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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

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April 15, 2014

Here's a Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over out of Serbia that has a provisional PCT patent filed. It was featured on a local TV station.

Someone who has nominal understanding of the language said they claimed 1.5 kW continuous output of power.

The battery is probably required to get system going. Validation would require showing no power coming from battery during self-looped mode or the battery being recharged.

Let us know if you find a website, contact info, or other official information for these people.

On April 16, 2014 4:58 AM MDT (GMT-6), Zoran Milan Ilitz from Serbia wrote:

: Subject: About Krstan Pejic

: Hey Sterling,

: Krstan Peji? (pronounced as Pay-ee-tzj) is living some 50 km from me.

: Briefly: A reputable inventor, 18 years of research on this patent. Several awards from several serious innovation fairs (Serbia, Romania, Hungaria, Montenegro). First patented in Montenegro (which is an independent country since 2006 and markets herself as being an ecological country). There is a team of people and a company, they had a lawyer who does the legal work.

: First plan is to get patents in 124 countries (news from 3 years ago) after that they will accept investors (of which they have plenty offers), but will keep 51% of the rights to avoid the buy-outs and shutting off.

: Google gives 1000 references on Krstan. He has several other inventions as well, but unrelated to energy.

: Short description: a 12 V battery powers the device, which then generates usable power and some surplus to refill the battery on the fly. The output managed to power the lights in a local pub, plus a drill and a grinder.

: They claim they can make their device with power outputs of 1 kW to 2 MW.

: I found the phone and address, but not an e-mail.

On April 16, 2014 5:04 PM MDT (GMT-6), Zoran Milan Ilitz from Serbia added:

: More thorough Googling revealed the following info on Krstan:

: - He definitely does NOT speak English and does NOT have an e-mail.

: - Reputable member of society, active as a secretary in local organization for environmental protection 'Tikvara'.

: - There is an English speaking person there (Ljubica Kova?evi?), who might be of assistance, her office phone [...].

: Krstan is a credible inventor with a long history. First he was engaged in sport, but after an injury he became an inventor, in 1990. Received ~100 diplomas, several medals and awards for innovations and inventions. Many of his inventions were stolen and he was unable to receive proper financial reward for them. Inflation ate everything.

: Notable inventions (internationally recognized): body guard T-shirt for kids (forces them to sit straight), front belt on school bags for children, vacuum cleaner against bugs on potato plants, self opening side on tractor wagons in agriculture (used when unloading harvested crops) and so on.

: The aggregate under question received a bronze award on the international innovation fair in Belgrade, 2012.

: The device is a 6th generation. There are hidden (black box) parts. Battery is never disconnected. No data on duration of runs, but claims that 80% of the output is a surplus (COP of 5), without further elaboration. No credible explanation on the source of energy. I have an impression that nobody really bothered to seriously check either.

: World patent is just an application (not yet awarded, pending, status A2). It has a long way to go.

: The claimed patent number in Montenegro is not stated (could still be secret and (most probably) pending. There is an application for 'electric vehicle' by Bojovi? (but not Krstan), probably based on the same principle. Filed recently, no details provided. The web site in Montenegro patent office appears to be useless (searches not working properly).

: On a plus side, the world patent was filed by Milan Bojovi? and Krstan Peji?. Krstan is the inventor, while Milan provided financial support and credibility (he is an academic and a manager). Thorough search yielded no e-mail.

: The invention is also supported by colonel dr. Sci Obrad ?abarkapa ([email]).

: Legal assistance is provided by Ratko Pantovi? (lawyer). Yellow flag of warning: Ratko owned the pub that was used for demonstration, as I spoke in my previous e-mail. However, there were other demonstrations elsewhere, so this is only a yellow colored flag.

: Orange flag: price of any small device is too high to be competitive with grid power. This one currently stands at, quoting: '3 €/W, but could drop to 5,000 € per unit if mass produced'. Not much info in this one, but a show slower.

: Uncleared red flags: Possible hidden 2nd generator in black box. Patent status still pending, thus the necessity for a black box. Overunity device if working as claimed, but without clear source of energy. There is a potential problem here, a big caveat: a device that can successfully drain a small amount of energy from the environment becomes a menace if scaled to larger size. For instance surrounding temperature might drop, or it might affect local weather.

: Thank you for your attention. Over and out.

: Zioran.

Official websites



Free Energy Generator


(YouTube October 3, 2013)

Technical Info

Quoting from referring to an earlier prototype:

Image:Krstan-Pejic EarlyProto 400.jpg

: Flywheel - 26? diameter

: To Alternator – 20? diameter

: The small pulleys look to be 1-2? diameter

: Drive Motor – 16-18? looks a little smaller than the 20? diameter

: Windshield wiper motor is between 30-100rpm depending on voltage, it has high torque since it’s wound almost like a winch motor.

: Let’s go with 40rpm as an example

: 40rpm @ 18? wheel to 2? pulley = 40(18/2) = 360 rpm on flywheel shaft

: 360rpm @ 20? wheel to 2? pulley on alternator = 360(20/2) = 3600rpm


WO 2013150392 A2 Autonomous and mechanical aggregate for electric power generation PCT/IB2013/050910 Oct 10, 2013 Application Inventors: Milan BOJOVIC, Krstan Pejic

Image:Krstan-Pejic WO2013150392- A2 600.gif

Abstract: A new structural solution in the field of aggregates for electric power generation, herewith described provides: a cost-effective production, independent from other sources of energy, environmentally clean, reliable functioning, inexpensive assembling, simple use and etc. The structure of the invention consists of: a base (1) whereto fixed (welded) are poles (2) and (3), and fixed onto a support ( 19) there is a direct current generator (16) with a pulley (9), then a direct current electric motor-aggregate (15) is connected to a pulley (12), onto a pole (2) fixed are a converter (17) and a direct current consumer (21), then onto a base plate (20) a battery (14) is set, mounted on a shaft (4) are a flywheel (7), pulleys (8) and (11) and bearings (5) and (6). The aggregate functions so that: actuating a switch (24) into position ON, energy from a battery (14) is by means of a cable (23) brought to an electric motor (15) that activates a pulley (12) and through a belt (13) and a pulley (11) a shaft (4) is driven with a pulley (8) and a flywheel (7) by a belt (10) by a pulley (9) a generator (16) is driven. Electric power from a battery (14), through the cables (28) and (29), is brought to a converter (17) which converts direct current into alternating current and by means of a cable (32) the alternating current is distributed to the consumers (33).

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2014:04:16 - Krstan is a credible inventor with a long history. The [QMoGen] received a bronze award on the international innovation fair in Belgrade, 2012. The device is a 6th generation. (Free Energy Blog April 16, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:04:16 - 18 years of research on this patent. Several awards from several serious innovation fairs. Google gives 1000 references on Krstan. He has several other inventions as well, unrelated to energy. (Free Energy Blog April 16, 2014)

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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Template: 973 > Directory:Krstan Pejic QMoGen - Here's a QMoGen out of Serbia that has a provisional PCT patent filed. It was featured on a local TV station. Allegedly capable of 1.5 kW continuous output of power. (PESWiki April 15, 2014)

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