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Directory:Joshua Thomas Vojtisek and The New Energy Industry

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Pure Energy Systems News

September 18, 2014

Joshua Thomas Vojtisek, who graduated from Maharishi University of Management, has launched website to raise awareness about the next global energy revolution and featuring "Magrav technology," such as that of Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) and Directory:Keshe Foundation.

They present the "Founder's Coin" which has Nikola Tesla engraved on front and a Toroidal Energy Field engraved on the back, to help promote awareness of New Energy Technology and to fund the operation.

Quoting from the website:

: Never heard of it? You will soon. There are now hundreds of scientists all around the world who are working to deepen their understanding of the limitless Torque within all magnetic and gravitational fields (within all Magrav fields). These scientists are also developing way to apply this revolutionary technology.

: We’re talking about unlimited clean-energy generation. Energy to power our refrigerators, TVs, computers, cell phones etc.. Energy that can also propel our vehicles both on and off this planet. And most important of all, enough Energy to render combustion technology Obsolete, thus saving our planet from pollution and environmental degradation.

: We are Tappin’ the Torque of the Universe.

: The fact is, combustion technology is primitive and it’s been destroying our planet. It’s time to make a clean break with the past. We cannot build a future with old technologies and old ways of thinking. Rocket-ships may seem cool…but they are never going to take us beyond our solar system. Magrav Technology will take us to the Stars.

Official Websites

Magrav Technology

Founders Page

Biography: Joshua Thomas Vojtisek

"I am a veteran of the US Marine Corps, a graduate of Sustainable Living, an Entrepreneur, an Artist and the Director of The New Energy Industry.

Read more:


Einstein with a Twist - Video 01 - PreLaunch


(YouTube August 14, 2014)

Magrav Technology CD - Video 02 - The New Energy Industry


(YouTube August 14, 2014)

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