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Directory of technologies and resources relating to health, especially as tied to the human body's energy.

PESWiki is primarily a site dedicated to nenewable energy as in "power" or "electricity", but many of the site visitors are also interested in alternative health solutions, so as an extreme tangent, we have finally created a directory page for this topic.


Image:CieAura pure energy 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Bio-Energetics / Directory:Jobs > CieAura line of products addresses personal energy, sleep, and pain - A new direct sales company, CieAura, presents a well-tested product based on ancient wisdom combined with holographic chip technology to embed special information that augment the body's natural meridians to increase energy, improve sleep, and mitigate pain. (PESN August 21, 2009) (Comment)
Image:KangenWater95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Template: 1630 > Directory:Water > Kangen Water™ Fosters Medical Independence in Hard Times - A Japanese water ionizer technology by Enagic may be just the thing to help you to take responsibility for your own health and not be so dependent on the medical establishment, in the same spirit as getting off foreign oil. (PESN Oct. 27, 2008)

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Developed for the Russian space program to replace medical treatment for astronauts during space travel. The SCENAR uses biofeedback - by stimulating the nervous system - and is able to teach the body to heal itself of a wide variety of illnesses.

Image:Daniel Winters Fractal Field Implosion 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency / Directory:Hydrogen / Directory:Health / Directory:Water > Fractal Field Implosion Science Technologies - Company is developing a number of products based on the technology, including fuel enhancment, golden ratio hydrogen technology, bio-cascade dielectrics, magnetic pain relief, and magnetic water treatment for increasing crop yields. "An inspiring new order of pure scientific principles, the fractal field operates and expresses itself through phase conjugation." - Make your own colloidal silver

Health Solutions

Free Energy Blog:2014:02:25 - Three plants per room, recommended by local nursery, to produce oxygen and remove toxins. • Air filter • Switch cleaning supplies to organic/natural • Remove chemical-based air fresheners. (Free Energy Blog February 25, 2014)


Image:Dr-Ibrahim-Karim 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Bio-Energetics > Directory:Pollution > Directory:BioGeometry > Dr. Ibrahim Karim offers BioGeometry advice to Free Energy companies to mitigate EMF pollution - We need to stop ignoring the EMF pollution effects from the technologies with which we are involved. A Canadian-Egyptian professor has spent 40 years studying and coming up with remedies for this pollution. It can be a simple as placing a geometrically-encoded sticker on a cell phone or on an energy device. (PESN October 2, 2014)


Image:Multivit,Drops,Blood cond,Pyslium 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health / Directory:Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy > Directory:Ismael Aviso Self-Charging Electric Car > Update from Ismael Aviso - Ismael Aviso has provided an update about his progress in bringing forward his system that apparently pulls electrostatic energy from the surroundings. His main focus has been in providing his health care products and services, which has been keeping his bills paid and providing small revenue for his energy R&D. (PESN December 14, 2014)


Image:Infinite energy 89 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magazines > Directory:Infinite Energy Magazine / Directory:Nikola Tesla > Infinite Energy: Issue 89: The Electrical Genius of Nikola Tesla - The Fight to Preserve Tesla’s Wardenclyffe • Tesla’s Wireless Energy • Tesla vs. Einstein: Transcending the Speed of Light • Tesla’s Accomplishments in the Niagara Falls Region • Tesla’s Atmospheric Research as Related to Pyramids • Tesla’s Electromagnetic Healing Devices • High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic Purposes • Clean Fusion Energy from Colliding High Density Spheromaks • The Unique Nature of a Room-Temperature Superconductor (Jan/Feb 2010)

Wheat Grass

Image:Wheat-Grass 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health > Natural Remedies for Cat Attack Wounds -- Instead of Antibiotics - Wheat grass juice, garlic, Echinacea-Goldenseal capsules help the body knock out the infection while keeping the good bacteria in tact. No side effects. Good for you all around. Applicable to other infection scenarios as well. (PESN June 17, 2015)

