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Inventors whose work pertains to free energy.

List of individuals who have invented devices that push the envelope toward clean, renewable, affordable, reliable energy solutions.


Entertaining Alternatives and Geniuses - Overview of new website, lists Henry T. Moray and Nikola Tesla among its icons that conventional history has overlooked. ( Aug. 8, 2005)

Image:Space pirates solar-powered climber 95x95.jpg
Directory:Inventors > Garage inventors - In garages, basements and even a Quonset hut, amazing science is happening without institutional or government funding. For example, the Directory:Tornado in a Can is a six' metal funnel supported by four legs, and as four jets around the rim of the funnel blow compressed air into it, a high-speed vortex is formed for pulverizing. (Public Radio International Apr. 22, 2010)

Specific Inventors on PESWiki

Alphabetically, by last name

Image:T Townsend Brown sq 95x95.jpg

Directory:Thomas Townsend Brown - Controversial American physicist, was a leader in developing theories concerning the link between electromagnetic and gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. Allegedly built proof of concept craft.

Directory:Wes Crosiar, aka John Stout

Directory:EV Gray - Capacitive Discharge Motor

PowerPedia:Floyd "Sparky" Sweet - Inventor of the Vacuum Triode Amplifier (VTA)

Directory:Scott F. Hall - In one week's time, using the simplest of materials, he builds an electrostatic motor, a flywheel, and two gravity motors that work.

Image:John Keely 95x95.jpg

PowerPedia:John Keely - Inventor from Philadelphia who invented the "Keely Motor", an induction resonance motion motor which used "etheric technology", and discoverer of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

Directory:Gabriel Kron - "Arguably the greatest electrical scientist ever produced by the United States."

Image:Dennis Lee and Machine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Dennis Lee - Exploring the enigma that is Dennis Lee -- perhaps the most controversial figure in the field of free energy, bar none. Some consider him an energy savior, others, a shyster. While his free energy technology might be dubious, the sincerity of Lee and his followers is a force to be reckoned with.

Image:Gene mallove crop 90.jpg

Directory:Eugene Mallove

Image:Stanley Meyer electrolysis 95x95.jpg

Directory:Stanley Meyer - Developed super-efficient electrolysis process said to produce 700% more energy than it consumes without raising the temperature of the water. Murdered.

Image:Jim-Murray DC-Dynaflux-Motor sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Inventors > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:James (Jim) F. Murray III - Jim Murray has three prominent, patented inventions that embody his life’s work and understanding. They are the Dynaflux Alternator SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) and Toroidal Rotating Transformer. He sees COPs in the range of 20-50x. Crowdfunder launched yesterday. (PESWiki November 12, 2015)

Directory:Viktor Schauberger - Austrian forester, father of Implosion-Technology, keywords: Vortex, Suction, Implosion, Nature.

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Directory:Nikola Tesla / PowerPedia:Nikola Tesla

Directory:Adam Trombly

Directory:Thomas Valone - rigorous academic, with specialty in zero point energy, anti-gravity, and bio-energetics.

Image:Envision Energy Systems logo image 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Organizations / Directory:Inventors > Directory:Envision Energy Systems LLC - Rockwell (Rocky) Whitham is a prolific inventor in Salt Lake City who has assembled a small team to help find financing for some of his inventions and bring some of them to market, including: No Moving Parts Wind Generator Solar Powered Hydrogen Production System Woody-biomass technology Slow-sand Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Project. (PESWiki April 6, 2010)


Alphabetical Listing


[Adams, Harold] - Engine (similar to that of Keely)

[Adams, Robert] (New Zeland) - Adams Motor

[Alexander, Robert] - Generator With Free energy

[Adsitt, Donald] - Magnetic Ramp

[Ames, Alan] - Alcon Technologies Devices

[Amman, C. Earl] - Cosmo Electric Generator

[Angus, Neil] - Angus Engine

[Anonyme, Français] - Receiver for extracting Electricity from Air

Aspden, Harold (England) - Power From Magnetism, Vacuum Spin, Switched Reluctance Motor

[Avrandt, Dick] - Bobines Tesla (reproduction)


[Bailey, Patrick] - Advanced Fuel Cell Designs

[Barret, Terrance] -Tesla Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit

[Baumann, Paul] (Switzerland) - Swiss ML Converter ou Testatika

[Baumgartner, William] - Living Machine turbine

Bedini, John - Bedini Energy Converter

[Bessler, Johann Ernest Elias dit ‘’Orffyreus’’] - Perpetual Wheel

[Billings, Rodger] - Battery with hydrogen laser

[Blasius-Grüter, Karl] - Self current Gravitation torque converter

[Blue, Archie] - Apparatus With Electrolysis

[Bode, George, Fred] - Electric Motor utilizing Electricity from permanent magnets

