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Directory:John Hutchison's Work with Radiation Remediation

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

December 2, 2014

Since Fukushima, Directory:John Hutchison have been working on ways to reduce the radiation that Fukushima has been emitting across the globe. If there is anyone who might be able to solve this problem, they would be among the most likely candidates.

Three years ago, they moved to Gold Beach, Oregon, from the Gulf, where they had been working successfully to remediate the pollution from the Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano.

More recently, they have been deploying miniature "Johnny Tubes" which reduce radiation locally. Eight days ago, Nancy, and their associate, Andy, came to Fountain Green, Utah, to Darrell Jacobson's place -- the guy I did OS:Justin Church's H-Cat experiments with last year. They installed one of the Johnny Tubes there, and I personally witnessed some amazing and unexpected data readings in the four hours they were there.

I was so intrigued by this that when Nancy invited me to come up to their place some time, I took them up on it, and now I'm here at their 12,000 square foot facility in Nesika Beach, Oregon.

I've created this page to organize the material surrounding this endeavor.

As I post the plethora of videos I've shot recently, I'll be locating the radiation-remediation-relevant ones on this page.

This will include:

The Anti-Promethius "Big Ray Gun" -- so-called because it looks like a ray gun, but it has no destructive properties. Its purpose is to reduce radiation. This ~24-foot long apparatus that broadcasts remedial frequencies (range of several hundred miles?) is situated in a room next to their conference room that can seat 50 people.

The original interferometer "Nancy's Ray Guns" - was used in the Gulf of Mexico. John built it for Nancy for their engagement gift. It broadcasts sound, low-watt broadcast frequencies, and hydrogen band frequencies, out toward the ocean from their coastal facility.

The "Johnny Tubes" - named after John. These are the small units that attach to trees as their "broadcast antennas".

I'll also be posting videos showing you around the facility here. There's also a video.

The materials are less than $10, but it takes about a day to build one.

Official Websites

See more at Directory:John Hutchison


more coming

Ray Gun -- Counter-measures for Radiation


(YouTube December 2, 2014)

Equipment Room Running Three Remediation Broadcast Antennas


(YouTube December 2, 2014)



Radiation Measurement Sites


Australia (2)

Citizen's Perth

United States

Gulf of Mexico (6)

Louisiana, one in and out of water fish recovering


Texas (2)

Navy in Gulf

East Coast


Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard

Minnesota, St. Paul


Arizona, Tucson

Arizona, Phoenix

California Coast pretty well covered


Oregon, Interior (2)



Japan (3)



Looking for someone to set up in the Hanford to set up Johnny Tubes.

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(written by the rental owners next door) My Neighbors Have Ray Guns - I received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as Nancy Hutchison. Nancy’s husband, world renown (never heard of him) scientist John Hutchison, had designed a device to remove radioactivity from the Pacific Ocean and installed it next to our vacation rental property in Gold Beach, OR. (LivingInKellysWorld June 18, 2012)

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