Sprouted Wheat Cereal

Image:Sprouted-wheat-cereal sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health > OS: Sprouted Wheat Cereal by K. Duane Erickson - The problem with sprouts, though super nutritious, is they grow so fast. But if you flake them and dehydrate them, you lock in that nutritional value and you can use it like cereal, with the usual augmentations of fruit, almond milk, etc. The market is wide open on this open source project that harnesses the wheelwork of nature -- for health. (PESWiki January 15, 2015)


Image:Ayahuasca-brewing 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Ayahuasca - This root/leaf combination I heard about in Brazil enables DHT to create a dream-state while yet fully conscious, so you can see your issues that brought on your heavy hang-ups, deal with them, and move on and also see who you really are -- your mission in life. (PESWiki July 5, 2014)

HHO Bubbled into Driking Water

Image:Hydrogenator2 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:Health > Free Energy Blog:2014:08:31 - "The same Hydroxy Gas used to save you gas, or run engines 100% in the future also can be bubbled into our drinking water creates micro clustered structured water for healing all cells in your body!" (Free Energy Blog August 31, 2014)

Medical Marijuana

Image:Jaquie-Angel-Warrior sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Cannabis Hemp > Jaqie Warrior helped profoundly by medical marijuana -- illegal in OK - Our associate at the New Energy Systems Trust, Chip Paul, is chairman of a group in Oklahoma, USA which is seeking to use an OK constitutional provision to instigate a new law legalizing medical marijuana. Recently, they've been harassed by the police, who should be protecting them. (PESN June 20, 2014)

Activated Charcoal for Poisoning Antidote

Image:Activated-charcoal sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health / Directory:Suppression > Activated Charcoal saves free energy inventor from poisoning attempt on his life - There are a lot of good reasons to be sure to have some capsules of activated charcoal on hand, which can be found at any health food store. It is a well-established antidote to poisons and toxins, as well as having properties of whitening teeth, assisting with digestive issues and acne treatment. (PESN October 27, 2015)

RE-Powered Health Devices

Image:Glucose-powered implant 95x95.jpg
Directory:Human-Powered / Directory:Health > Power from Glucose for Medical Devices - Scientists in France have implanted the first functional glucose biofuel cell in a living animal. Unlike batteries that supply power to implants, a power-generating device may not have to be surgically removed and replaced, because glucose is a potentially limitless source of energy. The device uses enzymes to harvest energy from glucose and oxygen found naturally in the body. (MIT Technology Review May 18, 2010)

Remedies for Benzene Exposure

Image:Benzene molecule 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health / Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > A Short Benzene Toxicity Primer –How to Stay Healthy (pdf) A. True Ott, PhD, talks about the dangers of BP or “Benzene Pollutants”, and how people are exposed to it in a disaster such as we have now in the gulf and a natural remedy for cleansing the body from exposure to it. (May 26, 2010)


Image:Jamie Buturff Rodin-coil addresses TeslaTech2010 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > ExtraOrdinary Technology conference 2010 report by Riversong - A review of the four-day free energy conference held in Albuquerque, NM, USA from July 28 - Aug. 1, featuring John Searl and his antigravity technology, Marko Rodin and his toroid coils, health technologies, hydrogen/hydroxy, vortex, and more. (PESN Aug. 15, 2010)

Energy Workers

Image:Braco gazing Kona HI Jan2010 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health > Braco Gazing Session, Kona Hawaii - One of the highlights of the Earth Transformation conference presently under way in Kona Hawaii has been the 30-minute gazing sessions by Croatia energy worker (healer). As he stands quietly before the group, gazing, he conveys an amazing gift that is reciprocated by the group. Healings, transformations, visions, and other spiritual phenomena are reported. (YouTube)


Image:Mike-adams-health-ranger 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health / Directory:Conspiracy > Becoming a Writer for Natural News - You can become a citizen journalist for Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News, which covers far more than just alternative health issues, but also covers alternative energy. I've included my answers to a "sample writing" questionnaire they include in their screening process for your consideration. (PESN and BeforeItsNews June 10, 2011)
Image:Super-imploder 95x95.jpg
Directory:Water / Directory:Vortex Technologies / Directory:Health > Dan Winter announces Super-Imploder - Researcher, Dan Winter has announced the launch of a new product for water conditioning for agricultural applications on 3/4-inch piping, which uses a combination of vortex and magnet (phase conjugate) pre-treatment of the water, which has been proven to result in stronger and healthier crops. Coming May 1. (Fractal Field April, 2011)
Image:Microorganism 95x95.jpg

