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Cogeneration is combined heat and power (CHP) generation that produces electricity and heat from a single fuel source.


Image:Kokhala process 95x95.jpg

Directory:Kokhala EnergyCell - Technology harnesses 120+ degrees from a wide variety of sources to generate electricity, for reliable, affordable, clean power for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Image:Senertec Dachs 95x95.jpg

A 90% Efficient Power Plant for Your Home - Senertec Dachs micro-CHP has a continuous output of 5.5kW of electricity and 12.5 kW of heat from 20.6 KW of fuel, for an efficiency of 90%, with a plant oil burning version available. An additional external exhaust heat exchanger can provide a further 2.5 kW of thermal energy, raising the efficiency up to 98%. (TreeHugger Mar. 11, 2007)

Image:WhisperGen homeAC 90.jpg

Directory:WhisperGen - Personal Power Station... A micro combined heat and power (microCHP) system. "Similar in size and shape to a domestic dishwasher, the WhisperGen is quiet and requires minimal maintenance. Designed for the home or small business environment, the WhisperGen provides water heating, space heating and electricity."

Image:Disenco micro-CHP 95x95.jpg

Household Micro CHP - Disenco micro combined heat and power (mCHP) units use Stirling engines to convert 70-80% of the available energy in natural gas for central heating and 10-25% into electricity. By utilizing waste heat, they are 90% efficient compared to 45% for a central power station, and can reduce household fuel bills up to 30%. (Gizmag Apr. 19, 2007)

Image:UTC PureCell 95x95.jpg

UTC Fuel Cell Power Systems - UTC Power commercial fuel cell power systems are being used by Hilton hotels for combined heat and power (CHP) applications. The PureCell™ is fueled by natural gas to produce 200 kW of electric power, plus about 900,000 Btu/hr of heat, and is nearly 3x more energy efficient than the electric grid when used in CHP applications, the company claims. (Inside Greentech Jun. 6, 2007)

Ballard Power Systems 1 kW residential fuel cell cogeneration system.

Capstone MicroTurbine™ - Low emission power generators used in hybrid electric vehicles, distributed generation and micro-cogeneration. The Capstone™ MicroTurbine uses a small jet engine with no bearings (air bearings) to produce electrical energy.

Marathon Engine Systems Ecopower Micro-CHP

Microgen smart power Stirling cycle micro-cogeneration.

COGEN Microsystems Rankine cycle micro-cogeneration technology is unique in its suitability for the residential and small commercial user.

Global Microturbine

Thermo PV Midnight Sun Stove® by JX Crystals - generating heat and electricity from combustion energy

Proe Power Systems afterburning Ericsson Cycle Engine is perfect for combined heat and power applications. Much simpler and more efficient than Stirling engines. Exceeds diesel fuel economy without diesel exhaust pollution. Ideal for alternative fuels.

Liberty Hydrogen Home Generator - This quiet home electrical generator produces clean power from water and can be easily installed inside your home.

Menova Energy - The Power-Spar® is a revolutionary high efficiency solar concentrator that provides heat, hot water, and electrical power.

AffordablePower - Waste Oil Generator Burns 100% Waste Vegetable Oil, Motor Oil, or Hydraulic Fluid. If you use your generator 4 hours per day, you could save $480 per month in fuel costs.

Climate Energy - Micro-Combined Heat and Power, or Micro-CHP, is an approach to delivery of energy to homes that can dramatically lower overall energy use and reduce impacts on the environment. The fuel used to heat the home is used twice: first to generate electric power, and then heat the home.

Dawn Solar Building Integrated CHP applications produce heat and electricity from under a roof or wall surface. Cost of $.03-$.10 per kWh (thermal equivalent)

solarcentury - Disguised as conventional roof tiles, C21e solar electric tiles and C21t solar thermal tiles together form the CompleteSolar Roof, generating electricity and hot water.

STM Power [link broken as of at least 9/26/08] - We sell ultra low emissions, external combustion, combined heat and power generators using Stirling-cycle engines. The STM PowerUnit is a compact and environmentally friendly generator of electricity and hot water. STM PowerUnits have been designed to achieve 30% net electrical efficiency and 80% total system efficiency in a combined heat and power (CHP) mode.

EC Power - EC Power solutions consist of a co-generation unit powered by natural gas or diesel, a heat storage system and an advanced computer management package. The EC Power Combined Heat and Power solution can reduce energy bills by 40 - 60%, or increase efficiency by more than 100% - a considerable improvement.

Power-Spar® is a high efficiency solar concentrator that provides heat, hot water, and electrical power.

Vector CoGen - Electricity generation and hot water supply using natural gas for reduced carbon dioxide emissions. VectorCoGen LLC systems are so efficient, (up to 90% vs. 30% from the power company) that residents and light commercial users can use cogeneration to produce power and heat for their onsite needs at savings from 20% to 70%.

Ranotor - Small scale steam power below 1000 kW is well suited to combined heat and power (CHP) applications, offering fuel flexibility, low NOx emissions, low energy consumption and high power density. Ranotor expects to achieve 32% efficiency at part load, 3 times higher than a conventional ICE at part load, with 60-65% being used for heating and 5% heat losses.

Energy-only generation created from combustible energy sources

DEKA's Project Slingshot stirling electricity generator that works on cow dung alongside (seperate) a water purifier was invented by Dean Kamen in order to be used in the developing world.


Electricity - make it, don't buy it - eBook shows how to set up your own electricity company running on biodiesel fuel in your back yard.

In the News

Image:Micro-CHP 95x95.jpg

Combined Heat and Power as Small as Your Dishwasher - The Climate Energy Micro-CHP System combines a high-efficiency gas furnace with a natural gas engine/generator module. This combination provides unrivaled total energy efficiency. Combined heat and power means that the fuel normally used to keep a home warm is used twice, first to heat the home and then to produce electric power. (AboutMyPlanet Feb. 15, 2007)

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