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Hythane is the registered trade mark of a 20% hydrogen mix by volume with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It is alleged by its promoters to be able to bridge the gap between the fossil-fueled present and the hydrogen future. Hythane can be used in any CNG vehicle, but modifications are required to get emissions benefits.


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Hythane Company aims to bridge the gap between fossil fuels and the Hydrogen Economy with its blended hydrogen fuel stimulant, patented as Hythane since 1988. Hythane is an alternative energy system that tunes engines, equipment and fuel storage to specific emissions standards. The company has operated as the technical division and wholly owned subsidiary of the Ireland-based Brehon Energy. Driven by trends in global infrastructure and environmental development, the Hythane Company is now productizing its systems for worldwide market rollout.

NEC Review

Congress:Member:Tai Robinson, member of the New Energy Congress and President of Intergalactic Hydrogen, offered the following assessment of Hythane on April 9, 2006.

Frank Lynch is the man behind Hythane and the HCI in Colorado. Hythane is the registered trade mark of a 20% hydrogen mix by volume with CNG. Hythane can be used in any CNG vehicle, but modifications are required

to get emissions benefits. Without tuning the engine, burning Hythane in a CNG vehicle can increase NoX levels. Frank has worked on many projects including heavy duty vehicles burning Hythane for fuel

Kirk Collier of Collier Technologies is responsible for emissions testing blends of hydrogen and methane in engines and has built a line of engines for heavy duty applications that use a blend of fuel he calls HCNG. There was an HCNG bus and truck in Las Vegas.

Intergalactic Hydrogen's multi-fuel vehicles can burn H2, CNG or any blend of H2 and CNG. We call our blend of H2 and CNG Intergalactic Gas since Hythane can not be used without royalties payed. Intergalactic Gas is any blend form 1% to 99% hydrogen blended with methane. HCNG is sold as a fuel at APS in Phoenix AZ. They sell different blends of HCNG including a 20%, 25% and 30% mixture of hydrogen in CNG.

Adding a little CNG to your hydrogen can plug up leaks in your fuel storage system and provide more power and increased range over burning pure hydrogen. On the other hand, blending a little hydrogen with your natural gas can increase performance, however reduce your range as the volume hydrogen takes up is greater than the volume CNG takes up in a compressed storage vessel.

Natural gas is paving the highway to hydrogen. Burning Hythane, HCNG or Intergalactic Gas in existing CNG powered vehicles is getting us one step closer to a hydrogen powered future. Multi-fuel vehicles that can utilize H2, CNG, Intergalactic Gas, Ethanol or gasoline not only work in today's existing infrastructure, they create the demand for more clean fuel stations in the future. There are many fuel choices

available and we need to use them all. Focusing on cleaner, safer, local fuels can create energy Independence, support our local economy and increase our Nation's security while saving people money on transportation fuels.

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Congress:Member:Tai Robinson ::: Clean Fuel Specialist


Corporate Headquarters

Hythane Company, LLC

12420 N. Dumont Way

Littleton, CO 80125

TEL: (303)468-1705

FAX: (303)791-7975

E-Mail: []

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