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: Full Disclosure: PES Network established a preliminary business relationship with Fuel Legacy, but did not buy into the program in order to obtain commissions from products sold and distributors established. (link)


NanoTech eeFuel Additive

EeFuel, a non-toxic, non-fossil, sub-nano fuel additive is said to increase mileage by 10% to 20% (bell-shaped curve) by two-fold action: increasing the vaporization of the fuel and serving as a catalytic agent to increase the amount of fuel burnt as well as to stabilize its burn rate. Working with gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels, it also increases power, lowers harmful emissions, and clean combustion chamber deposits.

Some Additional Benefits include:

Decreases or eliminates engine knocks

Extends engine life

Restores lost engine performance

Reduce maintenance costs

Works well in all fuels, in all climates in all seasons

It has been used widely in Asia, Europe and elsewhere for more than a decade for approximately 15 billion miles total, and has had independent testing done on it by major labs including SouthWest labs in the U.S.

As of June 21, 2008 it has been made available in the U.S. via Fuel Legacy, a multi-level marketing group. For those in the program, a bottle of additive, with a built-in easy measuring capability, sells for ~$20, and is said to save between $60 and $120 in fuel at present petrol prices (more than $4.00/gallon).

Manufacturing is said to be straight forward, using readily and widely available ingredients, so the company does not expect to ever have a problem keeping up with demand.

Validation : Three of ten New Energy Congress members who tried the eeFuel additive in their vehicles saw 'no significant change in their mileage'. Three saw improvement 'in the range of ten percent'. On July 19, 2008, results were obtained from a much more reliable test environment: a fleet of trucks traveling the same route every day three of the trucks using additive, the rest not using the additive. At the end of the week-long test, there was 'no significant change in mileage'.


Official Websites

Previous domains, no longer active



: - Inventor, parent website.


Image:FreeEnergyNowRadioIcon95x95 byKevn.gif

Download - On June 2, 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 1-hour, live interview with Richard Hicks, inventor, President of H2Oil, head of R&D and intellectual property and Dan Atkinson, head of marketing for Fuel Legacy, as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.


"The company has been supplying the world with the first and only liquid nanotechnology enhanced fuel additives since 1990. F2-21® products are easy to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Since 1990, these products have been used successfully in real-life driving for over 15 billion miles."

F2-21® NanoTech eeFuel® Additive is the only multi-functional liquid nanotechnology fuel enhancer on the market. When added to fuel - whether it be gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels, F2-21® eeFuel® immediately transforms it into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel to improve fuel economy, increase engine power, reduce harmful emissions and clean combustion chamber deposits. F2-21 Engine Oil Additive F2-21® NanoTech eeLube® Additive is a unique high-tech enhancer for engine oils. It is a breakthrough multi-functional oil additive for use with most internal combustion engine oils (conventional, synthetic and blended). eeLube® is formulated to immediately improve fuel economy, increase engine power, reduce harmful emissions and clean piston ring and combustion chamber deposits.

Both F2-21® products can save fuel, boost power, effectively clean combustion chamber deposits, stop engine knocks, and reduce toxic emissions. F2-21® eeFuel® additive, however, can also clean fuel injectors while F2-21® eeLube® oil additive can also remove piston ring deposits.

How it works

F2-21® eeFuel® is a highly concentrated fuel additive utilizing high-tech liquid nanotechnology. Inside the fuel tank, F2-21® eeFuel® builds an exceptionally stable three dimensional lattice structure consisting of sub-microscopic nano-clusters, all evenly distributed within the fuel. These F2-21 nano-clusters are physically, chemically, or catalytically active depending on the stage of the combustion cycle.

When F2-21® eeFuel® nano-clusters reach the engine and begin to burn in the combustion chamber, they rapidly gain heat and literally explode into steam. These steam explosions generate two very significant benefits:

Larger liquid fuel droplets are broken down into smaller and more readily vaporized sizes.

Increased turbulence improves localized mixing of air/fuel vapor.

When exploding nano-clusters reach the surfaces of the engine combustion chambers, they create a very gentle steam cleaning action that steadily removes any accumulated deposits. A clean combustion chamber gives cooler combustion, lower emissions, cleaner lubricating oil, and reduced engine octane requirement.


eeFuel 8.11 Minutes.

27-page PDF Presentation


Each 4 oz bottle of eeFuel is likely to cost $20, and will result in savings of between $60 and $120 in fuel costs due to increased mileage. So each bottle has at least a 3x return on investment.

The 4 oz consumer bottle treats about 150 gallons of fuel. The 32 oz commercial bottle treats about 1,250 gallons. Dose ratio is 5,000:1 by volume.


When added to fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels), F2-21® NanoTech eeFuel® immediately transforms it into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel to improve fuel economy, increase engine power, reduce harmful emissions and clean combustion chamber deposits.

Cleans combustion chamber deposits

Decreases or eliminates engine knocks.

Extends engine life.

Restores lost engine performance

Reduce maintenance costs

Works well in all fuels, in all climates in all seasons

Protects the environment

F2-21® eeFuel™ additive is the ideal enhancer for ethanol gasoline's major problems: less BTU, more NOx emissions, and destabilization in low temperatures. F2-21® eeFuel™ helps make up the lost BTU by delivering more powerful combustion and reducing NOx emissions by removing combustion chamber deposits and lowering combustion temperature. It can also help stabilize ethanol gasoline in cold temperatures to allow continued smooth operation. F2-21 is an ideal additive for upgrading the quality of ethanol gasoline.


