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Directory:Grid Storage

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Directory of utility-scale energy storage solutions.

Grid Storage Solutions

Free Energy Blog:2014:09:18 - Germany has launched what it claims is Europe’s first and largest commercial battery plant. (Free Energy Blog September 18, 2014)

Image:Nitrogen-oxygen mixture cryogen 95x95.jpg
Directory:Storage / Directory:Electrical Grid > Cryogen Energy Storage System Could Cut Peak Fuel Use by Half - A new energy storage system being developed by the University of Leeds and the Chinese Academy of Sciences uses excess energy from off peak times to chill a nitrogen-oxygen mixture called cryogen. Then, the next time demand spikes, the mixture can be boiled using waste heat to produce power. (Inhabitat Aug. 12, 2010)
Image:Massive Electricity Storage 95x95.jpg

Massive Electricity Storage, Part 1 - Electricity is generated and consumed instantaneously. Unlike other energy supply systems--oil, natural gas, or coal-–the electricity power grid or the generation plants that supply the grid have essentially no storage or "surge" capacity to smooth out peaks and valleys in demand or to provide reserve capacity during sudden spikes in demand. 23-minute Panel Discussion (Power Engineering August 5, 2008)

Massive Electricity Storage, Part 2 - The huge size of the U.S. grid with a wide diversity of power generation sources provides stability and minimizes the impact of fluctuating renewable power on the composite system load profile. In comparison, weaker grids, covering isolated areas not connected to major grids, are much more sensitive to, and less able to tolerate, the fluctuating renewable power. (Power Engineering August 5, 2008)

Revolutionary Power Storage - The Non-Planar Super Capacitor could revolutionize our power storage capacity and address our growing demand for consumption. If we use US Patent 7,251,118 (pdf) to construct super capacitors at the delivery end of power lines, establishing a constant power flow, we could decrease maximum capacity requirements. (Leonardo Energy Nov. 14, 2007)

Image:Beacon Power flywheel unit 95x95.jpg

Directory:Beacon Power > Making Electrical Grids More Efficient - Rather than marketing its flywheel-based energy storage systems to utilities, which move notoriously slow in adopting such innovations, Beacon Power Corp plans to build its own merchant flywheel plants that move power on and off a power line to stabilize the grid. (MIT Technology Review Aug. 10, 2006)

Image:Beaconpower solutions grid 1mw 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electrical Grid >Beacon Power Tests Megawatt of Flywheel Storage - Beacon Power has built and tested an integrated matrix of ten high-power flywheels that when operated together can absorb and supply a full megawatt (MW) of electricity for 15 minutes. (Renewable Energy World Sept. 22, 2008)

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PG&E Demonstrates Vehicle-to-Grid Technology - Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology allows for the bi-directional sharing of electricity between Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), and the electric power grid. The technology turns each vehicle into a power storage system, increasing power reliability and the amount of renewable energy available to the grid during peak power usage. (Green Car Congress Apr. 9, 2007)

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Excess Nightime Energy Could Fuel Over 158 Million Plug-in Hybrids - One common critique of an electric car revolution is that the increased energy demand might just lead to the generation of new power plants, negating some of the cars' positive environmental benefits. Not so, according to a new study by the U.S. Department of Energy. (TreeHugger Sept. 4, 2007)