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Directory:Joska Ramelow

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Joska Ramelow is a free energy proponent and activist who lives in Sophiyama, London, UK. He's done some translation service for There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], especially in featuring our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies.

Joska Ramelow, short biography and travelogue to free energy horizons

June 17, 2012

From the summer of 1980 London became my home, where I arrived on the lookout for new directions, as I had just graduated from a college of social sciences in Frankfurt, Germany. I was deeply attracted to investigate questions of energy of biological systems and the functions of human health. I had some personal experience of powerful benefits from therapy with energy medicine that obviated the continued use of antibiotics. So, within a short while I found myself in training with a Chinese master of acupuncture from Kuala Lumpur. There I witnessed many, what one would call 'miraculous recoveries' of patients from serious strokes amongst many other unorthodox improvements in people who usually came into the clinic very sick. After nearly 5 years in his practise I rounded off my studies with a theoretical course of Chinese Medicine located at London University. During this time I kept coming across literature such as The Dancing Wu Li Masters and works ranging from J. Anton Messmer to Nicola Tesla and Harold Saxton Burr, as I was trying to figure out how this energy medicine actually worked, since no conventional academic concepts offered any meaningful discussions on the subject. However, feeling a need for covering the base of conventional scientific subjects further, I signed up for a four year full time course for a BSc in western medical herbalism at Middlesex University. This course offered insights into botany, chemistry, pharmacology, clinical sciences and other practical clinical subjects. Once I had delivered my own piece of research I left academia behind and felt ready to apply my new found insights in a professional medical way. In the process I stumbled across the works of Alexander Gurwitsh and Alexander Popp with his photon theory, which posits that these are quanta of energy that drive the functions of biological systems which operate in the body resembling a liquid crystal environment. This is when I began to notice that my own field of perception was expanding it's boundaries to take on board many more phenomena within the natural world. At the same time I added a course in Japanese language, as I began to establish academic contacts at Keio University Research Department in Tokyo where the system of oriental herbal therapy is being researched. I had already studied Japanese Herbalism in the early 1990's. Meanwhile, I investigated the effects of magnetic and electric therapeutic systems with acupuncture which fostered an understanding of scientific principles of physics as applied in human health therapeutics.

Having visited Japan for 25 years I became very upset by the events in 2011, that led to the first generation of PWR's blow their roofs at Fukushima that ever since spew their deadly impact of Iodine, Caesium, Strontium and Plutonium into the environment to gradually envelop the entire northern hemisphere, all of us eventually included. I responded to an inner call to fast track information from English speaking sources into German that became available on the internet, often from sources that generated analyses that would not be found on mainstream media. Professor Busby, Arnie Gundersen, Leuren Moret, Dr. Helen Caldicott, just to name a few, all very concerned scientists who had worked as insiders of the nuclear industry or were related in some ways of research or treatment. These voices, I was aware, needed to be heard across the northern hemisphere of the globe and suddenly found their unpaid German voice in me.

As I busied myself with these questions the need for solutions to the deadly problem has acquired an ever more important position in this whole debate. So, enter free energy and PESWiki, one of the foremost internet directives to the next step in technical excellence for all things 'out-of-the-box' technology and its appearance in a location near you soon.

This is why some quantum tunneling technology equipment that is already used in medical equipment reappears by circular application in layered over unity solid state generator technology. The same phenomenon is probably at work in fuel saving devices hailing from Austria that are said to have proven effects in clearing up radiation contamination. The Fukushima catastrophe will probably prove to be a step changer whereby many hitherto 'suppressed' applications and patents of free energy emerge from its shady recesses into the light of day. Since it is part of the heritage of human consciousness it cannot remain suppressed forever. At the same time it cannot go without a gear shift in understanding our own position on this planet in a more clued up and grown up way. For me it is becoming ever more clear that as the Philosopher and visionary Rudolf Steiner mentioned that "it would spell disaster for man if he made use of electric tramways, not actually being cognizant of its working principles..." The results are abundantly on display today, so a step change is in order and the ever more growing audiences who talk about free energy inventions and how they work bring some encouragement to think that this is going to work our way. Sterling's PESWiki website, which I only discovered barely 12 months ago, is ample testimony to this process. As another fellow traveler in this pursuit of change based on an open process of inductive and deductive exploration in thought and experiment which ultimately benefits the many and not the few I feel that the time is ripe for a step change as "we are the ones we have been waiting for."


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