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Image:IAUSSolarPd300x300 byKevn.jpg

International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAUS)

In their solar array, fresnel lenses focus sun's rays to heat water to run a patented high-efficiency turbine. A utility-scale application is in process of being built in Nevada which will compete with grid electricity.

: "IAUS has made a landmark discovery, possibly developing the first solar power technology likely to replace fossil fuels. IAUS believes it has broken the glass ceiling of solar power by reaching new and uncharted low-cost and high-profile mass production capabilities that could allow it to become a recognizable force within this multi-trillion dollar industry."

IAUS has brought forward several technologies, including a solar technology. In addition to their fresnel lens and turbine solar technology, they are presently developing a waste-to-energy technology line.


Official Websites

Distributor Site - One of several marketers for IAS. Steven Brooks is seeking investors to build a power plant using this solar technology on a utility scale.


Image:FreeEnergyNowRadioIcon95x95 byKevn.gif

Sometime soon in 2009, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan will be conducting a 1-hour, live interview with Randy Johnson as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.




(YouTube / PES Network December 22, 2013)

Tracking - Video of IAUS’S proprietary dual axis-tracking system in action. In the beginning of the video the panels are positioned away from the sun to show how IAUS’S proprietary tracking system automatically finds the sun and centers the focal point onto the receiver. IAUS’S proprietary controls also detect wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover and precipitation. (Oct. 16, 2008)


(2:24 minutes)

Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal - (YouTube March 22, 2008)

How it Works

Image:IAS plant-layout-schematic bf6.gif
IAS's Breakthrough Solar Power

IAS’s unique thin-film lens solar technology focuses the sun’s energy, producing super-heated steam for power generation. IAS’s panels are inexpensive, efficient, and require virtually no maintenance.

Other solar technologies, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are very expensive and require an expensive inverter to convert DC power to AC. They also require expensive batteries for power storage. Unlike PV systems, IAS’s product does not need an expensive inverter or battery storage. It operates on heat and produces heat as a byproduct. This energy can be stored using a chemical regeneration process held in a continuous cycle. This chemical, in turn, is then used to create steam when there is no sun. This unique added process costs significantly less than batteries so much so, that it offers a reasonable answer to 24/7 solar power.

IAS claims to have reached a price threshold for solar electricity that was only possible by 2020. There are few details on their solar technology, such as efficiency. But they are set to start maufacturing their solar collectors in September 2005.

IAS' unique thin-film solar panels can be produced at a fraction of the cost of today's photovoltaic solar panels. Once in production, IAUS will be able to turn out nearly 200 megawatts of solar panels yearly, nearly 10 times greater capacity than a $100 million photovoltaic fabrication plant.

A solar area of only 100 square miles -- a size of land that equals only nine percent of the state of Nevada -- can generate enough electricity for the entire United States.

More at: New Low-Cost Solar Energy May Replace Gas


IAS' new turbine design could dramatically lower the cost of energy production. It is a patent pending propulsion turbine, which some believe may revolutionize electrical power generation and low-cost hydrogen fuel production.

Tests conducted over the past 12 months have shown that the technology offers a significant improvement over traditional systems. Test results are from actual on-site tests by the company at various geothermal power plant facilities. When operating at hot water temperatures of 300-500F and 100-700 psig, using either single phase or bi-phase flow, conservative numbers show that IAS's turbine can produce a minimum of 20% more power than today's expensive multi-stage turbine under the same conditions.

Because of its unique design, IAS's turbine can be manufactured at one-tenth of the cost of traditional turbines. Unlike traditional turbines, IAS's design also includes a unique ceramic shield, which thermally insulates and protects the turbine from corrosion and sediment build up. Tests have indicated that IAS's turbine will offer unprecedented low-cost, low-maintenance energy production.

Rather than relying on turbine blades to spin the turbine cylinder, IAS's Propulsion Turbine is designed to turn the cylinder without blades. To do that, IAS's patent-pending bladeless turbine utilizes a rocket nozzle to direct steam - a very different approach than traditional turbines.

Rockets, widely recognized as the most efficient engines, are typically propelled by steam. Based on preliminary tests, the IAS-designed rocket nozzle is 99 percent efficient, and its net thermal efficiency is above 75 percent when traveling at 50 percent of the velocity of the steam exiting the nozzle. This efficiency continues to increase as the velocity of the rocket nozzle exceeds 50 percent of the velocity of the exiting steam.

Traditional turbine performance relies upon the environment within its blade chambers. If steam condenses on the blades, a sharp drop in efficiency and damage to the turbine can be the result. Traditional multi-stage turbines require dry, high-quality steam. This is more expensive to produce and maintain. IAS's new turbine is structurally unaffected by low quality steam.

Unlike today's turbines, IAS's turbine immediately utilizes the energy from the steam, allowing the turbine to ionize the steam after it exits the nozzle to generate additional electricity. Based on tests, IAS estimates approximately 30-40 percent of the unused energy in steam can be recovered through the process of ionization.


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Feb. 24, 2009

After years of postponed starts, tweaking their super-efficient and cost-effective system, IAS has completed its third party testing and is now ready to go commercial, announcing a partnership with REDCO.

Oct. 16, 2008

A new There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] is posted showing IAUS's priprietary tracking system in action.

IAUS is wrapping up the final stages of testing for large-scale commercialization of its new breakthrough solar power technology.

August 23, 2007
Image:SolarTowerFrontCenterClose-2 300.jpg

SALEM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following a successful high-volume run of its new breakthrough solar panels, International Automated Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:IAUS) has been conducting tests to identify the parameters of its new product. The new panels have delivered an exciting performance that is in line with preliminary expectations.

