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Directory:Joel Fallik:Radio Frequency Ablasion

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Patented technology by Joel Fallik has a wide range of non-invasive, disease-eliminating applications through the targeting of heat to precise points through the interference patterns of two microwave generators. It is being spurned in the market because it would take the huge profits out of disease.

Fallik needs ~$100,000 funding to take his device through the FDA approval process. Potential applications include the treatment of cancer, TB, and AIDS, at a cost of around 1/10 of present methods. It is also much quicker in its action, as well as more safe. His method likewise saves substantially on energy costs, compared to the incumbent technologies.

He says that many doctors, institutions, and politicians have ignored his technology because the existing technology is so lucrative and in so doing they violate the Hippocratic oath: "first do no harm."

Another word for the general practice of Radio Frequency Ablasion is "Hypathermia" (elevated heat).


Official Website

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Documents from Fallik

Patent info (13pp. pdf)

FDA doc (1p pdf)

Latest Developments

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Download (link pending) - On Aug. 6, 2007, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conduced a live 1-hour interview with Joel Fallik regarding his radio frequency ablasion technology.

How it Works

Microwave frequencies interact with the water molecule to heat it up.

Healthy cells are killed at 110 - 111 degrees Fahrenheit, while sick cells (e.g. infected or cancerous) die at 107 degrees. Tuberculosis is killed at 108 degrees. The idea is to raise the affected area's temperature to above 107 or 108, but not reach 110. A person thus treated might have heat exhaustion symptoms for 24 hours after the procedure, but that is the extent of the side effects.

The existing microwave methods are uni-directional, and only penetrate 3 inches, and cause heating of the skin, whereas Fallik's device penetrates as deep as 6 inches through a bi-directional process.

The higher frequencies allow for tighter targeting, but they do not penetrate as deeply. The lower frequencies allow for deeper penetration, but effect a wider area.

Fallik's unit, which resembles a small CT scanner, is robotically/computer controlled, and can be operated by a technician. It has a feedback mechanism to monitor the temperature of the affected region, and to move across a set area until it is all treated in one session, which is usually all that is required.


20060025700 (pending) - Method and apparatus for measuring lung temperature in real time

US 6,416,532 Brain cooling apparatus and method

US 5,922,013 Microwave body heating system

US 5,067,040 Expandable refrigerated enclosure for computer boards - IBM has been developing this technology for a decade, but has not honored Fallik's patent. Fallik plans to sue IBM for $250 million once they begin selling the product.


Company: (none yet)

Needs ~$100,000 to get FDA approval of device.

Microwave machines are inexpensive to produce.

Inventor: Joel Fallik

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Joel Fallik

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phone: 518-943-5890

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