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Directory:Hypermiling -- Driving Tips for Better Mileage

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: "Hypermilers are drivers who exceed the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated fuel efficiency on their vehicles by modifying their driving habits." Wikipedia


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Article:Slowing Down Doesn't Always Save Money - Vehicles are designed to achieve optimal efficiency at certain engine rpms and speeds. Going slower can actually use more fuel over the same distance, especially at much lower speeds. The Nissan Quest minivan does 35 mpg at 75 mph, wherease it only gets 30 mpg at 55 mph. (PESWiki July 19, 2008)

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The Emotional Route to Fuel Efficiency - Driving angry leads to aggressive driving, which results in significantly dropped efficiency from over acceleration and breaking. Easy does it calm down and save money. (Harmony Center Blog July 28, 2008)

In the News

Take it slow and save big on gas - You can get 35 percent better fuel mileage out of your current vehicle by using a device most drivers already have. That would be your right foot. (CNNMoney May 9, 2006)

'Hypermilers': Squeezing Out Every Mile Per Gallon - With gas prices relentlessly soaring, Americans are being forced to rethink their driving habits. Many are combining trips, driving less or shifting to mass transit. (NPR July 9, 2008)

The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling: 100 Driving and Car Tips and Resources - Hypermiling, or driving your car “in a manner that maximizes mileage,? has become more popular among drivers worldwide, as concerns over increasing gas prices and environmental issues heighten. Whether you’re trying to make a difference by helping the environment, or you’re just aiming to save a few more dollars at the pump each month, check out this ultimate guide to hypermiling, which provides tips and resources for smart driving. (EcoTrekker March 4, 2008)

Hybridfest - Hypermiling: Quest for Ultimate Fuel Economy - You probably assumed that the painfully slow car in front of you, inching toward the glowing red stoplight a half-mile away, was another distracted driver talking on his cell phone. Impatiently waiting while he coasted along, you had no idea that you were stuck behind a "hypermiler." ( May 22, 2007)


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Googling on Hypermiling Videos

'Hypermiling' can double mpg - CNN's Miles O'Brien gets a hypermiling lesson from a guru of fuel conservation, who gets about 50 mpg from his regular Accord. (CNN June 3, 2008)


See Talk:Directory:Hypermiling -- Driving Tips for Better Mileage


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10 Fuel Efficiency Tips for Hypermilers - The summer season of highway hell has officially arrived—and $4/gallon prices at the pump certainly aren't making life on the road any ... (Popular Mechanics May 22, 2008)

Directory:Conservation / Directory:Fuel Efficiency / Directory:Home Generation > Directory:US:What You Can Do Now to Go Green and Save Money - Products and concepts presently available and doable which help you reduce your footprint on the planet while also saving you money. These products are some of the best so far as we can tell. (PESWiki)

Clean MPG


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