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Directory:Lightning Car Company

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Lightning Car Company from the UK has created a new all-electric sports car called the GT that melds the front end of an E-Type Jag, the profile of a Marcos, and the back end of a TVR. Under the skin sits the same Altairnano batteries that power the Phoenix SUT and the PML wheel motors that power the 640-hp electric MINI. The Lightning GT, however, boasts up to 700 hp.

Three models are expected to be offered including a luxury version, a lightweight sports version that can reach 60 mph in less than four seconds and an extended range model that can go the distance, as long as that's within 250 miles. The Lightning GT is expected to be available in 2008, though orders are being taken now.

Is it a Tesla Roadster slayer? We've yet to see a green-minded coachbuilder tackle the development process with the same gusto and capital as Tesla, so while the GT's specs are impressive, we'll wait until AutoblogGreen actually drives one before taking away the Tesla's crown.

The Lightning Car Company is focused on the production of high performance electric sports cars. The firm's first product, the eponymous Lightning, is based on a pre-existing internal-combustion vehicle made by Ronart Cars. At present, the Lightning is still in the development phase, and is intended to go into production in 2008.

THe Lightning comes with an initial price estimate of roughly $300,000.

Official Website - Lightning Car Company Official Site

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