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Professor Konstantin Meyl specializes in scalar waves and neutrino power, which are extensions of some of the work done by PowerPedia:Nikola Tesla.

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Latest Developments

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Konstantin Meyl to Lecture on Scalar Waves and Neutrino Power - Three-day presentation this coming weekend in Carlsbad, California will discuss and demonstrate exotic Tesla technology. Meyl posits an expanding earth theory based on neutrino interactions with the Earth. (PESN Aug. 1, 2007)


Prof. Dr.-Ing Konstantin Meyl teaches the subjects power electronics and alternative energy technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen.

Being a 15-year-old pupil he already carried out the first measurements on eddy current brakes. His dissertation at the Technical University of Munich (1979), as well as his doctoral theses at the University of Stuttgart (1984) were dedicated to the three-dimensional calculation of eddy current.

As development leader and licenser of the company Bauknecht AG (ATB) he relocated to the Black Forest to the Technologie Zentrum ("technology center") of St. Georgen where he has conducted a transfer center of the Steinbeis Stiftung (?Steinbeis foundation)? for economic promotion of Baden-Württemberg since 1988 until March, 2003.

Since April 2003 the 1th transfer center for scalar waves is being perpetuated without interruption with the same employees in the identic spaces of the technology center, but without the Steinbeis foundation.

After he had adopted a professorship (1986) in the nearest academy, Prof. Meyl could turn again to the research of electromagnetic field eddies. The discovery of the potential vortex which occurred at the desk and not in the lab in the night of the 1.1.1990 brought the desired success. The books with the title ?Potentialwirbel? volume 1 (1990) and volume 2 (1992) have been awarded in 1994 with the technology price of the German society of EMV technology. The award handover took place in Munich in the course of the exhibition Electronica. The award prooves the importance of the theory for the sector of the EMC.

Motivated by the positive appraisal in a subarea, in which potential vortex affect Prof. Meyl initially aborted the book's sequence and devised a lecture with the header "Elektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit" (electromagnetic environmental compatibility) which used to be offered since 1995. Therefore, several scrips, adressing most different niches affected by potential vortex came out and constitute today's most comprehensive comprisal pertaining to this area.

The so originated row of books with the title: "Elektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit" (electromagnetic environmental compatibility) includes:

Part 1 (1996) concerns the lecture about the basic principles from vortex up to the theory of objectivity. It contains the complete contents of all books about potential vortex including the non-published band 3.

Part 2 (1998) gives suggestions for the discussion in the seminar which concerns about the energytechnical aspect of scalar waves. It treats free energy and interaction of neutrinos.

Part 3, which discusses the facet of data and communication.

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Experimental- and Demo-Kit

As a result of common demand and frequently asked questions during the breaks and after the recitations of Prof. Dr. Meyl (e.g. how does an energy transmission line work? and what kind of single components have to be used? etc) we decided to develop a demonstration-kit and an experimentation-kit to allow interested practitioners to gain experience and to make experiments by themselves. So with these two kits you are able to research the characteristics of Tesla coils, dependency of the resonant frequency concerning position and size of the ball electrode and varieties of the systems resonance depending on changes of the distance between transmitter and receiver by yourself. The main goal is to achieve reproducible measurements, which cannot be done by a simple instruction guide but otherwise doubters often only believe in results of measurements acquired by their own devices. Therefore connection possibilities for external measuring devices are provided.

The Demo-Kit contains a simple waveform generator from 4 MHz up to 8 MHz, a pair of pancake coils with different resistance usable in various configurations as well as the required accessories. It allows to arrange a complete scalar transmission line without further equipment e.g. for demonstration purposes. It's possible to purchase the different components separately. (For those who already own adequate equipment or want to expand the set).

The Experimental-Kit contains an extended waveform generator from 135 kHz up to 10 MHz and an additional frequency counter and two additional pairs of pancake coils with half and twice of the wirelength. A specification of the set with theoretical explanations and practical instructions about the setup is also included in both kits. We are very interested in your measurements and conclusions and would be pleased, if you could send us your results. It would be helpful, if these are structured like the experiment descriptions in the book "Scalar Wave Technology".

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Image:DE19614575 fig1 bf4.gif

DE19614575 - Meyl - Vorrichtung zum Einfangen von Neutrinos (Apparatus for receiving and measuring presence of neutrino particles) 1997-10-16

Abstract : The apparatus for receiving and quantifying neutrino particles comprises the spherical electrodes (1,5) connected by a flat air-cored spiral coil (2) at the terminals (20,21). The coil is encircled by a signal pick-up coil (30) connected to a measurement unit (31) and the coil is surrounded by a resonant circuit (4) formed by the coil (40) and capacitor (41). The resonant system toned to the characteristic frequency of oscillation of a particular neutrino group generates alternating plus/minus charges in antiphase to those of the neutrino model postulated by Meyl resulting in an attraction to one of the spherical electrodes.


In the News

List of New Stories (In German)

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:02 - Prof. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany, because of the more than 100 years on-going cover up of scalar waves, decided in 1999 to construct an experimental kit, that shows how Nicola Tesla worked in the late 1890s to detect scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the electromagnetic waves. (Free Energy Blog December 2, 2013)

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Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Anti-Gravity / Directory:Propulsion / Directory:Keshe Foundation / Directory:Konstantin Meyl >Interviews with Keshe and Myel following today's lecture - Pre-ordered 5kW generators expected to be available in December. Also, a demo of the gravity-modification technology is scheduled for Dec. 14. Three U.S. astronauts from Moon missions are expected to attend. (PESN September 21, 2012)
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Latest / Current events: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Anti-Gravity / Directory:Propulsion / Directory:Keshe Foundation >Keshe Free Energy Technology Replications Galore - M.T. Keshe said that several entities, individuals, groups, and governments, have been able to replicate the energy technology phenomenon by referring to the books and patents available from the website. One scientist allegedly could power three towns pounds with his device. (PESN September 1, 2012)
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Latest / Current events: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Events:2010:Tesla Technologies Symposium in Vienna - Look at this line-up of topics and speakers coming March 12-14, including The Secret of Water and Vortex Phenomena • Interaction of solar and cosmic Neutrinos • Demo of Tesla Experiments • Energy from Vacuum • GEET demo • Mechanodynamics • Magnetic Motor Technologies • Nuclear Resonance Coupling. (PESWiki Mar. 7, 2010)
Image:Konstantin Meyl aparatus 95x95.jpg

Konstantin Meyl to Lecture on Scalar Waves and Neutrino Power - Three-day presentation this coming weekend in Carlsbad, California will discuss and demonstrate exotic Tesla technology. Meyl posits an expanding earth theory based on neutrino interactions with the Earth. (PESN Aug. 1, 2007)

Konstantin Meyl Speaks on Neutrino Power and the Existence of Scalar Waves Addressed the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Salt Lake City on Friday, July 30, 2004, 1:00 pm. Cites earth expansion as evidence of neutrino absorption credits Tesla with first describing neutrinos. (PESN Aug. 12, 2004)


Prof. Meyl shows Tesla longitudinal electricity transmission in 2003


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Transmission of Power Without Wires (Scalar Waves)


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Turning the World on its Head

It is a little-known fact that the earth is growing at a rate of about 25 cm a year, which means that the rotation of the earth is slowing down. Are we in danger? The noted physicist Prof. Konstantin Meyl explains his neutrino theory and what the deceleration of the earth's rotation could mean for us. His controversial views are counterbalanced by the opinions of other reputable physicists.


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