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Directory:Joule Box Power Generators by Ecogen

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Pure Energy Systems News

August 29, 2015 22:30 GMT


The Joule Box Generator by Ecogen, being distributed by Starseed International of North Carolina, USA, operates as a self-energized electrical production unit and is designed to provide 100% on-demand electrical power without any external fuel input. As such there is no requirement for, or emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, diesel, or natural gas. The system produces economical, sustainable, clean and renewable energy where the power is needed for the user.

The UL-certified, patent pending Generator can operate as a stand-alone or work in concert with other alternative and renewable energy systems such as solar and wind, which when combined, can increase power generation over 50%.

60 kW is the smallest size they will sell presently. 250 kW modules are also available. After they get well-established, they plan to also produce at 15 kW system for home/business power (that would handle the peak load of most homes). A 60kw unit can power an average of 40 homes of 2,000 ft2. These systems are great for Islands, off-grid communities, micro grids, on-grid communities, & many other applications.

The Joule Box system is designed to produce electricity based on the required volts, amps, watts, Hertz, and other specifications.

There are presently four systems in operation: one in an undisclosed location a 250 kW system in Los Angeles, California a 250 kW system in Panama and a 1 MW system in Pakistan. [Sept. 6 update/correction: There are not any large systems presently in operation. There is only one 20 kW demo in Los Angeles, which is not running continuously.]

All components are off-the-shelf, with proprietary alignment, placement and electronics. This is why they are prepared to roll out 10,000/month once that volume of orders is achieved. [Sept. 6 update/correction: This needs to be verified.]

Units are available for sale in US and Canada. 50% down, 50% on delivery. [Sept. 6 memo: I'd wait until reliable, third party validation has been done before purchasing.]

Outside the US and Canada (as well as within US & Canada), there is internal financing available to build plants up to 50 MW to provide power under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a term of at least 20 years. Excluded countries: China, India, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea.

In either case, purchase or PPA, the system will be feasible where local power rates are US $0.15/kW-h or higher.

How it Works

: An aluminum magnetic flywheel runs continuously to produce low voltage, high amperage electricity. A lithium ion battery brick, with patented serial and parallel wiring, charges and discharges constantly (never pulling a full charge off the batteries), contributing to their longevity.

: Ultra-high-efficiency blowers are powered off the lithium ion battery brick to provide manufactured wind 24/7/365. Vortex Reduction Chamber (VCR) manufactured wind is sent through a VCR to increase force with reduced energy because of the effects of wind cubing in rotational energy. The Power Torque Transfer Turbine transfers maximum force with less energy, which turns the generator.

[Sept. 6 update: There may be some back EMF harvesting that is at the root of the system.]

Live demonstrations are available for qualified parties.

Federal and State tax credits can be applicable. Please discuss this with your CPA or Tax Attorney.

Official Websites

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Materials Available Under NDA

Joule Box Energy Production Application

Video (8 minutes) of showing cabinet, system components, operation

Joule Box PowerPoint

Joule Box Electricity Comparison by Source

Joule Box Notes [Overview]

Plant visit (but qualified parties: customers, investors, distributors, licensees) - In order to do a plant visit, the necessary preliminary documents need to be completed, e.g. "Joule Box Energy Production Application"


Standard Module: 60 kW


Peak kW Output: 60 kW

AC Voltage: 240 VAC (The unit creates either DC or AC power, with the flip of a switch.)

Phase: 3

Peak Amps Output: 250 Amps

Hz: 50 or 60 Hz

Sine wave: Pure sine

Size: 8' x 7' x 5' (6,000 lbs)

Noise: 45 DB sound level, with weatherproof enclosure

Maintenance: Filter to be changed every 90 days, no lubing

UL Certified: Certification number available under NDA

Warranty: 10 year, 100% replacement warranty

On-board data analysis, using various communication networks. Dedicated software customizes analysis. Model-based analysis identifies defects and their severity. Receive condition reports. Authorized users can log on in real-time. Early warning of problems helps reduce unplanned downtime.

Electronic controllers maximize efficiency and maintain a constant RPM.

Power Q controls the power quality output to sync with the grid and maintain proper harmonics. Each system is configured with the right voltage and frequency to connect to the grid without any power urges that could damage the equipment.

Each unit is run for 100 hours at the manufacturing site, where the buyer's chosen service representative can be fully trained in its operation and maintenance.

GPS monitoring is available.

40' Container: 250 kW

4x 250 kW modules fit in one standard 40' shipping container for a total output of 1 MW


have been filed


Starseed CEO, Jonah Bolt
Image:Jonah-Bolt-collage rd.jpg

Quoting from Jonah Bolt Bio.pdf

: Jonah Bolt has lived a charmed and unique journey, to say the least. He has traveled to 40 countries world-wide and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to empower through self-sustainability around the globe, build networks to gather the masses, and play a part in his father’s self-sustainability project called the “Domain.” (

: His father, Ken Yolman (Jonah changed his own middle name to his last), who worked and studied under Buckminster Fuller, has created an off grid self-sustainable community design using Bucky's Geodesic Domes. Now with Jonah's redesign of the community, The Domain’s ‘Flower of Life’ pattern has been added and depicts the fundamental forms of space and time. [...]

: Jonah is now serving currently as CEO for Starseed international ( and is Founder of a non for profit, Starseed Society. ( Starseed Society works to inform and engage people, regardless of age, to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and become a world citizen. Starseed Society also works to foster connections between people and the energy flows of the planet through creative, experiential learning networking collaborating and awakening to purposeful action. [....]

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2015:09:06 - (Free Energy Blog September, 6 2015)

Image:150829 Net-Zero sq 95x95.gif
Latest > Directory:Joule Box Power Generators by Ecogen > More info on how Joule Box Power Generators work - Peter L. Taylor provides some site excerpts and links from several locations where he has found information regarding the Joule Box generator technology we reported on the other day. (PESN September 4, 2015)
Image:150829 Net-Zero sq 95x95.gif
Latest: > Directory:Joule Box Power Generators by Ecogen > August 27 Interview with Jonah Bolt regarding Joule Box Power Generators [link temporarily unavailable] - Audio recording and rough transcription of interview regarding their generators that are now available for sale. 60 kW and 250 kW modules are [allegedly] available for purchase or via PPA 20-year contract, 100% financing. The no-fuel, non-polluting, renewable, continuous output system involves a proprietary combination of five off-the-shelf technologies. (PESN September 3, 2015) (The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
Image:150829 Net-Zero sq 95x95.gif
Latest: > Directory:Joule Box Power Generators by Ecogen - UL Certified, patent pending, 60 kW and 250 kW modules are [allegedly] available for purchase or via PPA 20-year contract, 100% financing. The no-fuel, non-polluting, renewable, continuous output system involves a proprietary combination of five off-the-shelf technologies. There are presently four systems in operation. (PESWiki August 29, 2015)


: Mention "PES" as having referred you.

Jonah Bolt

Asheville, North Carolina, USA ("City of Light")

Cell: 828-407-3056

Office: 828-333-4600

Toll Free 888-400-2328

Costa Rica (506) 6260-6344

Skype: worldwidetraveler1

Email: jonahbolt {at} gmail

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