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Nanoflex™ can increase all lighting efficiencies

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The nano optical coating on Nanoflex™ provides ideal diffusive and reflective surface to capture light rays from any light source including fluorescent lamps to enhance illumination by 70% to 100% on average, both for retrofits as well as new fixtures, enabling the reduction of the number of fixtures.

Nanoflex™ is a result of advanced material research in Hong Kong.

: "Inergcorp will manufacture your lighting systems fixture components with Nanoflex™ coating and provide you the best lighting performance, price, delivery and meet your ISO 9000 quality standards."



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Can be used with existing luminaire without the need for further capital expenditure.

Capture light loss from design limitation of luminaire and efficiently reflect back to workspace.

Can enhance existing fluorescent tube light source by up to 100%.

NanoflexTM An Effective Green Lighting Solution

Commercial Buildings and Offices

Industrial Buildings and Factories

Examples of Light Sources for use with NanoflexTM T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps?these light sources are commonly available and applied in the:

Hospitals, Health-Care Centres, Hotels

Government Buildings and Schools

Can be applied to reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 50%.

Up to 10 years of performance consistency.

Enhance luminance in climate control environment without increasing heat source from electrical parts and further reduce air-conditioning load to enhance energy savings.

Safe and simple installation, minimal maintenance required.

Other Applications!

Automobile Headlights, Flashlights, LED or Incandescent Lighting, Etc.

Currently we are exploring the use of this products non conductive properties to provide

vendors with a new line of products "COOL TOOLS" for hand tools. Hand tool in the sun

can become quite hot to the touch. Also the product might have uses as an insulation for

homes/business roofs and siding to reduce heat into the homes or buildings.

Technical Details

NanoflexTM is coated with efficient photometric diffusing material on molded metal alloy that maximizes photometric performance.

NanoflexTM has direct reflectance of 95% while the distinguish diffuse reflectance is 93% in visible wavelength.

When combined with high performance light source such as tri-phosphorous fluorescent tubes, lighting performance is significantly enhanced.

NanoflexTM is heat resistant up to 400oC and does not contain any hazardous substance.

NanoflexTM has been tested for its durability, safety, ecofriendliness and photometric performance.

NanoflexTM Evaluation Reflectors - Standard Dimensions?

600mm (L) X 78mm (W)

1180mm (L) X 78mm (W)

1480mm (L) X 78mm (W)


Stainless steel mounting clips for T5 and T8 Tubes and other accessories in development.


The following Q/A correspondence between Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan and Don Wilshe of Nanoflex took place on July 7, 2007.

Putting aside the question of environmental impact, from an economic point of view, what's the ROI on a retrofit? on a new system?

: The payback of using our technology is an annual savings of 50% for the 10 years. The ROI is around 1 year depending on the usage of the lights. If you are retrofitting from T12 to T8 or T5 you can save as much as 75% on your electricity. But we are only responsible for about 50% of that...

At what stage are you in process of commercialization?

: We are selling the product throughout Southeast Asia. Recently we retrofitted the Singapore Airport. I will share pictures with you when we get them.

How many units produced so far?

: I don't know how many units we have produced. Again we are talking now about applying our Nanoflex in existing systems or making lighting products more green. We can produce millions easily of whatever drawing we receive. We are currently quoting price, delivery and quality on 1.2 million annually for a single product line. I would say we can easily produce 1 million units a month..

How hard/easy is it to manufacture?

: Simple we stamp out the aluminum or fixture in Hong Kong and ship containers of products to the USA. These items are all coated with Nanoflex.



NanoflexTM is patented. Nanoflex™ can be come in any shape or sizes as long as it is coated in our proprietary optical emulsion.

Recommended by

This energy saving measure is recommended by Department of Energy, U.S.A. and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong SAR. Nanoflex™ is ideal for this De-Lamping method.


Passed BS 476 Part 6 & 7, UV Aging, Lambertian Spectra Reflection Test, RoHS compliance and Green Label Tests. Pending CE, UL and CCC.

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For more information, please contact:

Eco Green International Ltd

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Email : []


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