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Directory:Linear Magnet Accelerators

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Directory of designs in which magnets are oriented in such a way as to cause acceleration along a linear path. It is sometimes a precursor concept to a Directory:Magnet Motors design in which the loop is closed, resulting in rotation and usable torque.

The question in a linear accelerator is if the net acceleration is greater than the entrance/exit energy, resulting in a net energy gain. The practical question is how to embody the phenomenon in a usable mechanism. It usually is just a physical demonstration of an interesting phenomenon, with no practical value as embodied.


Magun - company site appears to sell some of these linear accellerators


(43 sec)

science-magnet accelerator - (YouTube May 15, 2007)


(55 sec)

really long gaussian gun - (YouTube May 16, 2007)


Gaussian Gun


(4 sec)

Double Gaussian Gun - (YouTube February 04, 2007) - This simple gaussian gun is a toy that uses magnets to shoot a ball bearing with surprising velocity.

# Place the neodymium magnets (available at K&J Magnetics) on the track and place four or five ball bearings in a line touching one side of the magnets.

# Place one more ball bearing on the opposite side of the magnets, far enough away that it isn’t pulled toward the magnets.

# When you are ready to fire it, nudge the single ball bearing so it slowing rolls toward the magnets.

# You can also set several of these up in a chain each one will fire the next with increasing speed.

Gaussian Guns

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The Worlds First Real Gauss Rifle


(51 sec)

The Worlds First Real Gauss Rifle - The 8 Neodymium Magnets are 1/2" cubes with a 3/16" hole. and attached to the rail with brass screws. (YouTube March 24, 2008) - Gauss Pistol

My Gauss Riffle


(21 sec)

My Gauss Riffle - This is a gaussian rifle(a magnetic linear accelerator), and it shoots a ball using nickel balls and 4 neodymium magnets. I'm shooting it at a little target that broke after shooting it . (YouTube January 12, 2007)



(7 sec)

Linear Magnetic Accelerator - Launching projectiles with magnets :)...linear magnetic accelerator (YouTube Jan 12, 2007)

Narrowing Tracks

Image:Linear V-Track Magnet Accelerator Brian Berrett 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Linear Magnet Accelerators > OS:Linear V-Track Magnet Accelerator by Brian Berrett - At first, this V-track video would seem to illustrate the ability of stationary magnets to perform net gain but on further testing the system is shown to have a strong gate that is only overcome by a significant gravity-powered drop. (PESWiki Aug. 30, 2009)


(5 sec)

Bar Magnet Gate - Linear Magnetic Gate, as described by Directory:Magnetic Motors:Howard Johnson in 1938. (YouTube February 24, 2008) - more, similar videos

Tri-Force Gate - Sm0ky2's Extended Tri-Force Gate (x4) - CLaNZeR Playing with the Tri-Force Gate Part8

Other Prototypes

Electromagnetic Linear Drive - Invention by Victor Lavrov

Roobert33's Mechanical V-Gate Opener
Image:V-gate-opener anim by SDA 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Linear Magnet Accelerators > Directory: Mechanical Opener for V-Gate Magnet Motor - A video originally posed by Roobert33 shows a V-gate magnet motor that supposedly is made functional (rotation maintained) by means of a mechanical method for moving the stator magnets in and out of the way of the gate ("re-gauging") so that the gate doesn't become a lock-up point that otherwise would stop the motion of the magnet motor. (PESWiki November 18 2010)
George Soukup's V-Track
Image:George Soukup V-Motor 95x95.jpg

Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] - German inventor presents what appears to embody the V-track magnet accelleration model into rotating motion -- something that many have unsuccessfully attempted. What is not clear is whether his model achieves accelleration, or even constant speed. Can it handle a load? (PESWiki Sept 15, 2008)

Image:SoukupNachbauer Magnet-Motor 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Linear Magnet Accelerators > OS:George Soukup V-Track Rotary Magnet Motor - German inventor claims that an earlier all-magnet motor accelerated to destruction. He has filed for a German patent and plans to later openly disclose the motor. He says investors have been secured. (PESWiki June 20, 2009) (Comment at - linear track motor turned circular but it doesn't work.



(26 sec)

Magnetic propulsion technology demo - Toy vehicle is propelled by a traveling magnetic field - with no mechanical slots or guides. The field provides lateral control as well as propulsion. Patent-pending motion control technology. (YouTube May 28, 2006) - similar video elevated track - Eric's user page.


(6 min 49 sec)

New Energy Invention - Magnetic Motor - "This video clip shows how a freestanding device can be built to generate power using nothing but natural magnetic forces, using only magnets, two plastic strips, and securing components. This is only a proof of concept video. There are many variables to be worked out, but the potential is clearly demonstrated." (Google Video Mar 26, 2008) - official website



(1 min 9 sec)

Discovered new source of power and propulsion - Video demonstrates working prototype of 2MS linear motor that harnesses energy of Earth’s magnetic fields. (Google Video Jun 15, 2007) - Magnetorefractive motive systems