[Bohning, P.] (Germany) - Engine without rétrocouple

[Bolon, William] - Engine vapor high performances

Bauman, Paul -

Bowman, Lee - Engine of Peregrinus (reproduction)

[Britt, Robert Gordon] - Noble Gas Motors (AEROPS Engine)

[Britten, Chauncey, J.] - Radio Apparatus Extracting Energy from the Air

Brown, Paul - Brown Resonance Device (Brevet US), Magnetic Distributor Generator

Directory:Thomas Townsend Brown - Parallel universe, antigravity, T.T. Brown Devices

[Brown, Yull] - Brown’s Gas

[Brunner, Ashton F. Mochel] - Ocean Wave Generator

[Buerger, Douglas] - SpinBreeder Generator

[Butikofer, Hermann] (Switzerland) -Calorific generator


[Camus, Nelson] - Turbo battery NELTRON

[Caro, Charles R.] - E-Beam Discharge Power Converter

[Carr, Otis] - Carr Anti Gravity Device

[Chambrin, Jean] (France) - Water Engine

[CINCINNATI GROUP] (Neal et Gleeson) - LENT-1

[Clem, Richard] - Clem Over Unity Engine

[Cobb, Melvin] - Energy Conserver Circuit

[Coler, Hans] (Germany) - Magnetstromapparat, Stromerzeuger

Coppedge, Nathan -

Theoretical over-unity using exceptional proportionality, counter-weighted levers, differentials, etc.

[Cornish, François P.] - Generator -.hydrogen and aluminum

[Correa, Paulo et Alexandra] - Autogenous Pulsed Glow Discharge

[Cottel, Eric] - Sonic transformer for fuel with water

Cowlishaw, David E. -

Directory:Wes Crosiar, aka John Stout

[Crump, Lloyd R.] - Energy Extractor


[Davis, Barry] - Davis Tidal Turbine

[De Rivas, Villasnor] - Electromagnetic Generator

[Deavenport, Larry] - T.T. Brown Devices Replication

dePalma Bruce - N-Machine

[Diggs, Richard] - Engine With Liquid Electricity

[Directo, R.F.] - Field generator (CAOROP projects)

[Dorman, Robert] - L.I.A.G. Low Inertia Armature Generator

[Dragone, Leon R.] - Permanent Magnet Energy Conversion


[Earle] -Windmill Home generator (Earle)

[Ecklin, John V.] - Ecklin Motor

[Egel, Geoff] (Australia) - Testatika (reproduction)

[Estevel, Edward] - Engine with hydrogen extracts

Fauble, James D. - Ion Source Beam Projector


[Farnsworth/Trombly] - Farnsworth/Trombly Energy Generator

[Finsrud, Reidar] (Norway) - Finsrud Motion machine

[Fischer] -Moteur à Chaleur

[Fogal, Bill] - Fogal

[Fox, Hal] - Cold Fusion Results

Francoeur, Alan - ALF Vaporizer Dynamo, Frenette , Mechanical Heater (Patent #4143639)

Directory:Andrew A. Frank - Father of the modern Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)


[Gamgee, John] - Zeromotor with sea water making ammonia boil

[Gary, Wesley W.] - Gary’s Magnetic Motor (1879)

[Geiger, Josef Otto, Hartmann et Ziegfeld] - Rotary magnet Engine-generator

Image:Geoffery-S-Miller at Energybat-Labs OCT-2008 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Organizations / Directory:Inventors > Directory:Geoffrey S. Miller's Energybat Labs - His projects include: cold electricity crystal batteries centrifugal energy amplification Tesla experiments, including a Tesla turbine magnetic rail Bedini energizer Enerybat alternator Newman magnet motor Searl motor Hull's fusion Joule ringer Energybat household 10kW generator and the Energybat rotating solenoid motor. (PESWiki August 12, 2013)

[Graham, Roy] -

[Graham] -

[Graneau, Peter] - Ampere-Neuman Electrodynamics

Directory:EV Gray - Capacitive Discharge Motor

[Griggs, James L.] - Hydrosonic Pump

[Grotz, Toby] - Russell Optical Dynamo Generator

[Gunnerman, Rudolph] - A-55 carburant mixte à 55 % d’eau


Hammel, David - Generator antigravitational with Free energy

James Hartman -

[Hartmann, Stefan] (voir) - PM Square Linear Magnet Motor

Josef -

[Hattaway, George] (Canada) - Unipolar Dynamo

[Hendershot, Lester] - Hendershot Coil Device

[Henthron, Wayne] - Automobile ‘’électromatique’’

