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Directory:Ghosh Energy from Atmospheric Heat

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Pranab Jyoti Ghohs seeks assistance for building a working prototype of a technology that would produce electricity from atmospheric heat, based on combining a number of well-proven concepts.


Technology Description

Originally posted March 26, 2006


My name is Pranab Jyoti Ghosh. I am an Indian physics graduate and I have developed a technology on producing energy without any kind of fuel. This technology produces energy by extracting energy from atmospheric heat.

This technology is a combination of processes that are now in use in different industries and research projects worldwide successfully. In short, the scientific and technical feasibility of this technology can’t be challenged. This isn’t another perpetual motion machine type device. If anyone thinks so, I can answer him or her with scientific proof.

But due to lack of technical and financial backing, I haven’t been able to make a working prototype yet. Can anybody suggest any company or organization that can help me to materialize my project? Any positive suggestion is welcome.

This project is aimed at producing electricity by using the vast heat content of atmosphere. In this project, this is done by using a mechanical arrangement similar to a heat pump. This system is used to squeeze energy from huge volumes of air and to produce temperature difference by which energy can be produced.


I am giving below the merits that I think can be credited to my technology.

As no fuel is needed, the electricity produced by this technology will be cheaper than that produced by other conventional technologies.

As no fuel is used, therefore no question of any kind of emission can arise and it is cleaner than most of the existing technology.

It can be made with present state of technology. No engineering or scientific breakthrough is needed.

The cost making a plant of this technology is less than that of a thermal power plant of same magnitude. It is by nature much automated, so less manpower will be needed to run and maintain it.

This technology uses the embedded heat that is stored in the lower part of the atmosphere. In effect it is a part of solar energy falling on earth. That’s why basic source of energy is unlimited and there is no question of depleting reserve like coal, oil, gas etc.

This technology doesn’t have the limitations and weakness of other present non-conventional energy technology. What is needed to construct a plant of this technology is just warm weather.

Salt and fresh water are added bonus to this technology, if seawater is used.

It can be source of low cost air conditioning for buildings of close proximity.


Environmental Heat Engine - Yahoo!Groups discussion list surrounding the environmental heat engine concept. Encouraging replications, refinement of theory, and ultimately getting a feasible product to market.


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