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Wind Turbine Systems for Home Power Generation

Here, wind turbines are discussed which can be used to generate your own power. These include DIY-turbines and commercial products. A diagram discussing the best wind turbine to use in what situation can be found at HowtoPedia.


Image:Electric Pinwheels 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine > Electric Pinwheels Wind Turbine Can Be Installed In 8 Seconds - Electric Pinwheels has produced a small, flexible and easily-attachable wind turbine that can help dramatically reduce a family’s energy consumption. Best of all, it can be installed in 8 seconds, without the need for bolts, screws, alignment or balancing. (Inhabitat November 22, 2010)
Image:Humdinger wind power alternative 95x95.jpg

Directory:Humdinger Windbelt - The Windbelt, a miniaturized wind-harvesting power generator that has absolutely nothing in common with the traditional, towering wind turbines that dot the fields and shorelines of developed countries. The simple device was awarded $10,000 in late September as a finalist for the Curry Stone Design Award, a charitable prize that aims to boost design and innovation projects for developing countries. (BusinessWeek Oct. 6, 2008)

Image:TMA vertical axis earlier prototype 95x95.jpg

Directory:TMA Global Wind Energy Systems - Design creates pull on the back side contributing to 40%+ wind conversion efficiencies, doesn't kill birds, runs more quietly, doesn't need to be installed as high, blends better with landscape. Generating costs estimated at 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Production prototype Spring 2006. (

Image:SW WP Skystream Wind Turbine.jpg

Directory:Wind:Skystream connects directly to the home to supply power. With a built in invertor and no battery required, it is designed specifically for the grid-connected residential market. It has a 1.8 kW rating and is expected to produce power for 9 cents per kWh.

Hydrogen Appliances Inexpensive Wind Turbines, High Wind Sustainable, 12-24-48-60-120 volt

Image:Raising MattB windmill 95.jpg

OS:Wind:ForceField - Open sourcing project. Several working designs available.

Directory:Jua Kali Micro Wind Turbines - 'Wind Cruiser' turbine built from locally-obtainable components, provides electricity cost-effectively to home and small business applications.

Image:AE WindTurbine Plans sideblade 130.jpg's 1000 Watt Wind turbine - A DIY wind turbine from, build by Steven Spence. It is able to deliver 1000 Watt

The Practical Action DIY Windturbine - A large, diy wind turbine designed by Practical Action/Hugh Piggot to generate power for the developing world. The turbine is tall (catching allot of wind) yet easy to erect and cheap. The construction is completely documented by Practical Action.

Ted Baer's Bycicle Wheel Wind Turbine - A wind turbine build for less than 80$

Scoraigh Wind Turbine - Another DIY Open-source Wind turbine (build by Hugh Piggott)

Directory:AE Wind Turbine Plans - $30.00

Windside turbine works when others don’t, with gentle summer breezes and violent winter storms. Windside produces at least 50 % more electricity in a year than propeller models.

The Appropriate Energy wind turbine does not furl down in high winds. Instead, it pivots to vary the amount of rotor area according to wind speed, producing 200% more energy per unit of installed cost than the conventional fixed axis wind turbine.

Jeff Berezin's VAWT - made for $100 of 2 plastic oil drums. Gears were made DIY using CNC-machine

Solar Energy Alliance - S.E.A. Wind Turbines include marine all-weather turbines that are also suitable for home use.

How to Build a Chispito Wind Generator - DIY Windmill. Most of the tools and materials can be found in your local hardware shop or junk pile. Easy to construct, (very practical construction manual available online), yet not very powerful (only 100W). - Lenz turbine - yet another VAWT. See also Lenz turbine - Little to no noticable wind

Image:Quietrevolution wind turbine 95x95.jpg

quietrevolution - Virtually silent and vibration free, quietrevolution is ideally suited to both urban sites and exposed locations. The simple and robust design has just one moving part, maximising reliability and minimising maintenance requirements.

