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This page discusses commercial and DIY hydrogen and oxyhydrogen generators. They allow the production of hydrogen, which can be used in internal combustion engines (eg of vehicles) after these have been converted.

Commercial hydrogen generators

ITM Power's Hydrogen Generator is a hydrogen generator which introduces efficiency increases and more efficient hydrogen production than what's normal with these appliances. Still not cheap dough (10000$) therefore more an option for roadside public refueling stations.

Vada Energy Hydrogen generator

Honda/Plug Power Inc.'s Home energy station. A hydrogen generator by Honda. Suitable only if the hydrogen is produced from electricity (they are working on this but current version still uses natural gas).

United Nuclear hydrogen generator system

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies HydroFILL

DIY hydrogen generators



#water4gas HHO generator

#Phillip Hurley's Hydrogen generator

#Daniel Nocera's low-cost solar-powered generator developed at MIT

#Nico Hotz' personal hydrogen station uses bio methanol to improve the efficiency of the solar panels

Commercial oxyhydrogen generators

Punch HHO generator

DIY oxyhydrogen generators

Dangerous Laboratories oxyhydrogen generator

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