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Safewater Water Softeners® never need salt, electricity or maintenance. Uses a non-sacrificial catalyst, composed of more than a dozen precious and semi-precious metals.

CATALYTIC 1000 converts hardness producing calcium bicarbonate into Calcite - a water softening agent. Household water pressure is used as the energy source.

Customer Comments for Catalytic 1000

SAFEWATER WATER SOFTENERS® combine the power of a non-sacrificial catalyst with powerful magnetic principles to deliver salt-free, maintenance-free, hassle-free soft water at every water faucet in your home.

Water Softener Systems metered water softeners, clock water softeners and twin tank water softeners.



Scalehammer electronic scale treatment device is an efficient solution for treating and solving household hard water problems.

Scalewatcher patented technology generates an electric field that affects the Calcium and Magnesium ions causing them to remain in suspension.

AquaVantage Scale Prevention Systems

HydroFLOW water de-scaling systems

ScaleBlaster, the water softener alternative!

Aqua Genesis - The Scalewatcher™ System provides effective hard water treatment solutions through electronic descaling.

Soo-Soft water softener converts the hard calcium in the water, through the use of a computer that creates multiple groups of high frequencies...

ScaleBan™ is an electronic instrument that requires neither plumbing work to install nor chemicals for it's operation. It is non-invasive and non-chemical by design. It is suitable for practically all hard water treatment situations. Operating costs for the ScaleBan™ are less than $3.00 per year in electricity.

HardnessMaster is an excellent choice for homeowners who want soft water but don’t want the salt contamination or maintenance effort and expense for ion exchange softeners. It produces an oscillating electric field in the water pipe which changes the property of the hardness minerals so they stay in solution and do not form scale in pipes.


LifeSource Whole-House Water Systems are the clear alternative to common water softners. Finally you'll have clean great tasting water for your entire home from a single long-lasting, maintenance free system. You'll also notice fewer problems caused by hard water without using salts or chemicals.


Magna Flexx - In just a few months you will begin to save money from energy savings. Over the years you will save money because your plumbing, fixtures and appliances will last longer. The scale in your plumbing will be greatly reduced in just a few months. Your water heater will use less fuel and will last longer as scale is dissolved and removed.

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Investigative report on magnetic water softeners.

Article on magnetic water treatment

U.S. Department of Energy Federal Technology Alert on Non-Chemical Scale and Hardness Control

Magnetic Water Treatment Systems

Clearwater GMX water softener system claims to be a better design, larger, made of steel, and claims to work better than other magnetic systems.

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