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Todd Livingstone to have two working prototypes for harnessing the power of lightning. Seeks assistance in taking the project the distance.

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In the News

BLAM-O -- Power from Lightning] - Having demonstrated a smaller prototype using artificial lightning, Todd Livingstone is now waiting for the next lightning storm to test his full-scale prototype for harnessing the energy of a lightning strike. Technology is a reverse of directed energy weapons.(PESN July 10, 2005)

Harnessed lightning breakthrough!

(The following was initially posted by Todd here on June 28, 2005. On July 6, Todd was interviewed by phone. A follow-up story at is pending.)

I have been working on the harnessing of lightning for a few years now.

The biggest problem is people's beliefs. I have been told "that stuff doesn't exist" and "it can't work" and that rotten word "crazy". Same problems as the Wright brothers. People did not believe the airplane existed till years after Kittyhawk.

Have Working Prototypes

And now we HAVE a working "full Scale" prototype as well as "model" prototype. I am "fighting" for the patent and am now building the website. to what end ?

How it Works

I would love to, but can't go into to many technical details, the concept is zen-like in it's simplicity and, Tesla would have been proud.

The invention uses an "unmentioned" "energy" source to trigger an imminent strike from a thunder storm and channel it towards ground. Then the strike is sent through an "electronic breakwater" to make the strike more manageable, when the electricity comes out the other end.

It can then be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen or stored in a high voltage capacitor array.

11 gigawatts on the average, 300+gigawatts in the cases of "mega" lightning.

Looking for Help

I don't want to see this turned into a supressed technology.

Mother Earth is crying for it!

Help me, bring this invention mainstream.

If anybody wants to help get this new energy business off the ground, please do speak up.

As well as fellow innovators, as their ideas can often improve upon my own, and they deserve to have their dreams come true too! Thus no losers. Win, win.

Thanks for listening


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