Turby - from the Netherlands. There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] - The Turby is a brand of vertical axis Darrieus wind turbine. The three vertical aerofoil blades have a helical twist of 60 degrees, similar to Gorlov's water turbines. Since the wind pulls each blade around on both the windward and leeward sides of the turbine, this feature spreads the torque evenly over the entire revolution, thus preventing the destructive pulsations of the straight-bladed giromill.

Urban Turbines are especially designed for difficult wind situations, commonly found in urban situations. For placement on buildings, near buildings and integrated in street furniture. (3kW Neoga by Ecofys)

Otherpower's wind turbines

Otherpower's second batch of DIY windturbines

Bergey small scale wind turbines feature rigid towers and diy/small scale turbines

Carbon Concepts 2.5 KW vertical axis wind turbine generating set with composite blade technology

Backyard windmill may cut electricity bill - Article - People could soon generate their own wind energy with a new type of domestic windmill that plugs straight into the grid. The new generator will eliminate the need for an inverter, the SolarShop says, and will be cheaper than alternatives on the market.

Image:Pac-Wind turbine 95x95.jpg

A DIY Savonius wind turbine from RE Energy Offers good performance at low cost

Another DIY Savonius wind turbine, from Instructables

An improved design of a small savonius wind turbine, from Instructables More detailed construction plans/info is available from this document.

Pac-Wind - Efficient wind turbines for use in low-wind environments. The Savonius rotor is self-starting in low winds, will never over-speed and will survive winds up to 100 mph.

PacWind Technology - The PacWind SeaHawk Vertical Axis Wind Turbines feature totally silent operation, no susceptibility to cross winds, and delivers increased linear power with increase in wind speed over the entire range.

Image:Windrotor turbine 95x95.jpg

Windrotor can be installed close to buildings, on a roof or directly at a corner of the building. Close to the building the wind has to shift to get around the building. This causes the wind to speed up 30-40%. A 40% increase in wind speed translates into a 274% increase in power!!!

Archer Energy Systems - Syntrefoil Aeroturbine uses five 3-vaned impeller 'stages' stacked vertically on a common shaft, and a custom linear torque ratio transmission built by Pneu-Hydro Energy. Design efficiency rating of (0.44)

SELSAM - Superturbine ST 1.2 American Twin Dual-Rotor 1 kW Wind Turbine - Dual rotors sweep more area. Extra torque from the second rotor helps drive a more powerful generator. Downwind design works with the wind, not against her. Carbon-epoxy blades deliver quiet, efficient performance at all wind speeds from 8 mph to 30 and above.

Image:Windspire 95x95.jpg

Mariah Power - The cyclo energy turbine is a complete consumer-friendly appliance that is designed for plug-and-produce installation. It is composed of three basic components a rotor, a generator and an inverter. With its’ 30-foot standard height, it is below the typical residential zoning restrictions. The cyclo mounts with a special built-in hinged base so you can simply pull it up yourself, and without any special equipment or ugly guy wires.

Alternative Energie Systeme - German vertical axis wind turbine designed for urban areas.

The Back Shed - This web site is for hobbyists and back yard tinker-ers. It involves a bit of hard work and basic handyman skills. All information is free.

WindyNation - WindyNation sells a ton of components for DIY and homebrew wind generators, including aluminum blades, 500-Watt PMAs, charge controllers, diodes and more. They provide a free Community Forum where people post photos and share information about building wind generators. Their mantra is to build durable generators due to the high costs of downtime, and so their components are always designed to be rugged and weatherproof.

Turbotricity - Having tried a wide variety of small scale wind turbines to varying degrees of success - (the cheaper ones fell apart and annoyed the neighbours! - the dearer ones were hard to justify in terms of payback time) we decided to design and build our own. Read the story on our website. We are now in the process of building a 2.5 Kw domestic wind turbine which is affordable- high quality and survivable...

Image:Enflo wind turbine 95x95.jpg

Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (Separate page) - Some new wind turbine designs claim to exceed the Betz law theoretical maximum of 59% efficiency, with projected energy costs at or below grid rates.

