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Home-Use Fuel Cells Hit the Market - One-kW systems that generate both electricity and hot water have now become available for home use.

Toyota Motor developing home fuel cells

Fuel Cells for the Home

Residential 'Energy Solution' Unveiled NiSource Subsidiary to Install First Residential Fuel Cell Energy Package.

Honda explores home fuel cell system

Eco-friendly fuel cells ready for home use

Mitsubishi releases kilowatt home fuel cell

GM, Honda see future in fuel cells that power homes

Yes, You Can Buy This Home Fuel Cell If all goes according to plan, Coleman Powermate will introduce the world's first practical home fuel cell.

The Use of Fuel Cells in the Home


Ballard Power Systems 1 kW residential fuel cell cogeneration system

Fuel Cell Store

Honda's Experimental Home Energy Station

Toshiba Compact Home Power Plant

MagPower Systems Inc - Magnesium-Air Fuel Cell (MAFC) generates electricity through the combination of a saltwater electrolyte, air (oxygen), magnesium. Power a cottage, RV or electric bicycle.

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