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H-Tech Inc: The Hydrogen Company

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Global Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Equipment Supplier

H-Tech Inc. provides fuel cell & hydrogen equipment & services to an international customer base. Applications range from educational & research testing equipment to commercial fuel cell power generation systems. All customers are provided with a secure, stress-free fuel cell & hydrogen equipment purchasing experience.

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology Marketing, Sales & Distribution is a World Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Equipment Resource Center which allows industry entities to actively market and showcase their company's information to an active international industry community. H-Tech is providing our "Industry Partners" with new and exciting features and services that allows international branding and market penetration opportunities to further enhance the end consumer's fuel cell & hydrogen technology purchasing and viewing experience.

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology Consultation & Integration

H-Tech Inc. provides Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology Consultation Services to commercial clients which have suitable applications. Commercial clients considering the integration of fuel cell and/or hydrogen technology into their existing or future operations receive H-Tech Inc.'s un-biased fuel cell application feasibility study including a complete economic breakdown, system components selection and integration options.

If they are unable to fulfill your fuel cell and/or hydrogen technology consultation needs, they will gladly refer you to a qualified industry entity that can provide the needed services.

Mission Statement


To build an extensive online e-commerce store providing energy efficient and environmentally sound products and equipment to an international market, assisting in the development of the hydrogen infrastructure.

To establish a professional and efficient consultation & design firm to assist a variety of individuals and companies in the development of alternative energy systems, prototypes, and testing equipment. To further increase public awareness of clean energy practices and the global affect of all of our actions.

H-Tech Partners

H-Tech Partners:

Russell M. Aleksey - Chief Executive Officer

Russell received his B.S. in mechanical engineering at Montana State University. As CEO Russell has been establishing business relationships with manufacturers to provide a fuel cell and hydrogen product line of the highest quality to our clients. As an innovator Russell contributes to H-Tech with original ideas and determination, leading to a strong and diverse company.

Paul S. Gentile - Chief Operating Officer

Paul received his B.S. in mechanical engineering at Montana State University, and continued with the university working as a research engineer for the Center for Biofilm Engineering. Since the founding of H-Tech he has been researching fuel cell and hydrogen technologies to advance clean energy technology and equipment for the emerging hydrogen economy. Currently he is developing SOFC high temperature ceramic materials in collaboration with MSU.