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Slogan : Bridging the gap to the hydrogen age. The next generation of hydrogen boosting technology.

Claim : Sustaining innovations in electrolyzation technology, we've developed a line of hydrogen generation units that out-perform similar products on the market today. Earlier prototypes were giving between 15% and 50% improvements in mileage. Newer advances appear to be yielding results the range of providing 50% to 100% improvement in mileage.

: "At 26 amps, it produces the energy equivalent of a stick of dynamite every five seconds." -- Mark Miles, inventor.

Official Website - Site launch projection: Sept. 2, 2006

The Gorilla™ 20-Cell Electrolyzer



(.43 Minutes) Hydrogen Generator Saves 20% - 90% Fuel and Increases Power

Using 30 amps from your alternator on standard vehicles for the 20-Cell electrolyzer we weave this energy Through an over 40 stainless steel plates which extract the Hydrogen necessary to aid in increased fuel combustion efficiency.

(YouTube Oct. 19, 2006)

Recent Developments

Dec. 29, 2006

Mark Miles writes:

We are now producing 120 liters per hour per 10 - cell unit.

We put 4 on a garbage truck and are producing 480 liters per hour [based on pressurized tests] however we are using a 12v air compressor to create a vacuum to draw more out. This, of course, increases our output but we are still unsure by how much.

I just got my 7.3 liter diesel to go from 12 - 15.5 [when it was new] to a current 21- 27.6.

We just installed a 240 amp alternator and now are reducing the pulley size from 2 3/8" to 2" then we are going to install another 4 10-cell banks to increase output to about ~1,000 liters per hour.

In addition, I altered the electrolyte to also produce Hydrazine Nitrate which is also making a huge impact in power.


Demo Unit

Made of clear acrylic so you can watch the processes inside.

The Gorilla™ 20-Cell Electrolyzer

The 20-cell unit has 40 plates, and uses 26 amps. Weighs 100 lbs.

Quoting from

The Production capability of this unit is anticipated to produce about 5 times the energy as our earlier prototypes.

Our 20 cell unit is not the typical tiny electrolyzer that fits under your hood. We have to mount our unit in your trunk, truck box or behind the sleeper on the cab. Most units currently available weigh about five to ten pounds and last about 20 hours of operation before they start losing efficiency in hydrogen production.

The Gorilla™ lasts for about 6,000 miles before it needs servicing and weighs about 100 lbs. THIS IS NOT A NOVELTY ITEM!

On September 13, 2006 9:32 AM, Mark Miles wrote by email:

The wires, if you look closely, are electrical connections connected to jumper cables.

We will have another video out soon with improvements over this one where the wiring is improved.

This one of course was a test on wire schematics which worked very well but since has been improved.

This will not ever fuel a vehicle on its own. The amount of energy created, while substantial, is still

insufficient to replace gas on a one to one basis. Hydrogen is still far less efficient than gas but it does

assist gas in burning more efficiently.

Mileage tests have brought us varying responses from a low of 25% in very heavy traffic to near 100% on unobstructed

freeway driving. The vehicle tested was a 2001 Ford Sport Trac with normal mileage ranging from 12 - 16.

New range is 17 - 31.

Our next prototype is being completed this morning and will be installed early this afternoon. Mileage tests

will being then. If this meets with our expectations this unit will be the first to be offered for sale.

Home System

Energy from photocell with enhanced yield is run into the house where there is an electrolizer to separate H & O, which are then run into a fuel cell to charge batteries. Heat is used for home heating. Extra H is put into pressurized tanks to fuel up the vehicle.

Inventor: Mark Miles

Mark Miles holds several patents, several of which have been developed into products in the marketplace, in a diversity of fields.

Other companies and products by Mark Miles - earth-friendly lawn-care products. A sugar beet protein, trymethyglycene, for example, knocks out weeds and is healthy for humans. Canadian company has 100,000 clients in the U.S.

Catalogue - has been in production since 1979 - facilitates water conservation for companies 2,000+ units sold.

Mark is also developing software for utility companies that will replace most of the middle management through web-based automation.

In the News

Emissions Test Results - Gethydropower has recently conducted an exhaust gas analysis before and after fuel enhancement. The test was conducted on a commercial scale garbage truck.(Gethydropower Jan. 15, 2007)

Image:Get Hydro Power truck electrolysis installed closest 95x59.jpg

GetHydroPower Reports Nearly 2x Highway Mileage Boost in Recent Tests - Brown's gas (H&O) generated on board through a special electrolysis process is injected into the vehicle air intake to increase the fuel efficiency. (PESN Sept. 16, 2006)

Interview with Mark Miles of - Next generation hydrogen-boost technology announced. Present improvement in fuel economy ranges from 15% to 50%. Latest innovation may boost that to between 50% and 100% mileage improvement. (PESN Sept. 2, 2006)


Gorilla Development LLC

889 Pierce Butler Route

Saint Paul, MN 55104


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