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Directory:Joe Holden:Run of River Hydro / Compressed Air Generator

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Image:Joe Holden river turbine 300.jpg

Joe Holden, Inventor of the first afterburner for Jet Engines at Rolls Royce, applies his knowledge to Sustainable Energy. His Min Hydro Plant uses his proprietary "Compression Tube" technology that can make a meter squared hydro plant to power 100 homes.

This turbine enables substantial power to be generated from slight drops in a river, without the need for dams, anabling small rivers to power communities.

The 30 Megawatt version runs on 150 to 300 pounds of water pressure per thrust tube, and can fit into a cargo shipping container.


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Official Website

looking - complex where Joe is living and working on his thrust tube technology

Latest Developments



Joe Holden - Revolutionary Mini Hydro Power - Video prepared by (YouTube Aug. 8, 2007)

'Video Highlights'

Holden says that the turbine has four chambers to enable the system to run at 25, 50, 75 or 100% capacity. This adjustability enables the turbine to be scaled properly when being coupled with off-the-shelf generators.

The turbine has two stages which combine principles from the three different types of turbines. It incorporates compression tube technology.

The water is used twice instead of once as it passed through the turbine.

The turbine can be modified to run on compressed air or steam.

A series of turbines can be used as the river progresses.


Patented "Thrust Tube" technology in 1990.



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Inventor: Joe Holden
Image:Joe Holden with river turbine 250.jpg

Joe Holden was a WWII hero, pilot, inventor and test pilot of the Concorde jet. He invented the first afterburner for Jet Engines at Rolls Royce. He is Lloyd's of London's chief engineer.

Joe Holden blends aerospace, marine and automotive technologies. He has had three operating wind turbines. His 20 kW wind turbine has the action of a fly wheel and features the Holden Mechanical box that delivers power from 8 outlets.

The Holden boat was honored with highest award for marine engineering by the Royal seal of Norway in 1990. It does not make waves parks sideways, and rotates on its axis and is 33% more fuel efficient and doubles in speed velocity.

The 2006 Holden mechanical gear box has 8 different energy connections: wind, solar, hydrogen, natural gas, propane, ethanol, biofuel, and diesel, to deliver electricity to any building.

Holden salt water charging system.

Holden Coanda effect systems.



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Joe Holden is living at Worlds Nest with Charles Schultz working on his thrust tube technology.

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