Image:Eurowind VAWTMU turbine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (separate page) - Vertical axis turbines have several advantages over the typical horizonal axis turbines. Generator can be on the ground for easier access, rather than up in the air. Generally begin rotating at lower speeds and are quieter. Lower susceptibility to cross-winds.

Image:Briza technologies 95x95.jpg

Directory:High Altitude Wind Power (Separate page) - The energy in winds miles above us is sufficient to provide all the world's energy needs. It can be captured with Flying Electric Generators at two cents per kilowatt hour or less. This is less than the cost of producing electricity using fossil fuels or nuclear fission.


Image:Chispito wind generator 95x95.jpg

Vela Creations Chispito Wind Generator - This is the latest version of the instructions for building a 100-Watt Chispito Wind Generator. This machine can be made from parts in most cities in most countries, throughout the world. (Vela Creations Oct. 5, 2008)

Prairie Turbines - A Reliable 5500 Watt Homebuilt Wind Turbine Generator"

Rooftop Turbines

For urban settings


Directory:Urban Green Energy - Fast growing international supplier, designer, and manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines for rural and urban applications.

Image:Starck-wind-turbine 95x95.gif

Directory:Wind > Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine >Hot Home Wind Turbines You Can Actually Buy, Plus One You Wish You Could - A number of new, innovative wind turbines have entered the market in the past couple of months. Phillipe Starck’s wind turbine is the odd one out in the group. (TreeHugger Nov. 24, 2008)

Image:Mag-Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg

Mag-Wind - Magnetically-Levitated Axial Flux Alternator with Programmable Variable Coil Resistance, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Turbine Company Harnesses Wind Power - Article - Mag-Wind Co. L.L.C. in February will install one of its first five pre-production models.

Mag-Wind Roof Effect - We use the roof of a house or other building to extend our reach and increase the volume of air reaching the sails of our VAWT. This gives us the effect of a larger surface area without actually having a larger vane.

Mag-Wind Vertical Axis Turbine for your Home - The Magnetically-Levitated Vertical Axis Wind Turbine solves 11 different problems of VAWTs. It is designed for home installation in urban settings, is only 4 feet high, is inaudible, doesn't mind a little turbulence, and gets a 200% increase in energy due to the 'roof effect'. It works in wind speeds from 5 to 100 mph and produces electricity for 3.5 cents per kW. (TreeHugger January 22, 2007)

Roof-top wind turbines to cut electricity bills - British householders will soon be able to buy their own roof-mounted wind turbine that feeds electricity straight into the mains through a standard 13 amp plug.

Image:Swift Micro Wind Turbine.jpg

Swift from Renewable Devices won the "Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy" in the energy generation category. What makes the Swift novel is that it's specifically designed to reduce the noise and potentially building-damaging vibrations that come from older small rooftop wind turbine designs.

Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System (pdf document) - Silent rooftop wind turbine by Renewable Devices.

VolksWind (VW) turbine - Plug-ín Wind turbine.

Counter-Rotating Disc Wind Turbineis more suitable for roof-tops than propeller designs. Efficiency of 44% compared to 21% for a conventional horizontal axis wind turbine. Now being developed as the SideWinder wind turbine.

Windsave Plug'n'Save system in the UK.

Image:Der windwandler wind converter 95x95.jpg

der wind wandler wind converter from Germany. Now in the US at WindKraft - Very Quiet Operation, Smaller Rotor Diameter, Broad Power Production Range, Attractive Design. In the UK at Green Motorsport - The special shape of the spiral wings allow a strong reduction in stream loss. This wind machine can deal with high rotation speeds. Different wind directions are no problem because it automatically turns into the wind. Max output of 3.5KW

AIR X Wind Turbine by Southwest Windpower - Simple rooftop installation no tower necessary. Maintenance-free - Only two moving parts. Quiet. Neighbor Friendly. World's #1 selling small wind turbine.

