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Directory:Impulse Engine Technology Pty Ltd.

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Image:Negative pressure supercharging module 250.jpg

Inventor of Negative Pressure Supercharging

"Supercharges engine from the inside using a highly advanced new supercharging process and NO air pump."

"Transforms engine into a fuel efficient torque monster."

"Instead of using mechanically complex parts, high rpm, computers or air pumps to improve the volumetric efficiency of the 4-stroke engine, Impulse Engine Technology focused on supercharging the engine using a highly advanced thermo fluid dynamic process, low rpm and mechanically simple parts."

Claim : Improves mileage by up to 30%.

Official Website

How it Works

Negative Pressure Supercharging - July 2006 Press Release


New Products

Impulse Crate Engines





Quoting from

Doubles torque from idle to midrange

Violent acceleration of a race car

Dead smooth idle of a family car

Massive towing power of a truck

Improves fuel economy and emissions

1/3 price of conventional supercharging

allows the engine to run on low octane fuel with NO pre-ignition and does not require high octane fuel like today's computerised performance or supercharged engines

Compact hi-velocity Tri-Y megaphone headers that reduce the cylinder pressure to a much lower level than the piston does during the intake stroke due to the very low pressure created behind the high gas velocity in the header.

Synchronised valve timing that uses early closing intake and exhaust valves, less overlap duration, less exhaust duration and low exhaust valve lift to,

a)trap the lower pressure in the cylinder during the overlap period produced by the compact hi-velocity Tri-Y megaphone header, and

b)trap the larger volume of air pulled into the engine at the speed of sound by the substantially lower pressure in the cylinder.

How it Works

Quoting from

Negative Pressure Supercharging is a highly advanced Thermo Fluid Dynamic Process that makes the engine supercharge itself from the inside and it uses NO air pump.

Negative Pressure Supercharging is accomplished by combining the following parts and techniques:

Exhaust Headers : NEW compact hi-velocity Tri-Y megaphone header.

Camshaft : NEW high lift intake, low lift exhaust profiles applied to conventional flat-tappet camshaft.

Valve Timing : NEW synchronised valve timing technique with early closing intake and exhaust valves.

Hot Air Induction : NEW thermostatically controlled hot induction air cleaner housing.

Cold Cooling System : NEW low flow technique used with conventional cooling system parts.

Cylinder Heads : NEW specs and features applied to conventional cylinder head.

Ignition Timing : NEW ignition advance curve produced with conventional springs.

Ultra Fast Burn : NEW ultra fast combustion technique applied to conventional cylinder head.

Cold Spark Plugs : Conventional spark plugs with cold heat range.


Alexander Chabry

Managing Director

Email: []

Impulse Engine Technology P/L

PO Box 986 Randwick NSW 2031 Australia

Ph: (02) 9662 1577 / Fax: (02) 9662 1477

International: Ph: +(612) 9662 1577 / Fax: +(612) 9662 1477

email: []


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