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Directory: Jurgen Parysek's Free Energy for Electric Vehicles

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November 28, 2013

Inventor, Jurgen Parysek of Germany, has a website that claims (if I understand correctly) to have a generator technology that will enable indefinite range for electric vehicles so they do not have to stop to be recharged.

He sent me an email with a long There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] about the need for such a technology -- something our audience is already aware of.

No evidence is provided. No photos, no video, no data, no witness statements, no specs.

Official Websites

Diatribe About Need

2013 November, Free energy Germany Jurgen Open Letter

by Jurgen Parysek

For those who have completed their projects related to the free energy with a power of 10 kW - announce to be in November, together let's see what you can offer to the world:

Is it worth the wait when the world is going in the wrong direction, why no one wants to pull out of the vault of their projects that will save our world. Who again depends on the fall of the electric car. Perhaps many would be the crude oil or nuclear power, fearing for work or loss of profits, though he did not know that, and they must come to an end sometime. We must learn to save, and free energy is also required us to produce, in agriculture and industry. Is it worth it to wait and watch, without taking part in the development of free energy or technology of electric cars? We only see what threat they may pose. Is the world today has to be the battery, or crude oil?

Through government grants endless debt the country and the EU at a tremendous rate, if we go on roads that never we can fix anything. We have 41 million cars that you can brush away on electric. How much time do you think it will take? How to remove 1,200 nuclear power plants? If you start too late to save the climate and the world, many do not change to score better. What we will need more and more energy, do not bury your head in the sand not talk with no problem, this direction is the road to nowhere if no one sees, not pchajmy world towards destruction facilities. With these wonderful projects, the EU will not be anything to us. I think that we need a stronger flash from the sun, which brightens dark corners of many EU countries, brighten the minds on which so much hope for.

I'm not the first who started to work on free energy. I think of Professor. Dr.. W.Turtur Claus and his work on reaching a new energy source. I am sure that our leaders do not embarrass yourself in front of a nation or the world providing support to projects and research on free energy, not only corporations but the car is worth will support private projects. Indeed, many studies have not reached and was not successful, many scientists physicists believe that they will never achieve success in this direction. But by the end of the physicists are right?

Developed his work that led to the achievement of free energy for electric samochodó?. This oil crisis was the driving force, where many people in the world began their first projects and research into reducing fuel consumption in cars. In those days, a number of projects, some patents, many circled the history of the conspiracy of those patents. I appeal to the global motor industry - let's talk about the use of free energy to electric cars, a global Patent in which to take part all you. In this way, all States would have an equal start in dra?aniu home free energy. Let no one think anyone will miss the poor and rich countries. Znie?my patent offices prior to the announcement of the free energy, and we all agree on that?

I'll be the first to announce tomorrow a draft free energy, I am convinced that at the second day will be a queue in patent offices. This problem also need to move the terms of reward for developers who bet the electric car industry on its feet, giving him the power to free energy. It can not be the creator of the invention will be the biggest loser in this program. I would be confused as to the authorities, but I hope that shall jointly work towards a global patent. If for various reasons, there would be no cooperation, I think of young people around the world, let's put on this patent, patent lawyers who hire us to help you. This is your future! You guys should create a foundation of free energy. 22 years ago, some seemed to be the strong brand change their lives during their one night, everything for them perform and they will sit at home, pozamykaj? factory power off, will wait for the change. This situation can never have again today when the free energy will be announced, let no one tries to be home on Monday, closing factories or offices, hospitals, nursery schools, banks, stock exchanges. Let not anyone think of the free energy release him or take him to work. She needs our support. We need to continue to develop. In industry, it takes years for big changes without our support is dead energy. Let us not fear to manipulate this energy. This false prophets sent by those who want to keep the old structure, preach untruth.

There is a small glimmer of hope that our future will not be stood out in black suits, the world will keep harmonies and kerosene will never show his black face. You owe kerosene that many studies interrupted revived anew. We all have hope that in fairy tales is always a bit of truth. Waiting for us in the future range of electric vehicles will be unlimited and the global economy will develop anew. It is a new energy will enable us to survive on. The device how simple in design, its power can be increased at will. District of fairy tales? And I spoken unto you, that in every fairy tale there is some truth.

