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Langson Energy, Inc

Gas Pressure to Green EnergyTM

Green Energy from Waste PressureTM


Langson Energy has developed an exceptionally efficient and unique power generating system, the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM or GLGTM, which converts waste pressure to power 24/7. By converting the otherwise unused energy at natural gas pressure reduction stations to clean electricity, the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM generates base load green power while helping reduce CO2 emissions. The GLGTM’s significantly lower capital and operating costs will revolutionize the economics of base load green energy. The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM converts wasted pressure to economical, low-cost power and has low capital costs compared to alternative renewable energy systems and expensive turbines. The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM is the low-cost solution to generating base load clean power from wasted and renewable pressure.

How it Works

The Gas Letdown GeneratorTM uses field proven, twin helical screw technology operating as expanders. They drive a generator to generate green energy efficiently and with significantly lower capital costs required by turbines, turbo expanders and other methods.

Fluctuations in pressures and flows are handled quite easily with the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM, unlike turbines. Impurities, moisture, contaminants, wet steam, dry steam, they all are handled directly through the engine driving the generator.

Although the pressures, flow rates and composition of the source of energy all affect the ultimate output the Gas Letdown GeneratorTM is capable of producing, the following is a sample based a specific set of curcumstances we recently analyzed for a customer.

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Langson Energy, Inc.

808 E. College Parkway, # 102

Carson City, NV 89706


775-885-0882 (fax)