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Directory:Kneider Waves Energy Propeller

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Francois Kneider's Wave Energy Propeller Engine

Description : External fin system taps the energy of waves to provide thrust energy for the craft. Benefits the craft by stabilizing the ride. Toy-size proof of concept prototype built. Possible open source project (for experimental purposes only commercial applications will need to be authorized under contract).

Official Websites

How it Works


Click here to view 7-second video - Toy-size prototype moves with wave action, while control craft does not advance.


In the News

Image:Kneider Wave motorboat 95pxw.jpg

Kneider's Sea Wave Energy Propulsion Technology - Francois Kneider has build numerous proofs of concept of wave energy propulsion systems, and believes it could be a feasible system commercially for water craft. Offers intriguing directions for home experimenters. (PESN Sept. 21, 2005)

Related Technologies

Image:Orcelle crop 95pxw.jpg

Wave Propulsion: Brief History and Remedy - French and Russian proponents of harnessing sea wave energy provide a short history, identifying why the approach has been abandoned by major entities, and suggesting how to revive this yet-to-be-fully-actualized approach. (PESN Sept. 21, 2005)

The Clean Queen Of The Sea - Orcelle to be the first cargo ship in modern times to be run completely by sun, wind, and waves. Unveiling of first 820-foot long vessel, with cruise speed of 15 knots, expected next month. (Rense / The Telegraph, UK March 13, 2005) - The system consists of multiple pairs of inclined fins or blades on the sides of vessels.

About Francois Kneider - bio page in French


Francois Kneider

: Kneider Innovations, 13 Allee Nicolo Paganini, F.13880 Velaux, France

: Phone: (33) 442 464 464

: email: []


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