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Image:HH2 in Mod-51-Chevy Rester 300.jpg
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Intro by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Sept. 14, 2010

Pure Energy Systems News

Now here is something refreshing on several counts.

# This company's marketing is amazing. You'll definitely want to view the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] below where Hollywood's go-to car guy, Fireball Tim Lawrence, unveils his sexy classic '51 Chevy "Redster", complete with HH2's technology under the hood, and "HH2" stenciled on the side of the vehicle. That's incredible!

#This page here at PESWiki was originally composed and posted by the inventor, so all I had to do was make a few tweaks, adding headings and a couple of photos, and it is good to go.

# They have a lot of validation on their side, including dyno data, and are in process of getting additional third party validation, including from Panacea University, the non-profit group most of use are familiar with.

# They say their unit does not require any alterations to a vehicle or emissions control systems.

# They are permitted by CARB. (E.O. No. D-643)

# They separate out the hydrogen and oxygen to inject separately into the air intake, so you don't have issues with the HHO wanting to recombine where it's not supposed to.

# They didn't try to monopolize a term that is already widely in use by the community. "HH2" isn't a term I've encountered.

Way to go! Major kudos and good luck to the people at HH2.

Here is the text posted here at PESWiki by Dr. Derek Zupancic himself.

: HH2 Hydrogen Clean Air Combustion Systems is a Patent Pending emission reduction system created by Dr. Derek Zupancic. The main purpose of the HH2 system is to reduce toxic exhaust discharge from internal combustion engines. The systems have a California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) Executive Order (D-643) permitting installations of the devices on gasoline and diesel engines.

: Independent testing of the devices are currently under way at Panacea University, a non-profit organization in Brisbane Australia. Improved performance has been noted in Ethanol/gasoline, CNG and LPG vehicles being tested in Australia. Results are promised soon by Ash W. the director of Panacea U.

: Clients that have installed HH2 systems are reporting reduced exhaust emissions, smoother performance, more engine power and increases in fuel economy. HH2 devices do not draw power directly from the vehicle alternator, rather power is supplied by a direct connection to the battery system of the vehicle.

: HH2 Hydrogen Clean Air Combustion Systems use very little water, produce high quality Hydrogen and Oxygen gases, each gas is created separately from the other in the unique Patent Pending system.

: HH2 and HH2+ are registered trademarks of Dr. Zupancic with the USPTO. All rights are reserved.

: HH2 products do not require any alterations to a vehicle or emissions control systems, including the ECU computer. HH2 inputs Hydrogen and Oxygen vapors into a vehicles air intake system mixing with incoming air to create complete combustion of fuel inside the engine combustion chamber prior to exhausting into the Cat Converter.

: Hydrogen combines with other intake gases to cause a high speed burning of the fuel, toxins and particulate matters, incinerating the fuel results in a clean moist air exhaust discharge. The unique system also consumes engine carbon deposits including deposits in the exhaust system, cat converter, mufflers and tailpipe. Typically some water will drip from the tailpipe moments after the system is operational.

: Users report that when a HH2 system is installed, engine oil does not get dirty, oil remains in good condition and when using synthetic engine oil, only the filter needs to be changed every 8-10,000 miles, the oil may get discolored from heat, but, it is clean and working and a total change is recommended at 35 to 40,000 miles to remove any acids etc.

: Other products are in the works and upon completion of testing and evaluations, these products will be released to the public.

: HH2 Hydrogen systems may qualify for I.R.S. credits under rule 535, forms 8911, 3500 & 3800, users should contact their tax persons for information.

: HydroLectric Power is the manufacturer of the HH2 systems in Canoga Park, CA. A State of California Enterprise Zone.

: HH2 systems are designed for professional installation, dealer and installer training is located at the Canoga Park location.

: World wide mass production and distribution is in progress. Mass production of HH2 systems will bring retail prices down as volume grows.

: HH2 systems are designed to restore clean air by eliminating or reducing toxic exhaust emissions that are causing Cancer and impacting our Honey Bees, Butterflies, and other critters that are dying from pollution, not forgetting our children and elderly citizens. Pollution is causing billions upon billions of dollars of damages to property, plants and people. We must stop the poisons now to protect the future of our Planet and inhabitants.

: Smog and toxic air pollution is a Global problem. We all must work to eliminate toxic air before it is too late. Dr. Derek Z.

Official Websites – official YouTube channel


HH2 in Auto Trader Classics Retro Mod 51' Chevy


"Fireball Tim created the classic 51' Chevy Retro Mod State of the Art Custom for Auto Trader Classics, sponsors include Sony, HH2 Hydrogen, Lifetime oil filters, Kumho Tires, Kurv 7 and Sparco, see the blue neon HH2 unit in operation. Low emissions vehicle now, 21st century Hot Rod." (YouTube Aug. 30, 2010)


CARB - HH2 Hydrogen Generator Device - ... has been found not to reduce teh effectiveness of the applicable vehicle pollution control system, and therefore, the HH2 ... is exempt from the prohibitionsn in Section 27156 of the Vhicle Code for installation on 1960 - 2008 model year passenger cars equipped with gasoline or diesel engines. The installation of the HH2 device on light-ducy trucks and medium-duty vehicles is not granted under this Executive Order.

In the News

Image:HH2 cell sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HH2 Hydrogen > Free Energy Blog:2015:01:14 - "The HH2 system actually creates a form of Plasma inside a combustion engine when we induct Hydrogen and airborne Nitrogen to bind together. HH2 is causing a 'COOL FUSION' that causes all of the fuel and toxic poisons to be incinerated during the spark combustion processes." (Free Energy Blog January 14, 2015)
Image:HH2 LA2010 Toyota-Sequoia 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection > Directory:HH2 Hydrogen > HH2 Hydrogen water fuel cell at the 2010 LA Auto Show (video) - HH2 Hydrogen shows off the booth they have at the LA Auto Show, featuring live demos of HH2 units creating separated gases of Hydrogen and Oxygen from the HH2 water fuel cell. A Toyota Sequoia SUV is on display with the unit installed, reducing its toxic emissions to nearly zero and giving it 27 mpg. The HH2 Hydrogen is created continuously from water. (YouTube / PESNetwork November 19, 2010)
Image:HH2 in Mod-51-Chevy Rester 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HH2 Hydrogen - Hydroelectric Power LLC has a unit commercially available, to improve fuel mileage and decrease emissions. They are looking for dealers, distributors, and installers worldwide. Marketing has included installation into a classic '51 Chevy Retro by Hollywood's current go-to car guy, Fireball Tim Lawrence. (PESWiki Sept. 14, 2010)

AutoTrader Classics unveils Fireball Tim's 1951 Chevy 3100 - While the Redster is powered by a fairly conventional, hot-rodded, small-block Chevy V8 assisted by a Nano Nitrous setup, it's the HH2 Hydrolectric Systems ... (Autoblog Frank Filipponio ?Aug 30, 2010)

AutoTrader Classics and Fireball Tim Entertainment Reveal One-of-a-Kind 1951 Chevy 3100 'Redster' - ... California Car Cover, Sparco and HH2 Hydrolectric Systems which provides safe, low pressure hydrogen induction into the engine and removes carbon. ... ( (press release) - ?Aug 29, 2010?)