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Kokhala Energy produces CHP (combined heat and power) systems that take a heat source, such as via solar thermal panels, stores that heat in a tank, then convert that into electricity via a Rankine cycle engine, then turn the residual heat over to be used, either for hot water or hot air.

A pellet burner can also be integrated into the system to provide a renewable alternative energy source as a back-up for cloudy days or higher energy requirement time.

These are all readily-available components mass produced in other industries, just combined in clever ways by Kokhala. Installation can be done by an HVAC technician.

The Rankine cycle portion is comparable to a photovoltaic cell in its efficiency of converting solar energy to electricity -- in the range of 12-16% -- but is about half as expensive and the conversion of the remaining heat for CHP applications is around 90% efficiency, yielding an overall solar-to-useful-energy conversion efficiency of over 80%.

The EnergyCell® recovers heat ranging from 150 to 600 degrees F, from a wide range of sources and converts it to reliable, affordable, clean power for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The commercial applications that don't have heat applications, only electricity, become competitive with grid power that is 7-8 cents per kilowatt-hour. But if the application includes a heat application, then the system becomes competitive with grid power at around 5 cents/kw-h, with a return on investment of around 5 years.

After six years of R&D, Kokhala has been in production since the beginning of 2007 and will be announcing some major installations in the beginning of the Summer of 2007.

Kokhala is also involved in developing renewable fuel pellets, such as from corn stovers (left-over stalks), hog manure, or urban yard waste. Pellet-burners have been selling well in Europe for the past two years.


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Opportunities - Homeowners, Developers and Builders, Commercial & Industrial Property Owners, Employment, Dealerships and Resellers.




Download - On May 19, 2007, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 1-hour, live interview with Kevin O'Brien of Kokhala, as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.

Product: EnergyCell® System


Kokhala can integrate the modular components of the EnergyCell® system to precisely meet the needs of each user and facility.

Kokhala's EnergyCell® can be combined with up to eight separate units to address requirements from single family homes, to supermarkets and nursing homes, to large industrial plants or remote villages.

The heart of the solution is two compound positive displacement rotary engines, the EC20 and EC140. These engines are easily integrated with other components such as TIR Solar Collectors, Internal Combustion Engines, Phase Change Spheres to match the owner’s requirements for reliable, clean, economical electricity and heat.

How it Works

Image:Kokhala process.jpg


Based on principles of organic Rankine thermodynamics, the EnergyCell® exhibit excellent efficiency, low acoustical and electrical noise, no polluting emissions, high reliability and long life.

Kokhala's solution uses a unique heat-to-electricity closed loop power cycle solution optimized to generate electricity from external heat sources above 120F.

At the heart of the EnergyCell® are two proprietary, oil-free variable speed positive displacement expander engines, optimized to efficiently convert the external heat into mechanical rotary power, and then into electricity. The modular components are designed to function in a compound thermal relationship such that a high temperature power cycle is optimized with working fluid circulates between 600F and 250F and a low temperature power cycle is optimized with a different working fluid circulates between 250F and 120F.

Since the heat transfer and expansion occurs in a biphase mode, cycle efficiency are optimized and the heat exchangers are minimized.

Each expander turns an efficient permanent magnet DC generator with a high turned down ratio. The residual heat from the low power temperature cycle is provide to heat domestic hot water and provide comfort heating for the facility.

Kokhala's EnergyCell® has about 75% fewer moving parts than traditional internal combustion engines and does not need a muffler, ignition timing, intake or exhaust valves, cam shafts, high pressure fuel injectors or torque converters.


Kokhala has applied for patents that cover the system approach. Most of the Kokhala components are off-the-shelf systems. Its the combination of these that would be covered by the Kokhala patents (filed).


Company: Kokhala

Kokhala is a Native American word meaning heat energy from the sun.

The company is not yet seeking international markets, but is focusing first on the U.S. market.

It is a privately held company. Private investment inquiries can be directed to +1-866-256-6583.

Inventor: Kevin O'Brien

Kevin has been pursuing this technology since 2001.

In the News


KOKHALA Energy, Inc

St Louis, Missouri USA

(314) 363-4128 or (314) 414-1400 - Voice

email: []


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