Zephyr Corp - AirDolphin is a Japanese version of the Air X.


Image:Roof Wind Turbine Vertical Axis.jpg

Solium Power Corporation Hybrid Living Home will incorporate four 3kw/h vertical axis wind turbines. These wind turbines will be roof-mounted, are constructed of carbon graphite material, are virtually noiseless and are designed to activate and operate at lower wind speeds compared to conventional wind turbines.

Aerotecture Aeroturbines work well in urban settings with variable direction & gusting winds, can have low visible profiles on rooftops &/or within other structures and operate well in suburbs/cities where low noise, low visibility, & low/no vibration are mandatory

WestTech Energy - is currently in the development stages of a 1KW VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.) Our planned system will include the turbine, generator, roof mount and power electronics.

Cleanfield Energy Corp - 3.5kW VAWT is designed specifically for residential and commercial rooftops. Not only highly efficient and strong enough to withstand gale force winds, but quiet, compact and visually striking.

D400 / StealthGen - is a 400 WATT direct-drive wind generator, designed for a variety of marine, rooftop or terrestrial applications. It is exceptionally quiet and vibration-free in operation, qualities that are of paramount importance for any wind generator operating in close proximity to people.

The WindWall is a Darrieus turbine with a horizontal axis, designed to be sited on sloping or flat roofs. The WindWall is suitable for the turbulent wind conditions on and around buildings.

Cloth Windmill - The system consists of a horizontally suspended square rotor wheel with a square rim supporting four sails that are linked by cables in pairs. The sails are not unlike boat sails except that they reside in a horizontal plane. Because the rotor rides the wind, rather than bucks the wind, it requires minimal tower structures and is roof mountable.

Silent Wind Turbine - The turbine can be vertically stacked, with units sharing the same central axis or as single installations. As the unit can be scaled, it could be made small enough to be mounted on a lamppost, or a little larger and mounted on an urban roof.

Innovative vertical axis wind turbine with a high output - The sails permit the turbine to work even with slow wind, and to orient itself to the direction of the wind. Small space is occupied in proportion to the performance. It makes no noise. It is applicable on offshore platforms, towers, containers, campers, house roofs and most of all on industrial building roofs.

Image:Statoeolien 95x95.jpg

Directory:Gual Industrie StatoEolien Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine - StatoEolian is a vertical axis composed of a fixed stator channeling the wind at its optimal force onto a mobile rotor. A building with terrace is ideal for the installation of StatoEolien. It is silent, aesthetic, compact.

AeroVironment - Small, modular wind turbine system designed for installation on buildings in urban and suburban areas. Architectural Wind is designed to install easily onto the building parapet, operating in plain site as an attractive complement to the building's architecture.

Windterra - Roof-mounted small-wind turbine systems that give homeowners and other small-application users the ability to generate their own safe, inexpensive, emissions-free power by harnessing an abundant, renewable and freely available energy source.


Home wind turbines dealt killer blow - Article - Rooftop wind turbines may have become the accessory of choice among “greener than thou"-politicians, but a new study suggests that they are not only incapable of saving the planet but may even damage your house.

Rooftop Turbines: Rooftop Mounting and Building Integration of Wind Turbines - Article - Mounting wind turbines--of any kind--on a building is a very bad idea. I've yet to see an application where this has worked or will likely work. In short, rooftop turbines will not do what their promoters claim and often will cause their owners no end of grief.


Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power & Battery Systems - Why pay $1,000 for a 400 watt store bought wind turbine when you could make a 1,000 watt machine of your own for only $150?

Related Sites

Google > home+wind+turbines

Image:Wind-turbine-rooftop-kit 95x95.jpg

WindEnergy 7 - Dedicated to rural residential and community wind power technology. Kits come with the whole Wind Turbine, Blades, Cone, Tail, Roofmount Kit, Charge Controller, Two Solar Panels, Hardware, and Inverter as matched components for a 700 Watt system. (Oct. 14, 2008)

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