IAUS’s unique thin-film solar panels have a solar insolence transmittance efficiency of nearly 92%- virtually the highest transmittance physically possible of any material. These breakthrough solar panels have shown a conversion of solar energy from the sun into temperatures of over 1,300 degrees F.

February 13, 2007

First 24-hour run of 1,000 kW worth of lenses sets production record for speed and cost. (PESN)

Jan. 31, 2007

A few modules have been built and installed. Construction has not yet begun on the Vegas project, but the power puchase agreement has been completed. Substation capacity analysis is under way. The estimated generation cost is 5-10 cents/kW-h. (Source: Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan phone interview with Randy Johnson, marketing rep for IAS)

July 3, 2006

IAS expects to have their first completed solar installation in Utah (USA) in the second week of July 2006. Starting with 2 units of 10 kW. Will start this year installing a 100 MW installation in Boulder, Nevada.

Best Generation Cost

According to Steve Brooksa marketer for IAS, the 100 Megawatt plant IAS scheduled to be built in Boulder City, Nevada, USA, is estimated to be priced at $1.50 a watt, which is a better price point than any other solar system we know of at present. -- [[Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan|Sterling D. Allan], NEC (July 3, 2006)


International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAS)

IAS, founded in 1987, specializes in high tech development. It introduced the self-check-out systems into the stores. Now it is bringing affordable solar to the world.

Stock Market Links

IAUS.OB (Yahoo Finance)

In the News

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:23 - A belated report of my visit on April 11, 2009, showing the fragile system, obviously not ready for roll-out. (Free Energy Blog December 23, 2013)

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:22 - ... company has been touting its "revolutionary" solar technology for years, but its projects in four states have yet to generate any significant power. I've traveled to visit their facility to see it. I wasn't impressed. The fresnel lenses were broken and strewn all over. (Free Energy Blog December 22, 2013)

Image:IAUS array machine 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Directory:IAS > IAUS Exploring Multi Million Dollar Partnership in Deployment of its New Breakthrough Solar Technology - International Automated Systems, Inc. is looking to expand deployment of its solar technology that they say can be produced at a cost significantly lower than traditional solar power, and at a price point that can replace oil. IAUS currently has the capability of manufacturing approximately 350MW of its solar panels per year with the ability to quickly expand. (Business Wire June 15, 2010)
Image:Ryan Davis IAUS 95x95.jpg

Ryan Davies Finds Hot Technology Produces Solar Power for Half the Price - A shining example of using the sun's energy to heat, cool and light the homes and businesses of a desert community in California is poised to power up next year. It's due in part to the emergence of a technology that uses refraction rather than reflection to produce solar power on a utility-size scale at half the price of photovoltaic technology. (IB Times Nov. 5, 2009)

REDCO Signs Power Purchase Agreement With Needles, California - On June 9, 2009, the Needles City Council and the Needles Public Utility Authority (NPUA) unanimously approved and executed a twenty year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Renewable Energy Development Corporation (REDCO). Pursuant to the PPA, REDCO will develop and operate a 5-megawatt solar thermal power plant ... (AlphaTrade Jul 17, 2009)

REDCO Chooses IAUS Solar - Renewable Energy Development Corporation (REDCO), announced today that it has chosen to use the IAUS solar thermal technology on all of the solar developments in its pipeline. REDCO and International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAUS) have formed a strategic relationship where REDCO will use the IAUS technology on all of its planned solar developments and IAUS will provide REDCO the right to purchase 1,000 megawatts of its solar equipment, including the turbine, over the next 5 years at favorable terms. (Trading Markets (press release) June 1, 2009)

Image:IAS tower 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest: Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Directory:IAS > IAS announces commercial readiness with Fresnel Solar Lens and Bladeless Steam Turbine system - After years of postponed starts, tweaking their super-efficient and cost-effective system, IAS has completed its third party testing and is now ready to go commercial, announcing a partnership with REDCO. (PESN Feb. 24, 2009)
Image:IAUS Solar Tower95x95.jpg

Utah solar project to help power Southern California - KSL TV Video.The Utah group holds patent rights on magnifying material that's impregnated inside the cheap rogue plastic. That will pay off in this desert, which is considered one of the best solar locations in the country. (KSL March 19, 2008)

'''Businesswire >

'''Google News >

Image:IAUS solar pod artist 95x95.jpg

IAUS Announces Manufacturing Breakthrough for Affordable Solar - First 24-hour run of 1,000 kW worth of lenses sets production record for speed and cost, bringing commercial solar into a price range that competes with grid wholesale pricing. (PESN Feb. 14, 2007)

Image:IAS tax credit 95x95.jpg

IAUS offering turbo charged solar tax credit benefit program - International Automated Systems seeks to entice businesses that have a high tax load to help finance their first solar power plant. $9,000 down is returned at tax time, in addition to acquiring a lease of solar property as well as income from electricity generation sublease. (PESN exclusive Jan. 18, 2006)

Site Secured for 1 MW Solar Power Plant - International Automated Systems to install first phase of solar power plant near Barstow, California. Claims their solar-heat-turbine system will be competitive with fossil-based power. Biomass applications of turbine also progressing. (PESN Oct. 5, 2005)

Image:IAUS SolarPanels 95x95.jpg

IAUS to Push Solar to Within Competitive Range of Grid Power - Thermal solar panels coming into production in September will produce electricity at 3-5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Highly-efficient bladeless turbine has wide range of waste-heat-harnessing applications. Methanol production technique will draw CO2 out of the environment. (PESN Aug. 2, 2005)


International Automated Systems, Inc.

phone: +1 (801) 423-8132

email: []

Steven Brooks


email: []


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