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Directory:Hydrogen Engine Center Inc

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Image:HydrogenEngineCenter 300.jpg

In 2004, HEC introduced the first production hydrogen-fueled, spark-ignited, internal combustion engine for industrial uses.

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (HEC) designs, manufactures and distributes alternative-fueled internal combustion engines, engine controls and fuel delivery systems and power generation equipment for distributed power, agricultural, industrial, airport ground support, off-road vehicular, business and home applications. All HEC engines and power generation equipment are capable of running on a multitude of fuels, including but not limited to, hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic gas, coal bed methane, gasoline, and ethanol.


Official Website

Latest Developments


Fuel Types used: Gasoline, Ethanol, Propane, Natural Gas and Hydrogen

Image:HEC108LEngine 200.jpg

HEC108_ .8L 1-Cylinder 23 HP17kW Oxx Power engine

1 Cylinder 0.8L

Rated Power 12-25Hp (9-18kW)

Torque 18-48 ft. lb. (25-65nm)

Bore & Stroke 102.1 X 101.1mm

Rated RPM 3600

In a generator application, the HEC108I is capable of producing 5-12kW @ 60hz on several different fuels to meet that client’s needs.

Image:HEC201.6LEngine 200.jpg

HEC2161 1.6L 2-cylinder 45 HP 33kW Oxx Power engine

2 Cylinder 1.6L Inline

Rated Power 25-50Hp (18-37kW)

Torque 36-96 ft. lb. (49-130nm)

Bore & Stroke 102.1 X 101.1mm

Rated RPM 3600

In a generator application, the HEC216I is capable of producing 10-20kW @ 60hz on several different fuels to meet that client’s needs.

Image:HEC324I-CLB2.4l 200.jpg

HEC324I-CLB 2.4L 3-Cylinder Mini-Oxx Power engine

3 Cylinder 2.4L Inline

Rated Power 30-75Hp (22-55kW)

Torque 44-130 ft. lb. (60-176nm)

Bore & Stroke 102.1 X 101.1mm

Rated RPM 3600

In a generator application, the HEC324I is capable of producing 15-30kW @ 60hz on several different fuels to meet that client’s needs.

Image:HEC649I 200.jpg

HEC659I-CLB- 4.9L 6-cylinder Oxx Power engine

6 Cylinder 4.9L Inline

Rated Power 74-125 Hp (55-93kW)

Torque 108-242 ft. lb. (146-328nm)

Bore & Stroke 102.1 X 101.1mm

Rated RPM 3600

In a generator application, the HEC649I is capable of producing 30-60kW @ 60hz on several different fuels to meet that client’s needs.

7.5L Oxx power engine in development


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HEC’s Oxx Power engines are configured to have the same form, fit and function as industrial engines currently in common use. These engines serve as replacement engines for the industrial user who has been dependent upon a manufacturer of traditional gasoline-fueled industrial engines. The initial Oxx Power engines are standard gasoline powered internal combustion engines. However, HEC’s engines can be easily converted to hydrogen or other alternative fuels in the future. The end user is in a position to adjust the fuel utilized, whether for cost or availability of fuel or a legislative environment that forces compliance with emissions.

NEW Oxx Power block and cylinder head

offers increased strength and durability

when compared with the OEM version.

6-qt. Center sump industrial oil pan, timing

cover, side cover, rocker cover, dipstick &


Hi-Capacity water pump

2-Groove balancer

Heavy-Duty shipping crate

Corrosion resistant Oxide finish

Dyno tested to ensure performance and quality

3 Year or 3000 Hour Warranty


Diesel engine replacements

Power generators

Independent Testing


SEC Report


Company: Hydrogen Engine Center Inc
Image:Oxxpowerlogo 160x160.jpg

Theodore G. Hollinger - Founder & Chairman

Ted Hollinger started his career in 1964 at Fairchild Semiconductor as a digital integrated circuit designer. Over the course of his career, Mr. Hollinger has been granted more that a dozen patents. In November of 2000, he joined Ford’s Ecostar division in November of 2000 as the Director of Power Conversion Engineering, and from 2001 to 2002, he was Vice President of power conversion at Ballard Power Systems. In 2003, Mr. Hollinger founded Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.