[Herrmann, Robert] - Moteur Stirling et chaudière

[Hickox, Barbara] - Dynamo électrique

[Hooper, William] - Motional Electric Field Effect

[Hubbard, Alfred] - Hubbard Coil Motor

[Hubbard, Alfred] - Hubbard Coil Research

[Hull, Richard] - Bobines Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond TCBOR

Hutchison, John - Crystal Energy Converter

[Hyde, William] - Hyde Device


[Ide, Osamu] - Capacitive Discharge Motor

[Inomata, Shiuji] (Japan) - N-Machine


[Jamison, Lawrence] - Jamison Energizer System

[Jefimenko, Oleg] - Jefimenko Electrostatic Free Energy Generators

[Jensen, Paul Raymond] - Series Resonant LC Circuit, Unidirectional Transformer

Johnson, Howard - Permanent Magnet Motor


[Kawai, Teruo] - Kawai Motor

PowerPedia:John Keely - Keely Motor (Hydro - Vacuo Engine)

Kanarev, Ph. M. (professor) - Redefining physics, with energy ramifications

[Kenyon, Keith E.] - Economic engine electric car

[Kidd, Sandy] - Kidd Device

[Kieninger] - N-Machine

[Klemke, Erich E.] (Germany) - Autonomous electric generator

Konzen, Doug -

Directory:Gabriel Kron - arguably the greatest electrical scientist ever produced by the United States

[Kromrey, Raymond] - Kromrey Converter

[Kunel] - (Germany) Electromagnetic generator


[Lambertson, Wingate] - WIN Device

[Leach, Sam Leslie] - Generator separating hydrogen/oxygen

LeBreton, Robert P. -

Dennis Lee -

[Leibowitz, Martin N.] - MNL-DHE Generator


[MacNeill, Ken] - Proposed Hubbard Coil Motor

[MacNeill, Ken] - Reluctance Generator

Mallove, Eugene - Cold Fusion

Marinov, Stefan (Autriche) - Siberian Coliu, Venetin Coliu

[Mark, Stephen] - Stevens Generator

[Markovitch, Peter] - Apparatus to rectify Ether Energy

[Marks, Alvin] - Electric generator

[May, Ed] - Converter on Buick Wildcat

Mazzilli, Paolo

[McClain, Joel] - Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA)

[McKie, Richard (Scott) et John] - McKie Power On Demand Module (PODMOD)

[McClintock, David] - Air Engine

[McKubre, Michael] - SRI Experimental Research Results

[Melnitchenko, Andrew A.] - Effect projector of resonance

[Merritt, Thomas D] - Electrical Generator

[Meyer, Stanley] - Water Fuel Cell

[Minato, Kohei] - Minato Magnetic Motor

Moray, T. Henry - Moray Radiant Energy Equipment

Muller, William (Bill) J. F. - Muller Magnetic Motor

[Mundt, Jurgen] - Electric generator Transducer of Waste

Directory:James (Jim) F. Murray III - Torque amplifier Gravitational apparatus

[Myers, Roy J.] - Apparatus collecting ambient electricity


[Naudin, Jean-Louis] (France) - Newman’s Machine (reproduction.)

[Nègre, Guy] (France) - Air engine

Newman, Joseph - Newman Energy Machine

[Nichelson, Oliver] - Dynamo Unipolar according to Tesla


[O. Gerald- (MAGNETICENERGY) Ro-Mag Magnetic Generator


[Pacheco, Francisco] - Générateur à hydrogène

[Pantone, Paul] - Generating group Engine with plasma (GEET)

Papp, Joseph - Noble Gas Motors (Papp engine)

[Papadopoulos, Konstantinos] - Permanent magnet generator

[Pappas, Panos] - Energy From Electrical Discharges

[Patterson, James] - Patterson Power Cell

Paramahansa Tevari -

[Perkins] - Patent# 44245797 Mechanical Heater

[Perreault, Bruce A.] - Radiant Energy Capture Device

[Perrigo, Joeseph ou Harry] - Magnito generator

[Podkletnov, Eugene] (Finland) - Podkletnov Device

[Pond, Dale et Keely, John E. W.] - Musical Dynasphere Globe Motor

[Pons et Fleischman (France) - Pons and Fleischmann Status

[Potter, David] - Adams type Motor

Potter, Paul E. -

[Prenninger, Johann] - Testatika (reproduction)

[Puthoff, Hal] - Charge Cluster Technology (CCT)



