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Clean Energy Technology Jobs


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Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Jobs > Career opportunities abound in exotic free energy - Though the world economy is tanking in general, cutting-edge free energy technologies have a rising destiny as illustrated by several emerging modalities. The industry is ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs who have what it takes to see the opportunities and run with them. (PESN Nov. 17, 2010)

Renewable Energy Job Services / Directories

Directory:Financial Resources > Directory:Jobs > - Directory for job seekers and posters, lets you narrow your search within the "sustainability" genre based on job function, location, and experience level.



Interview Questions and Training sessions

Clean Tech Recruits

Co-Op America

Energy Tribune Jobs

Five Million Green Jobs

GoodWork Canada

Green Energy for Earth

Image:GreenJobsDatabase-com logo.jpg - A database of jobs from companies and organizations dedicated to a cleaner economy. Listed by topic. Post a job, post a resume.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Job Board

InDeed - search on "Green".

Planet Friendly

Power Careers - A specialized career board for the Power Generation and Manufacturing industries looking to hire prior-military to fill operations, maintenance, and engineering positions.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Smart Grid - A resource portal for Smart Grid jobs, news, events, directory and networking opportunities.

Testa Solar Jobs - TestaSolarJobs connects you to America’s top talent in the solar industry.

TreeHugger Job Board

Wind Jobs

Specific Job Opportunities

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Latest: Directory:Jobs / Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Current events > Events:2011:June 25-26:Teslanet Global Energy Xpo in Vegas > Vegas Tesla Holographic Expo Extravaganza Coming this Summer - James Turner is pulling together an expo and new show genre to go on tour, featuring the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla -- old and new -- which will include a first-time-ever combination of high-definition 2-D screen with holographic projection in front of it, in sync with live performers. Opportunity for finding exhibitors and sponsors. (PESN and BeforeItsNews January 21, 2011)
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Latest: Directory:Jobs / Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Green Power Inc's NanoDiesel:Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization (Oiling) > Trash-to-Gas Co. a go after EPA vetoes Ecology - Beginning in a little more than a week, Green Power Inc. will be commencing the building of municipal-solid-waste-to-fuel plants for clients around the world, with $2 billion in contracts now that an EPA ruling has exonerated GPI from an unnecessary shut-down order by the Washington Ecology Department last year. (PESN November 20, 2010)
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Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Bio-Energetics / Directory:Jobs > CieAura line of products addresses personal energy, sleep, and pain - A new direct sales company, CieAura, presents a well-tested product based on ancient wisdom combined with holographic chip technology to embed special information that augment the body's natural meridians to increase energy, improve sleep, and mitigate pain. (PESN August 21, 2009) (Comment)
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Latest: Directory:Jobs > Directory:Energy Efficiency / Directory:Denby Energy Audit Expert Program > Denby Energy making energy auditing easy (interview) - After seeing how easy it is to do energy audits that can help businesses save a lot of money on energy, attorney, Michael Denby set up an online training program to instruct others how to embark on this as a $70k - $130k/year career. (PESN Jan. 1, 2009)

State of Green Jobs

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State of Green Business 2009 - Discusses the big trends that are shaping the future of the greening (environmental thinking) of mainstream business in a green economy in the "GreenBiz Index". Download 62-page PDF. (Greenbiz Feb. 5, 2009)


Guide to Training and Education Renewable Energy Jobs provides with a one-stop-shop guide to renewable energy training and education providers around the world, but is mainly focused on North America and Europe.

General Job Resources