicles will no longer need the loaded terminals beings, they will be autonomous, and produce their own clean energy to move forward. ( June 12, 2015)

PROGRAM - This new technology consists of transforming the magnetic energy released by an electromechanical device using neodymium type permanent magnets coupled to a generator that produces electricity. Along that uses solar radiation to be converted into heat or electricity, LLW9 system uses the magnetic energy released by a magnet polarity reversal system. ( Not Dated)

PROGRAMME DEVELOPMENT ENGINE MAGNETIC LLW9 - Unlike most of the research in this area that it focuses instead in embodiments with winding and rotor Mr Besancon has developed a completely mechanical engine using only the basis of its prototype 494 powerful magnets and permanent. This allows to lead as an internal combustion engine camshaft, and villebrequins pistons 9 which develops 200 Newtons M without any input from any other external energy. ( June 14, 2014)

NEW: INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION & HUMANITARIAN STARTED !! - After nearly 10 years of research and work on the magnetic energy a young French inventor has just led to a first prototype of an engine called "LLW9" that uses only the energy it generates without further ajonction of conventional energy such as oil or electricity. ( April 7, 2014)

alalumieredunouveaumonde: INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION & HUMANITARIAN STARTED! ( May 1, 2014)


The IIDSRSI Institute (International Institute for the Development & Support for Innovative Scientific Research)

[L'Institut IIDSRSI ( Institut International pour le Développement & le Soutien à la Recherche Scientifique Innovante )]


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Phone: +33 6 44 83 55 09

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