Colloidal silver can be best defense against swine flu - There is, at present, no sure vaccine for swine flu and the fact that the swine flu strain is a hybrid of strains from various species complicates the matter considerably. However, bacteria and viruses cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver and the metal silver in its colloidal state can be safely consumed and used in the body. (Pravda April 30, 2009)


Image:Mike Adams 95x95.jpg

Directory:Environment / Directory:Conspiracy > Don't Worry, Be Happy! (Tens Reasons Why) - In the face of dark news about the coming meltdown, Mike Adams points to some significant positive outlook, including that people will turn to alternatives because status quo remedies won't be available the FDA, big pharma, and other corrupt institutions will go down with the govt. complacency will come to an end mother nature will prevail. (Natural News July 25, 2009) (Subscribe)


Image:Story of cosmetics 95x95.jpg
Directory:Pollution / Directory:Health > The Story of Cosmetics: Simple, Serious, Scary - Annie Leonard, maker of Story of Stuff, has produced another simplistic hit, this time spurring us to think about the cumulative effect what we put on our bodies via the myriad of cosmetic products available, calling for more oversight on what is able to make it into the marketplace. (TreeHugger July 21, 2010)
Image:Microwave oven model sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health > The Dangerous Truth Behind Microwaves - You may want to think twice before using your microwave, as it could be one of the worst things YOU do to your food. The direct microwaves themselves can cause "microwave sickness." The nutritional quality of the food is significantly diminished, and many substances in food become carcinogenic when subjected to the microwave frequencies. (Activist Post November 14, 2011) [We us a toaster oven.]

Renewable Energy and Health Issues

PESWiki Directory Pages of Relevance

Directory:Bio-Energetics - Body electric


Directory:Water - including water purification methods

Directory:Oxygen Depletion

Directory:Global Warming

Directory:Global Cooling


Directory:Mimicking Living Organisms

Directory:Waste to Energy

Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Dangers

Directory:Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Dangers

Misc. Renewable Energy and Health Issue Stories

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Image:Dirty-Electricity cover sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health > Directory:Health > Directory:Bio-Energetics > Beware: Dirty Electricity from Clean Energy - There are some issues that we all need to be aware of regarding "clean energy" and some dire health ramifications from things such as smart meters, solar inverters, wind turbine frequencies, and CFLs. A device's impact on human health should be a primary consideration in deserving the label of "clean energy." (PESN January 6, 2013)
Image:Food Inc jacket 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Review:Food, Inc. - Oscar-nominated documentary exposes the corruption in America's food industry as it has been taken over by huge corporations who are out of touch with the suffering of the animals and the degradation of the crops and the lives of the farmers and workers. Holds parallel to the energy cartel with its corruption, centralization, and vested interests seated in government. (PESWiki March 14, 2010 )

{{Template:110104:Cheniere:Bearden comments on 3,000 birds falling from sky i

Image:Mom-arrested-for-refusing-smart-meter-install crop 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Directory:Smart Grid > Directory:Smart Grid > Illinois Moms Arrested for Refusing 'Smart Meters' - Mother in Illinois, US, does not give permission for installers with police escort to come on her property to install "smart meters". She begged them to not do it over concerns about putting her child in harm's way. The daughter has a chronic illness that could be affected or aggravated. (YouTube / Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones January 25, 2013)
Image:Wind turbine health problems 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind >World Renowned Expert Issues Dire Warnings To Residents Of Ontario - One of the world’s leading research experts in the areas of electromagnetic pollution, radio frequency radiation, ground current and dirty electricity delivered alarming warnings about the dangers to human and animal health, posed by Industrial Wind Turbines. (Videos) (No Sydenham Windfarm Jan. 15, 2009)