Don Vanderbrook - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vanderbrook joined the Company in January 2007. He has over 23 years of professional experience in the heat transfer, engine, precious metal-metal joining, power quality and power generation industries.

Sandra M. Batt - Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Batt joined the Company on December 5, 2005 as its Chief Financial Officer.

Michael A. Schiltz - Vice President of Engine Development

Mr. Schiltz was a senior partner with The Merrill Company / Arnold Motor Supply until October 2005, initially as a certified machinist from 1983 to 2001. In 2002, he became the division manager of the cylinder head division and was the division manager of the engine components division since 2004. Mr. Schiltz joined the Company in October of 2005.

Stock Symbol



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In the News

Image:Oxx 95x95.jpg

Making Engines to Run On Hydrogen, Ammonia - While much of the world fumes over escalating fuel prices, a small company in north central Iowa is quietly hoping to make gasoline obsolete as an engine fuel. (The Chief Engineer June 12, 2008)

Hydrogen Engine Center Launches Advanced Carbonless Energy Technology Group to Accelerate Global Commercialization of Its Carbon-Free Energy Technologies - We are approaching a tipping point where alternative energy is becoming the preferred source of power throughout almost every customer sector. I believe HEC is poised to help provide valuable solutions that reduce oil dependency, reduce greenhouse gases, and take demand off the strained power grid. (Business Wire Nov. 26, 2007)

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. Founder Discusses Anhydrous Ammonia Engine - "Because the manufacture and distribution of ammonia fuel is already in place, we are able to develop technology and offer engines and gensets that utilize ammonia as a clean and efficient fuel source." (All Business Oct. 13, 2006)

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. Delivers Oxx Power™ Engines to All North American Distributors - “Kansas City Power Products only sells equipment from companies that have good business practices in place during their engine assembly process,? said Jim Brazeal. “ Hydrogen Engine Center has demonstrated to us a commitment to quality and an efficient, scalable and repeatable manufacturing process.? (Hydrogen Now Aug. 22, 2006)

Other Coverage

At the Aviation Industry Expo in Dallas, Texas on March 18-20, 2008, A&V Rebuilding and Victory GSE of Los Angeles showcased four completely rebuilt tractors powered by Oxx Power™ engines. Along with the four tractors, they also displayed a fully dressed, Fuel Injected, Oxx Power™ 649l DRLB Engine.

“The Oxx Power™ engine’s rugged design provides fleet managers with sustained durability and, when applied with HEC’s advanced fuel delivery system, provides vastly improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions,? said Don Vanderbrook, President and CEO of Hydrogen Engine Center. “HEC is the only supplier to offer the Aviation Ground Support Industry a new 4.9L Oxx Power™ engine as a replacement for existing Ford 300’s in service today.?

Lynco Tugger manufactures the Hydra-Tug, a patented, zero degree turning radius, fully Hydra-Static tow vehicle that meets the tightest of emission controls. The Oxx Power™ engine is a perfect compliment to the Hydra-Tug, the industry standard for robust, dependable, low cost-of-ownership tractors for towing aircraft.

Bill Fetzer of Lynco Tugger said, “We are pleased to be showcasing HEC’s hydrogen Oxx Power™ engine with our ground support equipment. At Lynco Tugger, we are always searching out new alternatives, and with more stringent emissions requirements being imposed, we are excited to have the opportunity to work with HEC on ways to work with alternative fuels in a cost effective manner.?

Gerry Hoadley of A&V Rebuilding said, “At A&V, we expect our FleetRenu rebuilt tractors to be as reliable as any new tractor on the market today. The Oxx Power™ engines are the most durable option we have found. They stand up well to the demanding challenges of today’s airport operations. We have had great success with them, and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with HEC.?

“HEC is proud to be aligned with Lynco Tugger, A&V Rebuilding and Victory GSE at the AIE in Dallas, and we look forward to designing and installing more Hydrogen and alternative fueled engines in their products in the future,? Vanderbrook continued. “We believe we will have tractors operating on hydrogen with our engines at several airports in North America in the near future under pilot programs.?


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Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.?

Dana Hollinger Industrial Park ?

2502 E Poplar Street?

Algona, IA 50511? USA?

Phone: 515-295-3178?

Fax: 515-395-1877

E-Mail: []

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