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Directory:High Pressure Electrolysis

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: "Electrolosys direct to pressure is the most promising way to produce H2 that I have seen. This coupled with wind generators, or PV is a viable way to make renewable H2. Electrolysis at pressure increase efficency and uses less energy by skipping a compression stage." -- Congress:Member:Tai Robinson (Dec. 3, 2005)



Image:Accagen direct pressure 95x95.jpg

Accagen Pressurized Electrolyzers - AccaGen has developed special electrolyzers with maximum efficiency (>85%) for energy storage in renewable energy systems applications like Sun, Wind, Hydro. Direct-to-pressure process avoids the necessity of using costly, maintenance intensive and energy consuming gas compressors.

Avalence LLC

Avalence LLC has 'direct to pressure electrolysis' technology, accomplished on small scale. They are currently preparing lage scale demonstrations of

their technology.

Avalence is a new, small company that has had success demonstrating their technology on a small scale. They have had recent contracts and SBIR research grants. I believe they are currently on a stage 2 SBIR. It is my understanding that they are behind on delivering their full size hydrofiller unit due to incompatibilities in some components that they have been working on to resolve.

Renewable hydrogen made from water with electrolysis offers an excellent place to store energy that would otherwise go unused. High pressure electrolysis is more efficient and offers advantages of requiring less energy to create usable hydrogen fuel than traditional low pressure systems. Avalence also boasts the ability to have a retail price for their system that will be about 1/5 the price of today's systems by eliminating components and streamlining efficiency.

American Hydrogen Association

Another proponent of high pressure electrolysis is Dr. Roy McAlister, president of the American Hydrogen Association


Congress:Member:Tai Robinson - provided the above info - Tai's overview to NEC


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