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Directory:Green Diesel Injector System

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Ron Kukler's Green Diesel Injector System

This award-winning invention is a pump-less, hydraulically operated, super-high-pressure diesel injector system allegedly results in 30% higher power, 30% less fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction in pollution.

: "A two-stage hydraulic/electronic fuel delivery system creates extremely high injection pressures of 160,000 psi compared to about 23,000 psi for traditional common rail injection systems. Fuel injected at a higher pressure results in a much cleaner combustion process and a multitude of benefits evident in the much-improved engine performance figures." (Ron Kukler)

Is installed in place of the existing injector.

Official Website - presented page by page, with no index.

power curve






The system has been durability tested for more than 10,000 hours and the results documented with the assistance of Professor Eric Milkins from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Melbourne University.

Preparing for Market

The system looks basically like a fat cigar and it is expected to retail for about $1000 each.

Ron is still looking for a suitable partner to help him commercialise. Preferably a major international concern.


Reduces Emissions

The system dramatically decreased the harmful particulate matter emitted by diesel engines enabling stringent Europe and USA 2007-10 EPA Clean Air Legislation to be met.


The injector is safe during operation. It has no external high-pressure supply lines, which eliminates the risk of high-pressure fractures.


The Green Diesel Injector System was a joint winner of the Australian Design Award's Invention of the Year Award 2003.


So far Ron has spent nearly $4 million dollars on research, $3 million of this, from a National Australia Bank grant.

Research and Development

Company is working on methods for converting gasoline engines to run on diesel, whereby this injection system can be fitted.

Ron Kukler biography

Ron is an advanced diesel specialist and has worked for many large gas and fuel companies. However, this invention was created in his own backyard in Geelong, Australia.

In the News

Video Interview (Jan. 2008.)

Green Diesel Injector System - Overview of technology, company, challenges. (Triton Foundation not dated)

Green scene drives new fuel system - The award-winning invention is said to be a revolutionary injection system that dramatically increases engine power and torque, while offering a substantial reduction in fuel consumption and pollutants. (Star News Group 4th May 2006)


(current as of May 23, 2006)

Ron Kukler

Pakenham, Australia

Email: []

Phone: +61-40-284-6986


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