Health Conspiracies

Image:Mike-adams-health-ranger 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Health / Directory:Conspiracy > Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News - I've been following the work of Mike Adams for a couple of years now, and have a deep admiration and respect for the work he is doing, not only in alerting people to important health issues that you will not hear in the mainstream press, but other issues as well, whether political, spiritual, or other, including clean energy technology advancements. (PESWiki Oct. 17, 2010)
Image:BioWarfare Conspiracy Theory Ventura 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Review:Jesse Ventura:Plumb Island and Biowarfare Conspiracy Theory - Plumb Island, off Orient Point, N.Y., is 10 miles from the coast of Connecticut, "the government's real life island of horror – a secret bio-warfare lab a stone's throw from New York City and Boston … a U.S. facility created by former Nazi scientists that could wipe out the human race." (PESWiki Oct. 19, 2010)
Image:Genetic Armageddon 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Genetic Armageddon: Humanity's Greatest Threat (video) - Alex Jones describes the nefarious things going on in the field of genetic engineering, designed to decimate the world's population down to the more "manageable" 500 million, according to the Georgia Guidstone. Covers things like cloning advances and GMOs. (YouTube / Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones July 27, 2011)
Image:Mike Adams on PrisonPlanet Oct2010 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Big Pharma's Secret Global Eugenics Agenda (video) - Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, gives an overview of the up-side-down values of the pharmaceutical industry who benefits from sickness and facilitates the intentional thinning of the herd through their medications and vaccinations that don't heal but create a mindset of dependency. (YouTube / TheAlexJonesChannel Oct. 7, 2010)
Image:Story of cosmetics 95x95.jpg
Directory:Pollution / Directory:Health > The Story of Cosmetics: Simple, Serious, Scary - Annie Leonard, maker of Story of Stuff, has produced another simplistic hit, this time spurring us to think about the cumulative effect what we put on our bodies via the myriad of cosmetic products available, calling for more oversight on what is able to make it into the marketplace. (TreeHugger July 21, 2010)
Image:Herb-shelf-canada 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Canada to stop selling unlicensed natural health remedies - Canada's pharmacy regulators issued a surprise directive recently urging druggists to stop selling unlicensed natural remedies. The order affects thousands of herbal treatments, multi-vitamins and other products, most of them waiting for approval from Health Canada under a backlogged, five-year-old program to regulate natural-health goods. (National Post Feb. 7, 2010)
Image:Codex Alimentarius 95x95.jpg

Directory:Conspiracy > What is wrong with Codex Alimentarius? - Prevention and cure of illness through nutrition are defined as "forbidden". This is all through the texts of Codex and the EU directive, which state that nutritional supplements must not be defined as preventing or curing illness. This is of course in favor of pharmaceutical cures and prevention, which unfortunately have a monopoly in our system. (Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger, NEC, Sept. 24, 2009)

Image:CodexAlimentarius cartoon c 95x95.jpg

Codex Threatens Health of Billions - Your right to eat healthy food and use supplements of your choice is rapidly vanishing, but every effort has been made to keep you in the dark about the coming nutricide. Codex Alimentarius is scheduled for full global implementation on December 31, 2009, and not a word has been spoken in main stream media about this threat to humanity. (Natural News July 30, 2009)

Image:Scientists under attack sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Monsanto's Genetically Modified Freak Foods Threaten Health and the Biosphere - It's almost time to say goodbye to the food your grandparents consumed, because genetically modified crops have spread their toxic attributes across the globe. As their damaged genetics spread, their potential harm is being denied, and scientists who speak out are persecuted. (PESN and BeforeItsNews November 6, 2011)
Image:Cannabis Hemp Natural-News 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health > Directory:Cannabis Hemp > Directory:Cannabis Hemp > Politics v. Science: Understanding Cannabis Therapeutics Before it is Censored - A milestone quietly occurred last month, and one the federal government would prefer to ignore. Yet, it could mean a step in the right direction for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who use a centuries-old botanical medicine: cannabis... (Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News April 4, 2011)
Image:Swine Flu Vaccine Song 95x95.jpg

Don't Inject Me (The Swine Flu Vaccine song) - See the music video by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Touches on points such as: the swine flue is man-made, the vaccines are intentionally noxious to health, vitamin D is a natural remedy for all flus, all this is part of the big brother control paradigm.