Engine and fuel enhancement.

Independent Testing

See the Fuel Legacy web site for copies of actual tests. Most credible is the real life 2 year test on several fleets of heavy duty trucks carried out in Europe. The testing data was analyzed by an independent consultant and the protocol overseen by TNO (the European equivalent of SWRI).

Other Endorsements

2007 California State Agency - Long-term Results used in fleet of 284 vehicles over 2 years produced an 18.8% average Fuel Savings.

The EPA of the Largest Nation in the World has endorsed the product, after more then 10 years of successful tests and actual usage records, as the BEST gasoline and diesel additive on the market.

The United Nations selected the product as the Most Effective and Economical fuel additive for conserving energy and reducing transport-related pollution problems in Asia.

FORBES Magazine featured the company as one of the Top 25 emerging environmental technology companies in the world!

The WallStreet Reporter featured H2OIL Corporation in the 2006 "Nanotechnology" issue of their magazine, as being among those companies having the greatest potential in the high-tech Nanotechnology industry.

PetroChina - H2OIL and PetroChina officially entered a joint venture on April 30, 2005, after the manufacturing plant was completed in Tianjin, China.


On June 3, 2008, inventor Richard Hicks wrote:

: "[As mentioned] in the radio segment, we use the patent process as a tangible asset of the company as well as an ultimate potential weapon against any possible future infringement. The earliest fuel emulsion patent I could find was 1,614,735 which filed in 1919 and issued in 1927. Typical modern fuel emulsion patents by others would be 3,876,391 (Texaco), 4,744,796 (ARCO) and 6,652,607 (Lubrizol)."

- - - -


Kirschbraun (1927 Patent number 1,614,735, filing date 1919)

ABSTRACT: This invention relates to improvements in motor fuels and process of making same and refers more particularly to a motor fuel and process of making same consisting in an emulsion of a volitile hydrocarbon such as kerosene, water and an emulsifying agent.

- - - -


McCoy for Texaco (1975 Patent number 3,876,391)

ABSTRACT: This invention concerns a process for preparing water-in-petroleum type of micro-emulsions. These emulsions are stable and clear and contain substantially greater quantities of water-soluble additives than it is normally possible to disperse when using the petroleum fraction alone.

- - - -


Hazbun for ARCO (1988 Patent number 4,744,796)

ABSTRACT: Stable micro-emulsion fuel compositions are provided which comprise (a) a hydrocarbon fuel such as diesel fuel, jet fuel gasoline or fuel oil (b) water and/or methanol and (c) a novel co-surfactant combination of tertiary butyl alcohol and an ionic or non-ionic surfactant. The compositions of the invention exhibit a high degree of phase stability even over wide variations of temperature, greatly improved salt tolerance and reduced smoke particulate and NOx emissions.

- - - -


Langer for Lubrizol (2003 Patent number 6,652,607)

ABSTRACT: A process to make water-blended fuel by emulsifying the emulsifier in a portion of the fuel then adding the water under high shear mixing to give a concentrated water fuel emulsion. The concentrated emulsion is then diluted with final portion of fuel using mixing or blending conditions resulting in an emulsified water blend fuel.

- - - -


Manufacturing Company: H2OIL Corporation

H2OIL Corporation is an environmental technology firm located in California's Silicon Valley. The main business of the company is developing, manufacturing, and marketing unique high-tech fuel and oil additives under the name F2-21®. After 17 years in the business, H2OIL has become the world leader in producing high-performance nanotechnology liquid fuel and motor oil additives. F2-21 liquid nanotechnology provides immediate and dramatic improvement when added to today's gasoline, diesel fuel, heavy fuel oil and engine lubricating oil.

Company Details

Marketing Company: Fuel Legacy

Headed by Dan Atkinson, an MLM guru with experience in fuel additive sales.

Bottling Company: NanoTech Fuel

$4.5 million building in California with 32,000 square feet, capable of producing 30,000 bottles per shift.

Inventors: Richard Hicks and Ben Song


In the News

Image:EeFuelFowlerTest95x95 byKevn.gif

Article:eeFuel Gradually Boosts Mileage in 2007 BMW 335i - Ryan Fowler reports an improvement in his mileage on the same stretch of road since he started using the eeFuel additive, beginning with a jump of 5.7%, followed by 8.6%, then 14.0%, and then 17.9% in subsequent test runs in triplicate, as measured by onboard mileage instrumentation provided with the vehicle. (PESWiki Aug. 6, 2008)

Image:Sierra Pacific Industries truck 95x95.jpg

EeFuel additive gets flatline results on heavy-duty rigs test - A fleet in California that has multiple trucks taking the same route every day hauling lumber out and wood chips back, ran three of their trucks for a week using the eeFuel additive, but saw no improvement in mileage. (PESN July 19, 2008)

H2OIL Completes Liquid Nanotechnology Fuel Additive Manufacturing Plant In China - (Nano TechWire June 2, 2005)

Other Coverage

Response to questions on "effectiveness" - Foresight Nanotech Institute


See Talk:Directory:H2Oil's Nanotech Fuel -- eeFuel and eeLube (4ourfuture)


H2OIL Corporation

2509 Technology Drive

Hayward, CA 94545

(510) 785-8833