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Directory:Lattice Energy LLC's LENR

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February 26, 2014

Lattice Energy LLC is headed by Lewis G. Larsen, President and CEO, and namesake of the famous Widom-Larsen theory of LENR.

The following are some excerpts from a February 25, 2014 article by Bodo Albrecht at According to their website, "Kitco Metals Inc. is also one of the world's premier retailers of precious metals and a leading supplier of refining services, labware for mineral analysis and precision-crafted devices for high-technology manufacturing processes."

: Lattice Energy LLC, a company from Chicago, IL, USA, claims to have developed a process for energy production, utilizing a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) that, as a byproduct of neutron captures on tungsten, will create a mix of precious metals.

: To learn more about the technology, Tech Metals Insider spoke with Lewis Larsen, president and CEO of Lattice.

: Lattice was founded in 2001 [...]. Larsen is part of a team that learned from cold fusion’s mistakes: “their heat production measurements were right”, said Larsen with respect to cold fusion, “but their conclusions about the heat being produced by a fusion process were completely wrong.”

: What enabled Lattice’s new approach were recent advances in nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology and LENR are joined at the hip”, said Larsen. “It is one of the reasons why this could not be done back in 1989-90. Before our work, nobody had a grasp on the theory of neutron creation from protons and electrons in tabletop apparatus nor on exactly how to apply advanced nanotechnology to build well-performing prototype devices.”

: Combining the know-how of experts from a variety of disciplines including electro-dynamics, quantum electro-dynamics, nuclear physics and solid state physics, lead to the development of a theoretical foundation which is now ready to be prototyped, and put to the test.

: The goal of Lattice is to build high performance thermal sources with outputs ranging from single watts to 100 kilowatts, the ultimate application being the use of LENRs in cars. Patents have been filed and some were issued. At this point, financing is provided by insiders and several angel investors, but larger amounts of capital are needed to take the technology to its next level. [...]

: Larsen’s theory that gold, platinum and several other metals can be created by his process is based on findings by Japanese physicist Prof. Hantaro Nagaoka who successfully transmuted tungsten into gold back in 1924. Nagaoka’s results have been verified by several institutions in recent independent experiments but so far there has been no effort to commercialize the process. “Now that the LENR transmutation process is well understood the use of nanotechnology may change all that”, believes Larsen.

: “The neutron-catalyzed LENR process follows rows of the periodic table of elements”, he went on, meaning that heavier metals than the starting targets’ will be created. The work published by Larsen and his team suggests that a tungsten target, for instance, will absorb neutrons and gradually be transmuted to gold, platinum and other platinum group metals. “And because LENR products are not dangerously radioactive”, Larsen added, “conventional metal recovery processes can be utilized.”

: “Can we scale this up to a commercial process that makes money?” – Larsen is convinced it may be possible.

Tim Renfro brought this to my attention -- both this story and Lattice Energy LLC.

Official Websites


Lattice Energy LLC - LENRs and the Future of Energy - by Lewis Larsen, President and CEO at Lattice Energy LLC on Nov 27, 2013

Revolutionary LENRs Could Power Future Aircraft and Other Systems by Lewis Larsen, President and EEO at Lattice Energy LLC - Feb 16 2014

See many other slide presentations below this listing.

Widom Larsen Theory LENRs . . . Energy Revolution? with Lewis Larsen President of Lattice Energy LLC - "Are we on the verge of an energy revolution that will solve the current worldwide energy problem while dramatically lowering climate pollution? Lewis Larsen the president of Lattice Energy LLC, seems to think so! The Widom-Larsen (W-L) theory explains low energy nuclear reactions (LENR's) at ordinary temperatures and pressures. Unlike conventional neutron-triggered fission and hot fusion reactions that involve random collision of individual particles and require extremely high temperatures and pressures which equates to perpetual danger, the W-L theory proposes collective processes involving many particles acting in concert to generate neutrons with negligible kinetic energies, i.e., they have "ultra low momentum" and are not as harmful as such generated by current nuclear energizing methods. Deadly energetic neutrons and X-ray/gamma radiation are typically produced by nuclear fission or hot fusion reactions however, the charged-particle products produced by LENR's (beta and alpha particles) cannot penetrate a piece of paper or the human skin! Can this science which has been reviewed by many in the field including NASA change the world on an immeasurable scale . . . ?" (YouTube July 24, 2011)

Profile - A privately held company in Chicago, IL. Categorized under Nuclear Fuel Scrap, Reprocessing. Our records show it was established in 2000 and incorporated in Illinois. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 710000 and employs a staff of approximately 7.

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2014:03:19 - Published in 2010 by Lattice Energy, LLC, a LENR company, this paper is all the more relevant given our recent interest in the H-Cat effect in which copious amounts of heat are being liberated when HHO gas is run across a catalytic converter. (Free Energy Blog March 19, 2014)

Image:140227 last-episode 95x95.jpg
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Image:LewisLarsen-q 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Lattice Energy LLC's LENR - Metals specialist, Kitco, reports that Chicago company headed by Lewis Larsen (of Widom-Larsen theory) is moving forward in their R&D process toward not only creating energy, but creating precious metals at the same time. (PESWiki February 26, 2014)

Alchemy 2.0 – Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Creates Gold and Platinum - The transmutation from lead to gold has been mankind’s dream for millennia. Lattice Energy LLC, a company from Chicago, IL, claims to have developed a process for energy production, utilizing a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) that, as a byproduct of neutron captures on tungsten, will create a mix of precious metals. (Kitco February 25, 2014)

A Nuclear Reactor in Every Home? - Chicago entrepreneur Lewis Larsen claims a small device could power your house, diminish fossil fuel use, even shift the global balance of power. But to get it made, he must persuade investors to look past one of science's most embarrassing scandals. (Chicago Reader July 29, 2010)

Coverage - Widom-Larsen LENR Theory Portal -- The Widom-Larsen Ultra-Low-Momentum Neutron Catalyzed Theory of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions


Lattice Energy LLC

175 N Harbor Drive # 3205

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: +1 (312) 861-0115

email: []

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