Japan Fukushin - not so long ago, the eyes of the world were on Japan. If we created a power based on the free energy, we would not have such problems, because it is completely safe. In addition, there would be no problem with the transfer of energy from a distance, each city or village may have its own power, you can even put it in the center of cities. Technically, we are ready today without any problem device. The proposed device is able to fund itself. Gets 25 % of the energy produced by himself and gives 75%. Power available to achieve this 1kW and more.

Wind Farms

In the North Sea was launched the largest German naval wind farm of 80 turbines with a capacity of 400 megawatts meets annually 400 thousand households. It cost over two billion euros. I'm all for progress but I have reservations about the prices and profitability of the investment. Germany wants to renewable energy. European Commission spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said: "We need to think about how to reduce our dependence on oil, 96 % of our transportation is depend on it. " According to data from the European Commission the value of imported oil each day amounts to nearly one billion a day. Can we put now on the free energy? I am sure that the cost of two billion euros, would meet in Germany 's energy demand of about 20 million households and the price of 1 kW of energy is extremely low.

In September, I announced my project free energy, after years of research I finished a project called Leonardo da Vinci. I worked on three technologies: hydrogen, magnetic energy, but I decided to focus mainly on free energy. Many may laugh at my project, but I would advise scientists, physicists and patent offices: before you to speak to put their diplomas and titles Professors Scientific, quietly get familiar with the details.

Let's start with all the talk about the introduction of this energy in life, do not keep your blame me for ad it to the world. She does not threaten anyone, maybe it help us survive, continue to grow, it is cheap energy and cheap generator.

This is the beginning of new changes for the better is flourishing electric cars with incredible range. Do not panic let us not be intimidated by anyone, it will not trigger a global crisis. Free energy is a great hope for the government. Think about the future of our children when they occupy our workplaces, on retirement humane. Do you want to end your days be afraid of work?

We still have about 40 years until oil stocks, if you want to see millions of fans, thousands of nuclear power plants and the end of cheap oil and the terrestrial landscape similar to the moon, but because of various reasons, hid the free energy under the carpet?

If it would be, let people comment if they want to be the old structures, or may prefer to take the free energy and save the climate.

I think that wind and solar energy should be as a supplement to and not as a main source of our energy. Not for nothing less as the main source of nuclear power plants, but the free energy she has a future. Professor Michio Kaku read a lot about you, I invite you as a physicist to review my work on this as I received the free energy. Although we're different but I am convinced that we have a concern for the future of our planet.

With the achievement of free energy the world will survive and we will continue with it. The free energy is cheap energy, the generator of a very simple design, it set a new direction in which we need to dispel.

Republican John McCain announced his support for the development of electric vehicle technology. He offered a reward for improving battery performance and reduce the cost of their production. Many would want to blow out the amount of R & D. Those who think so forget, however, that the award is not for future work on battery but ready and implemented the project, and that is the difference.

Mr. McCain, in exchange for batteries offer GENERATOR free energy for electric cars. This will give them not limited range. Investments in batteries for electric cars is a dead end. In the world we have registered one billion and 15 million cars. How every day we will credit the amount of electrical current car? How many chargers will be needed for the number of cars? Cables throughout the world, electricity pylons, wind turbines, nuclear power plants. Ko bear these costs? The taxpayer? We will limit crude oil but even more zadurzymy world. The future of electric cars is a free energy generator, then we reduce the demand for crude oil for the benefit of the global climate.

I appeal to the world's automotive companies: German, Japanese, Chinese, American, French, British, Italian. Meet me and let's discuss the future of electric cars driven based on the free energy, with a cheap generator with a simple design. I'm sure that by the end of 2014 we should see recoiling electric cars on the streets with an amazing range. Balls will tour the Earth is not filling up, not charging your electric car. Can you imagine a nuclear power plant failures in your town? On the night? Within ten minutes of electric cars will supply the city with electricity. If you remain silent, I ask when we will start the third industrial revolution?

Germany November 2013, Jurgen Parysek

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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory: Jurgen Parysek's Free Energy for Electric Vehicles - German inventor has a website that claims to have a generator technology that will enable indefinite range for electric vehicles so they do not have to stop to be recharged. No evidence is provided. No photos, no video, no data, no witness statements, no specs. (PESWiki November 28, 2013)


Jurgen Parysek (aka Jurek)

Email: ['s%20Free%20Energy%20for%20Electric%20Vehicles%20feature%20at%20PESWiki.cojm]

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