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Insulative Paint

Industrial Nanotech, Inc has a patented product line of specialty coatings called Nansulate® that contain a nanotechnology-based material. These coatings are well-documented to provide the combined performance qualities of thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, lead abatement, and resistance to mold growth in an environmentally safe, water-based, coating formulation. The coating also provides a fire barrier.

The Nansulate® Product Line includes both industrial and residential coatings.

On a microscopic level, the paint resembles lava rock, with tiny pores. Hence the 30-day cure time -- it takes that long for the water to evaporate. On the other hand, this also contributes to its mold-resistance, since it becomes essentially impervious to water absorption. The Nansulate coats go on before or after the regular paint when color or other attributes are desired. It is not intended to be mixed with other paints.

Additionally, the company is 'developing a new product that will add the ability to harness electricity from the thermal gradiant'.

Residential customers have been the most receptive, finding an ROI of less than a year when used for an insulative barrier on walls, providing an average of 20% energy savings.


Official Website - Corporate website

About Us - Insulative coating product line website.

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Nansulate Paint May Soon Generate Electricity from Thermal Differences - With the application of a paint coating, the thermal difference between inside and outside temperatures could be used to generate electricity, in addition to saving energy through its insulating properties. (PESN Oct. 1, 2007)

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Have a specific question you would like to ask about Nansulate® Products?

Then come join us at the Nansulate® Consumer Forum. This forum is open for the Nansulate® consumers to ask questions, post comments, and get information about Nansulate® products, and leave feedback about the products. For More Information About Nansulate® Products visit :



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