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Directory:Lawrence (Larry) Sadler

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Pure Energy Systems News

Last updated, December 10, 2014

I'm here with Lawrence (Larry) Richard Sadler, a gifted inventor in Florida, USA.

He has four patents, with a fifth pending. Two of them are phenomenal energy-related inventions. They're not free energy, but are great transitional technologies and tools for when we finally do get free energy technologies to power the future. He's also working on two free energy prototypes: a magnepulse motor and a Van de Graaff electrostatic energy harvester.

One of his patented energy technologies is a H.O.P.E. (High Output Propulsion Electric) vehicle. It's an electric car with on-board generator (genset), so rather than burning fuel in an ICE connected to a drive train, you run a low, 13-HP engine to turn a super-efficient alternator (93% efficient) to produce electricity to power and balance the batteries that power the 110 HP DC electric motor connected to the drive train.

He's able to get 93.7 mpg in his Geo Tracker that usually gets just 30 mpg -- a three-fold increase in efficiency. He's put ~3000 miles in road and dynamometer testing on this Geo prototype so far.

When you're done driving, the battery is not depleted. The 10 kW generating system keeps the batteries topped off. What's really cool about this is that now your car can power your house. You drive home, and plug your house through an inverter into your car as a back-up generator, able to keep your essential functions operating.

He says with optimization, the efficiency could be even greater than that, adding regenerative braking, and aerodynamic vehicle design, and light-weight chassis and body. I'm going to be suggesting that he consider adding an Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems as well, which could improve the efficiency another 10-15 points.

The other energy-related invention is a unique energy storage system. His prototype stores well over 100 Farads, and at the end of 6 months will still hold 95% of that charge -- unheard of for any capacitor-related storage. Compare that to a classical capacitor, where a 5 Farad system might be the size of a typical car battery. But like a capacitor, it can charge 10,000 times faster than a battery. His prototype pegged a 10,000 amp meter at 32 volts (at least 1/3 a megawatt) for a pulsed output, able to repeat after just 10 seconds, compared to the 45 minutes required for similar existing technologies. It's good for billions of cycles -- essentially unlimited. And the prototype weighs around 100 lbs. Imagine that for your regenerative braking or solar/wind battery array. Its cost is expected to be competitive as well.

Outside of energy technologies, Larry has developed a natural food ethylene converter that he calls S.O.L.E. (Super Organic Life Extender). It is said to extend the life of foods, organic produce, or flowers by three-fold, whether in the fridge, grocery store, or shipping container.

: S.O.L.E. Technologies, LLC is a company that specializes in Green Technology products. The Super Organic Life Extender known as the S.O.L.E. system is a revolutionary, cost-saving, bio-friendly system designed to extend the life of fruits, vegetables, and flowers by removing the ethylene gas and airborne pathogens. This patented system works more effectively and efficiently than the ethylene gas removal products that use potassium permanganate.

: S.O.L.E. Technologies products are currently being developed and tested with multiple applications for the refrigerated shipping industry, the floral industry, the consumer refrigeration market, the consumer retail market, and the healthcare industries.

Official Websites - Natural Food Preservation Products


TWIFE™ -- Featuring Larry Sadler on Ultracapacitor and HOPE Vehicle



(YouTube November 30, 2014)

- - - -

FreeEnergyQuest -- S.O.L.E. natural food preserver

50 min

In the first portion of the interview, we talked about his 94 mpg vehicle then we talked about his natural food preservation technology.


(YouTube December 10, 2014)

Test Videos

Geo Tracker with H.O.P.E. genset gets < 68 mpg


(YouTube December 12, 2014)

R&D Videos

Van de Graaff generator to harness electrostatic energy


(YouTube December 10, 2014)

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Magnipulse Motor Development


(YouTube December 10, 2014)

Extracurricular Videos

Significant involvement developing integrated circuit technology


Lawrence Sadler (at Rogers Corporation in 1974) purchased the first digital lithographic flatbed camera, which he used to make the first miniaturization of a circuit for Bell Laboratories for the application for a microwave repeater for their existing telephone propagation system.The head of Arflex division of Rogers commented that this development would lead to the ability for people to have a computer that would sit on their lap. (YouTube December 10, 2014)

Reflections on new opportunities and the role of his service as medic in Vietnam War


(YouTube December 10, 2014)

Scale model historic ship collection / hobby


(YouTube December 10, 2014)


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WO2012178212A3 - Power conditioning system - App. - ?Filed Jun 25, 2012 - ?Published Mar 14, 2013 - ?Lawrence R. SADLER - ?L.R.S. Innovations, Inc. ... WO-A3-2012178212, WO2012/178212A3, WO2012178212 A3, WO2012178212A3. Inventors, Lawrence R. SADLER.

In the News

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Image:Larry-Sadler 141125-skype 95x95.gif
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Image:Larry-Sadler 141125-skype 95x95.gif
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Larry Sadler

Florida, USA

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