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Geometric Design of Homes for Energy Generation Efficiency

The core geometry of a home can contribute significantly toward energy efficiency, through such things a thickness of walls for thermal mass, to angle and overhang of eves, exposure of windows to summer v. winter sun, double and triple pane windows, insulation, location and height of landscaping, thrombe walls.

Featured Sites

The Earthship design is a basic design consisting of a earthsheltered building and natural ventilation system. It has other features aswell such as DIY construction, construction with "waste" (eg car tires, cans, ...) and southern placement of building.

Image:David Allan solar home front 140.jpg

The Dimaxion Houses built by Buckminster fuller and inspired on Siberian grain-silo houses are dome-type houses with natural ventilation. They can be combined with Steve Baer's zome-building to make kit/prefabricated earthsheltered buildings.

David Allan's Solar Home - Integrates seven different solar principles: (1) Trombe Wall • (2) Solarium • (3) Photovoltaic • (4) Hot Water Panels • (5) Eutectic Salt Chamber • (6) Berm Insulation • (7) Passive Solar Air Conditioner

Checklist for Environmentally Responsible Design and Construction by

Energy Simulation Software - Directory of whole-building-analysis software available, prepared by

The Hydro Wall a water-filled wall to increase thermal mass and provide water transport and hot water

A series of usable designs as the Quantum House, PassiefHuis, ZonnehaardWoning, Jan Husslage woning, GeWoning, Log Id, Solid House, ...)

Grondal's house G at Embourg. Build from a cube-frame of steel and wood, with the interior walls completely movable (allowing restructuring). Use of natural materials, maintenance-friendly. Use of wooden blinds

Zome-design company

Zome-design - and other inventions as track rack solar trackers, and skylight trackers

Related Sites

"Energy and Cities: Sustainable Building and Construction"

"Topsider Homes"

A Guide to Residential Energy Efficiency in Florida (PDF)

Google > Geometric+Design+of+Homes+for+Energy+Generation+Efficiency


Dome Cookbook Steve Baer

Zome Primer by Steve Baer

Home Work by Lloyd Kahn

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