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May be mounted on the home's stationairy computer and/or mobile pc to receive news information, internet radio, VoIP telephony, and other forms of information/communication. The mobile antenna's may be mounted on a laptop (eg Eee PC) to take along while on the road. This to ensure that your main source of information (which it might be) is not interrupted (in both cases 20km+ is possible). The WiFi-connection may besides connecting a regular internet access point also connect to a freed-up WiFi access point (see Free Hotspot information).


Best commercial stationairy WiFi home antenna's

FreeNet Antenna's

Best diy stationairy WiFi home antenna's

still to come

Best commercial WiMax home antenna's

still to come


Best commercial mobile WiFi home antenna's

FreeNet Antenna's

Best diy mobile WiFi antenna's (for laptops, ...)

Ken Jones' WokFi

Best commercial mobile WiMax antenna's (for laptops, ...)

The Fontenna

Best diy mobile WiMax antenna's (for laptops, ...)

still to come