Mammography - This community actively provides radiology professionals and entrepreneurs a forum to discuss opportunities, technologies, and various issues regarding the world of Mammography Imaging.

See also Directory:Conspiracy

Animal-Based Rather than Plant-Based Diet
Image:Forks over Knives sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Forks Over Knives - Focusing on research by two food scientists, this documentary reveals that despite broad advances in medical technology, the popularity of animal-based and modern processed foods have led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. It shows that a whole, plant-based diet is far more healthy. (Netflix 2011)
Image:Ebola-Outbreak-sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Ebola - I've compiled a few stories that have come across my desk in the past few days, off topic from exotic free energy, but relevant to helping us stay informed and alive -- attestation to the dark forces arrayed against us, including in the free energy sector. (PESWiki August 6, 2014)
Image:Fluoride poison infowars sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Infowars Hidden Camera – Fluoride Treatment Facility - Special report by Alex Jones shows never-before-seen undercover footage shot at the Austin Water Treatment Facility, demonstrating the process of adding the corrosive and highly toxic chemical to the water supply. Fluoridation makes the population more docile, making them willing slaves to the establishment. Efforts to fight and reverse this trend are featured. (Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones October 1, 2011)
Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Image:121228 Mike-Adams Infowars 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News / Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones > The Top Health Conspiracy Stories of 2012 (must-see video) - Heath Ranger, Mike Adams of -- a leading alternative media giant -- interviews with David Ortiz on InfoWars Nightly News about the leading health tyranny stories and trends, including the Vaccination industry fraud, psychosis of the population from a barrage of health affronts, Proposition 37 election fraud, GMO dangers. (YouTube / TheAlexJonesChannel December 29, 2012)
Image:Genetic Roulette movie jacket sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Health > Genetic Roulette FULL Movie (Trailer) - Eating genetically modified food is gambling with every bite. The biotech industry's claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe is shattered in this groundbreaking documentary based on Jeffrey M Smith's book. The promotion and allowance of untested GMOs should be a criminal offense, with millions of resulting dietary murders and billions in medical costs, primarily at the hands of Monsanto. Go organic (good luck!) (YouTube September 19, 2012)
Image:Jon-Rappoport Anthony-Gucciardi sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Health > GMO Roundtable: Big Money & Computers Decided Prop 37 Outcome - Jon Rapopport and Anthony Gucciardi provide documentation about felony misuse of FDA labeling for implying federal endorsement, vote tempering, infiltration of the FDA by Monsanto, $45 million spent by Monsanto on advertising against the proposition. For years, GMO labeling has been required in Europe but fat, dumb and lazy US is balking. (YouTube / Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones November 1, 2012)
Image:Monsanto-skull Natural-News sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Health > Romney's first project with Bain in 1977: Help propel Monsanto - With Monsanto being on the brink of failure due to blowback from Agent Orange and PCB, Bain Capital, via Romney came to the rescue portraying Monsanto as a prestigious Agri-business biotech company introducing a brighter future. Romney and Bain recommended to Monsanto that they focus the business on genetically engineered crops and RoundUp, the massively profitable (and hugely detrimental) weed killer. Go organic. (Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News September 26, 2012)
Image:Jeffrey-M-Smith 2012 sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones > Jeffrey M. Smith: Monsanto, GMO Seeds of Destruction (video) - "Outrageous!" That's what you'll say over and over again when you learn how the biotechnology companies like Monsanto have manipulated the government, our food, and the media, and put our food supply at risk for generations, if not permanently. GMO's have been proven to be very detrimental, yet this gets covered up by those who should be warning us but don't because they are sold out. (YouTube / TheAlexJonesChannel July 18, 2012)
Image:Todd Ridolph sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > This Week in Free Energy™ > Sterling's Weekly Free Energy Review on SmartScarecrow Show: November 22, 2012 - DOD Analysis of MYT Engine Published • LENR Weekly • Steven Jones replica: not fusion • Infinite Energy: ZPE and Charged Water • Bushnell threatens Martinez • Breakthrough Energy Conf. Exceeds Expectations • Dansie Demonstrates Solid-State Chip and Water Flashlight • Inteligentry • Thrive Movement 1 year later • Ventura on Death Ray • Hutchison • Eric Dollard • Keshe Space-USB recipient countries • Alt. Explanation for Newman Machine • Urine-Powered Generator • GMO (FreeEnergyNews)
Image:The Greater Good cover sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Health > A Look at The Greater Good - Darrin Mcbreen talks with Leslie Manookian, writer and producer of the award winning film The Greater Good, a documentary that questions government vaccination policies. (Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones July 1, 2012)
Image:130118 Melton Blaylock sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Health > Dr. Blaylock Exposes Obama's Nazi Healthcare System (Vaccines and Autism...) - In this interview with Melissa Melton, Dr. Blaylock addresses things like psychotropic drugs (that most of the mass shooters have been taking) induce homicidal tendencies how vaccines have minimal effect for the states purpose and actually nearly irreversibly damage the immune system while damaging the brain and how the CDC is complicit in massive medical fraud. (YouTube / Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones January 18, 2013)
Image:Looting bicyclists in store 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health / Directory:Emergency Preparedness > Black Friday madness reveals animalistic behavior of modern people - Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News has produced an excellent 10.5-minute video about how many of the poisons in the modern diet have caused a "chemical labotamy" on the brains of the human population to diminish their social advancement and make them more ready to act out in animalistic ways under stress. "Imagine how they will behave when food and water become scarce." (Natural News December 27, 2010)
Image:AlexJones on vaccines 100901 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Health > Directory:Conspiracy > Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide (video) - Once again the government wants to push it's mercury filled vaccines on everyone, especially children. Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones breaks down swine-flu fraud hoax which was proven last year and the new developments that are happening this flu season. He also exposes the Rockfeller plan to lower the global population by sterilizing people with vaccines. (YouTube / TheAlexJonesChannel Sept. 1, 2010)
Gulf Oil Dangers to Health

See Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano - separate page

Image:Military c-130 Hercules Corexit Gas Maneuver 95x95.jpg
Image:Benzene molecule 95x95.jpg
Image:BP poison skull SDA 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Warning To Gulf Volunteers: Almost Every Cleanup Worker From The 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster Is Now Dead - Considering the fact that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now many times worse than the Exxon Valdez disaster, where the life expectancy of clean-up workers is only ~51 years, are you sure you want to volunteer to be on a cleanup crew down there with the "toxic soup" of oil, methane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, other toxic gases and very poisonous chemical dispersants such as Corexit 9500? (Business Insider June 30, 2010)
Fracking Poisons Water and Air
Image:Flamable sink from fracking 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > F&#ing Gas Fracking: How the Oil Industry Poisons Our Ground Water and Air - An HBO documentary, Gasland, coming June 21, addresses fracking, which involves blasting water, sand and chemicals, many of them toxic, into underground rock to extract oil or gas made exempt from environmental laws -- through pressure from Cheney, Halliburton, and other oil and drilling companies -- creating a siege of hydrocarbons spewing from deep below ground, polluting water and air. (LA Times Blog June 18, 2010)


Image:Acai berry ad scam 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health > Directory:Buyer Beware > Mainstream media websites promoting Acai Berry Diet weight loss scam with - Ad takes you to a fraudulent news-looking site that claims minimal shipping charge for a "free sample", with small print at the bottom of the site announcing a "non-refundable one-year membership fee of $149.95" that will be charged in seven days and imposes a $12.95/month fee for continued product shipment. Furthermore, while acai berry has health benefits, weight loss isn't one of them. (Directory: Mike Adams and Natural News February 1, 2011)

Other Health Issues

Directory:Health / Directory:Environment / Directory:Conservation > 'Meat' the enemy: New food for thought from noted biochemist - The environmental cost of meat is just too high. Eating one 4-ounce hamburger is equivalent to leaving your bathroom faucet running 24 hours a day for a week. People need to begin taking responsibility for their food choices. (PhysOrg July 12, 2010)

See also

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