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Directory: John Hutchison on Field Stress Detector

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: Note: I'm going to be interviewing John Hutchison on July 17 from 3-4 pm Pacific as part of the show.

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

July 13, 2014

I received a series of interesting emails from John Hutchison today, giving me some links to several videos he has posted on what looks to me like two separate topics, but he seems to think one discovery lead to the other.

Apparently, John is still heavily involved in the radiation mitigation work he's been tackling since Fukushima and this is somewhat of a side show. This is actually something he dredged up from some work he did several years ago. Reading between the lines, one of the guys he was involved with was able to take this commercial but didn't remember John and his involvement in developing this technology.

The first video is titled: "Plasma Free Energy"


(YouTube July 10, 2014)

I asked him what that video was about, and he responded: (slightly edited)

: Hi Sterling, This is a high voltage 15000 dc between two terminals with vaporized quartz. The video is slowed down to see more of the plasma. Rather cool.

: A few days ago I repeated a experiment we -- like myself and George -- did with a special diode, showing voltage that fluctuates in regards to the area one is in. It later was used in oil exasperation [exploration?] and gained the name of field stress detector. I'll send you the link. These diodes ... I used the principal to build those high power crystal power cells for my clients. I'll send you the link.

A There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] link says "The Stress Field Detector, or SFD, is a sensor originally described by Owl Industries of Vancouver BC in 1992 as capable of detecting subsurface discontinuities including faults, fractures and hydrocarbon deposits. It is currently being used for hydrocarbon exploration in aerial surveys and surface surveys by NXT Energy of Calgary and other users."

: NXT Energy Inc's. description of the device operation [2] explicitly claims that the device detects an aspect of gravity different from that detected by gravimeters and gravity gradiometry, followed by:

: "Regionally, tectonics acting on rock mass will cause a slight increase in matter density due to elevated horizontal stress. That in turn will cause a re-orientation of the gravity field in the direction of maximum horizontal stress".

: Since it is precisely the orientation, along with rate of change in all directions, of local gravity field that gravity gradiometry measures, it is not obvious what aspect of gravity company's description of the device operation refers to.

: All published descriptions of the device's operation indicate that it produces time varying electrical output that in case of movement across terrain can be used to locate subsurface anomalies. While very few examples of device's output have been published, earlier descriptions of the device's operation show increased output activity over faults, fractures and oil fields while current NXT Energy literature indicates the opposite.

Here are the video links he sent.


(YouTube July 8, 2014)

The video description says: (slightly edited)

: [The] wiki is a little not accurate, but basically, these diodes: zener type avalanche voltage crl 1n 4971 jan type, to just name one of these, as most diodes don't do what these do also, I based, in part, my high power crystal power cells on this technology, arriving at 70000 volts and a stable 26 volts steady for years at an 1/4 ampere, as seen [on] tv and scientific testing. The power cells you see out there are more electrolytic in nature and resemble the oxford bell 1840 -- still running unit. Anyway, I hope to open source the more advanced, high power crystal power cells. You can start by playing with these diodes. Again, my modification to large scale power cells is like this, but not quite the same.

: Ok history on this field stress. My partner, Alex Pexaro, had one of these feild stress detectors, but [it] was all vacuum tube receiver technology. My next partner, George Lisacaze, of x energy corporation... These days. Now, before we met in a electronics shop with Alik Sherevsesky, we formed a partnership [with] funds from Boeing. George improved Pezaros' feild stress detector through use of using simple diodes like these later home made power cells, as well but basically the same sensitive detection variations and a computer programs led later to success for George for his oil and for me, the high power crystal power cells that is not open sourced yet, but will, along with the antigravity tech that I am leaving behind -- and doing other things: antiradiation stuff and my artillery interests: old guns, from 1500 to 1942. I love bofors and oerlikons, and oh well any good cannon or civil war guns plus machine tools, yeah, and life exstenstion -- hey.

: For starting, get your diodes and detect stuff. Get advanced, and make a power unit. When you do call up the news medias and scientists, please don't play conspiracies stories, like John Searl and dozens of other scammers. OK, thanks.

: This video [is] in 3 parts.


(YouTube July 8, 2014)


(YouTube July 8, 2014)

He also gave me a link to this video, which shows a couple of photos, but has a pretty interesting, long description.

On his main channel I found this video, which I don't think has anything to do with the others in this series. He's set it as his channel video. In classic Hutchison style, it shows a bowl of special rocks/crystals apparently powering a motor.


(YouTube September 16, 2013)

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Image:WO2013177340- Fig4 rd.jpg

: From [an associate]

: Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 4:00 PM [MDT]

: Subject: Hutchison stress detector

: Hello Sterling

: Here's the patent info for the stress detector ( @ espacenet ) --

: John H mispelled all the names...

: WO2013177340


: Inventor:



: Applicant:



Abstract: A gravity transducer includes a particle system characterized by internal vibrations relating to its de Broglie wave, a resonant cavity for trapping the particle without holding it in a lattice structure a source of a phonon wave, wherein the de Broglie wave and the phonon wave interact over a junction area a power source for applying electrical power across the junction a sensing system for measuring resistance, voltage, or current across the junction and for producing a sensed signal and a recording system for recording the sensed signal. The transducer is used in a method of detecting potential hydrocarbon deposits, the method comprising: providing the transducer for sensing a change in a spatial orientation of gravity flying the gravity transducer across the hydrocarbon deposit sensing a change in spatial orientation of gravity to produce a signal indicative of geologic subsurface features, generally associated with hydrocarbon deposit and recording the signal.

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