Randell, Dr. L. -

[Rauch, H.] - Static Quantum Generator

[Reed, Troy] - Reed Magnetic Motor

[Reich, Wilhelm] - Orgone Energy Phenomena, Reich Orgone Motor

[Richardson, William H.] - Aqua Fuel

[Rodin, Marcos] - Rodin Coil Research

[RQM' (Suisse) - RQM Devices


[Schaeffer, Bernhard] - Converter of heat into mechanical energy

Schauberger, Victor - Schauberger Vortex Effects

Searl, John (England) -Searl Generator, Searl Levitation Device

[Seike, Schinichi] (Japan) - Landau Oscillator Seike

[Serogodsky, Albert Victorovitch] -Thermal instrument

[Sinclaire, Pierre] (Canada) - Gravity Magnetic Device, Sinclaire Generator

[Smith, Wilbert B.] - Geomagnetic Generator Magnetic Sink

[Smith] - Nuclear Decay Effects Experiments (Smith)

[Sorgato, Vittorio] - Moteur à Air

[Spence, Geoffrey M.] - Energy Conversion System

[Stephens, William] - Stephens Motor

[Stevens] - Apparatus with electricity of field E.M of the ground

[Stoneburg, William G.] - Stoneburg Motor Generator

Storms, Edmund - Los Alamos Experimental Research Results

[Sullivan, Steven] - Omnificient Dynamo

[Sweet, Floyd] - Sweet Vacuum triode Amplifier (VTA)


[Takahashi, Yasunori] - (Japan) Takahashi Magnet Motor

[Tate, John] - Tate Ambient Power Module

[Taylor, Robert] - MRA Device S/N 95-3

[Teal, Bob] - Magnepulsion Motor

[T.E.B.A.Tesla Engine Builders Association] - Turbines Tesla (reproduction)

[TEKKO KURE] (Japan) - Moteur ‘’Wankel’’ Magnétique

[Tesla, Nikola] - Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit

[Tewari, Paramahansa] - (India) N-Machine

[Thermacore Co.] - Thermacore Cold fusion

[Trombly, Adam et Kahn, Joseph] - N-Machine (Trombly-Kahn)

[Troyan, Joseph P.] - Amplifying Troyan engine of movement

[Turner, Brent] - Bobines Tesla Techno. Research (reproduction)



Valone, Thomas-

[Vilenkine, Alexander] -Batterie ‘’Timetron’’ Vilenkine

Violette, Paul A. -


[Wankel] -Wankel Engine

[Wanlass, Chris] - Wanlass Motor-Generator

[Ward, Sonne] - N-Motor

[Watson, Don] - Watson VTA Device

[Watson, Jim] -Typical appliances Bedini charging of the batteries

[Watson, Greg] - (Australia) Rotary Magnetic Overunity Device (RMOD), PMOD, RMOD, SMOT

[Werjefelt, Bertil] - Système Rotatif Magnétique (type Muller)

[Wiseman, George] - Free Energy Accumulator, Low Temperature Electric Generator (LTPC), Wiseman Energy Conserver Circuit

[Wysock, Bill] - Bobines Tesla (reproduction)



[Yglesias, José] - Receiver for extracting Electricity from Air

[Yunick, Oliver] - Vapor Engine


[Zaev, Nikolay] - NonLinearCapacitor electricity from ambient temp.

Znidarsic, Frank - Zero Point Technologies

[Zubris, Joseph R.] - Electric Circuit Reduced Energy Starting 75 %

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List of Dead Scientists - Chronological listing of murdered scientists. Includes cold fusion champion, Dr. Eugene Mallove. (Steve Quayle)


Food for Thought

Narcissism: Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements). Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion. Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions). Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, priorities, and choices of others Behaves arrogantly and haughtily. Feels superior, omnipotent, omniscient, invincible, immune, "above the law", and omnipresent (magical thinking). Rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people he or she considers inferior to him or her and unworthy.

-- by David Rodale

Image:ESG2 95x95 byKevn.gif
Latest: Template: 1630 > Tools > The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide - Coming up with a brilliant clean energy technology is only part of the process. There is a lot involved in taking it the distance to the market where it can benefit humanity. This book is a great resource for guiding you through these steps so that you don't become the biggest impediment to the progress of your technology.


Image:Foster Gamble poem Oct2012 sq 95x95.jpg
Current events > Event:2012:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference > Event:2012:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference > Directory:Thrive Movement > Foster Gamble's Salute to Inventors - Thrive movement and documentary maker, Foster Gamble recites a poem he composed / received, honoring the inventors who persevere despite opposition, closed-mindedness, obstacles, set-backs to bring about a better world for a population on the brink of destruction, with a choice to collapse or survive and even thrive. See other Event:2012:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference for the conference/movement. (YouTube / GlobalBEM October 12, 2012)

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